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DIY Room Kit for NendoroidsDIY Room Kit for Nendoroids

TenmaTenma10 månader sedanLoot
Hello MFC

I hope you are having a great day, today i will be showing my 1st DIY room Kit which i bought because it would be a cute accessory for Nendoroids and since there haven't been an announcement for new Nendoroid Playsets i decided to give this one a try.

Be warned this article maybe picture heavy.




The package comes with lots and lots of parts and you have to do everything yourself including furniture the floor and all the accessory's needed to be folded or crafted.



Thankfully i did not have to make it all by myself or else i would be a great dump of a room.


It even came with working lights which you can turn on of off by clapping your hands.


As you can see it works great with the Nendoroid More Pajamas's


Unfortunately due to size standing Nendoroids are a little big for this one


But on the other hand it works great with IM@s CG Phat figures and Nendoroid Petits



I was not extreme difficult but there was no manual only in Chinese >_<

it did took us 3 hours to complete it and all credit goes to my mom
if i had to do it then it would not turned out this nice and detailed for the end result

I also have another kit and im hoping it will not be difficult but will post another blog about it when it is finished

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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This is such a cute room. I will have to try this at some point. :D
10 månader sedan
Rajke Ca fanatic
Looks great. There are a lot of things i like about your DIY room. The furniture looks great. My favorite part is that small table with the plants on it. Those look really nice. A detail that looks funny is the spring background behind the window with the calender (oktober 2009) next to it. You and your mom did a good job with this DIY room kit.
10 månader sedan
The room came out nice. Your mom did a good job on the details.

I would rename the article though since this is too small for Nendos... maybe "DIY Room Kit for Petites".
10 månader sedan