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DIY Room Kit for NendoroidsKommentarer • DIY Room Kit for Nendoroids

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    This is such a cute room. I will have to try this at some point. :D
    10 månader sedan
    Rajke Ca fanatic
    Looks great. There are a lot of things i like about your DIY room. The furniture looks great. My favorite part is that small table with the plants on it. Those look really nice. A detail that looks funny is the spring background behind the window with the calender (oktober 2009) next to it. You and your mom did a good job with this DIY room kit.
    10 månader sedan
    The room came out nice. Your mom did a good job on the details.

    I would rename the article though since this is too small for Nendos... maybe "DIY Room Kit for Petites".
    10 månader sedan
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