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Hello guys~ I'm back with another figure preview. Please take note that I'm mostly going to do figure previews and not reviews since I can't get that many figures in a year. I can only get 5-6 figures in a year approximately. This depends on how many small jobs I do and how much I get paid. I do have one scale figure from GSC that's on its way, but that's about it for now. So expect much more previews from me going forward.

The Mikuzukin figure is my next preview choice because I'm thinking about asking my parents to get her for my 21st birthday which is on the 8th of May. There are other figures I have in mind as well and I'm probably gonna do figure previews for them as well. So since there's a big chance I'm getting her I want a preview blog as well so I can do a comparison with what I'm expecting and what I got (That is if she's gonna be the lucky winner.)

Before I continue with this blog I just want to make absolutely sure that you guys understand what a figure preview blog is. This is just to prevent any confusion. Basically the figure in this blog is not owned by me, but it's a figure that I really want and it's on my wishlist. In the blog I then explain why I really want the figure and point out certain aspects of the figure that really stood out for me. I'll also explain what I expect the figure to be like and when I do eventually get the figure, I'll be able to make a review blog and compare the actual figure with the preview blog that I wrote.

Without further ado, let's get started!~



I'm so glad that I was able to find an image of the packaging even though it's only the front view. I absolutely love the box's design. It compliments the theme of the figure perfectly. With the trees, butterflies, leaves and green scenery it actually feels as if you're accompanying Miku to her grandma's house. The window on the front of the box is also just big enough so you can see the entire figure inside. If you rather want to display Mikuzukin in the box then that won't be an issue.

A big plus point of this box is that it's rather small and takes up very little space. It's very uncommon for a box to be this compact especially for a 1/7 scale figure. Usually 1/7 scales come in these huge, unnecessarily big boxes (Shipping costs are a pain) I think the reason why this box for Mikuzukin is so much smaller is because Miku does not have her usual, signature twintails and she does not come with any additional accessories as well. So the only thing that's really taking up space in the box is the figure herself as well as the base. (Goodbye insane shipping costs)

On the top right corner of the box I noticed a sticker with the words "Licensed by SEGA". I'm guessing that's the authenticity sticker. I remember reading/watching reviews where an authenticity sticker was not found on the box. But it may not be the case for everyone. If your Mikuzukin box has an authenticity sticker on it, it would be great if you can let me know in the comments. I prefer that each figure box has a sticker. It's not that I don't trust the websites where I get the figures from (I order from Solaris Japan, Mandarake and places like that) It just gives the figure that extra bit of spotlight if you would want to sell her and reassures you that this is something that came straight out of one of Japan's factories.

And that's it for the box. Nice small box. Since space is something my room is currently lacking, this compact box is definitely more welcome. Once I get this figure I'll be able to show you guys all four sides of the box for a more detailed review.


Yes, finally we get to the star of the show: Mikuzukin. If we just have a quick overview of her first you can already see she looks very good. From the pose to the colours and the lovely frilly dress. Everything fits in nicely.

Her pose isn't that dynamic, but it's not bothering me at all. The only thing I really notice is her legs. I just love the way they are positioned. It's perhaps not natural looking if I have to be honest. I think if I try to do a pose like that it'll be rather uncomfortable, but for a figure I think it just gives it that extra edge. From the pose it looks as if Miku's dancing and really enjoying her stroll in the woods. It gives off that vibe and I think that's what the creators were going for, so thumbs up for them.

I love the colours that are used! It fits the Red Riding Hood theme perfectly. There's literally only four colours present on this figure: Red, white, yellow and green. That's really the only colours this figure needs. I think if more colours were added it would make the figure look rather messy and the colours would be all over the place. But in this case they really thought out which colour goes where.


Time for a more detailed preview of the figure. I'll be working my way upwards starting with the base (or the bit of the base that can be seen) I know a lot of people complains that Max Factory keeps their bases too simple. I realized that I really like interesting bases, so I have to agree with them. This base for Mikuzukin isn't that bad though. Even though only one colour is used I appreciate the fact that they still tried to do something more creative. I'm referring to the little plant and leaves that's poking out near her left foot. It really creates that illusion that Miku is outside and stepping on grass. Could they have done a bit more? Yeah, definitely. I think coloured flowers on the base would've done the trick. It shouldn't be too overwhelming though. You don't want the base to take attention away from the figure.


I really love her shoes. The gloss coating they put on the pair makes such a big difference. I have to admit that this is one detail that drew me to this figure.

Her stockings look great and with the wrinkles and bit of shading it looks realistic as if she is truly wearing material. I also like the fact that her legs aren't too thin. One of the reasons why I don't like legs that are too thin is because I'm scared that raises the risk of the figure becoming a leaner. (I don't know if thin legs will contribute to the lean so correct me if I'm wrong)

Nice details are also included on the stockings, namely the ribbon that weaves through the top rim and the little frilly design right at the of the stockings as well. I'm crossing my fingers that no paint transfers will be made on my figure cause that looks like an easy place to make a paint mistake. The ribbons add a nice effect to the figure with the flowing in the unseen wind. It does look quite fragile though so I just have to be careful when I remove her from the blister.


I managed to find a close-up image of Mikuzukin's beautiful dress. I must admit that frilly dresses are my weakpoint when it comes to figures. I can guarantee you now that most of my figure collection will consist out of girls with dresses, no doubt about that. But who can blame me?

The sculptor really does an amazing job bringing the frills of the dress to life. It must have taken so much time to sculpt every wrinkle of the dress. I love the fact that another layer was added underneath. The great thing about this layer is that it looks different from the one above it. It's possible that the extra layer actually gives us the hint that Miku is wearing a white dress underneath. It may be too hot for a stroll in the woods in summer, so that may just be a wrong guess. But one of the great things about figures is that they can tell you different stories and each one can be possible.

The sense of movement is depicted perfectly with the upwards swaying motion of the left side of the dress. It gives you the realization that Miku is moving her hip. Her apron has some lovely intricate details. Paint mistakes are most likely to incur here though and I really hope that won't be the case with my figure.


Bows are always welcome on figures. Literally, if a figure only consisted of bows and ribbons I would still want it. It's crazy how many wrinkles and creases are on this figure. Almost everywhere I look I see a wrinkle or crease somewhere. Not at all a bad thing. The more wrinkles there are the more realistic the dress looks.

I love the sculpt of Miku's hands. They don't look boring at all so it's nice to see that more thought went into that. The bangle around her left wrist is a nice touch. I don't know if it's just the lighting in the room, but the bangle looks a bit glossy. I'm holding both my thumbs that that is the case. If you look closely you'll be able to see that her fingernails are painted green. Most, if not all, Miku figures have this feature so that's nothing new.

Now we get to the feature of this figure that's a bit iffy: Her face. I know most people have a problem with her face. They say her face looks dead. For me her face looks a bit frog-like (not sure if anyone else will agree) I think the biggest problem is her mouth. Instead of it being open I think they should have sculpted a closed mouth. That might have made the face look a bit better. Is this a dealbreaker? Not at all. The face is not that off putting for me. I still like her big eyes. I think it looks cute~

Her hair is nicely sculpted. Sometimes with short hair it can look a bit clumpy but in this case they really did try to sculpt each strand. A thing that almost caused me to pass on this figure is the fact that you can't see her signature twintails. That is a bit disappointing for me. I'm not sure if the hood is hiding them or if Miku has just decided to cut her hair short for this figure. We'll never know. Something I think they could have added is an extra hairpiece with her hood down and her twintails sticking out. That would have made this figure a 10-star figure for sure.

The little wolf with the >.< face is soooo adorable. I really appreciate it that they added that feature. I feel the figure wouldn't have quite been the same without it. My mom doesn't like the wolf on Miku's head lol, but she's not the one getting the figure so she'll have to accept it.


I must say the figure looks awesome from almost any angle. If you look at her from the side you can almost get a sneak peek of her underwear. When I get the figure I'll see if I can spot any undergarments under all those frills.

Wow, I really love her back. The bend of the left leg looks so cool and those are some nice looking calves. Does Miku work out? From the back you can see that the dress is rather short. I don't think it's really appropriate to visit your grandma with a dress like that lol.

The back ribbon is the best ribbon on this entire figure. With the size and details on it that's no surprise. The tiny corset right above the ribbon is a cool detail. Personally I wish the corset was bigger, meaning I wish there were more ropes (or whatever its called)

The folds on the back of the hood is really well done. It truly looks as if Miku is wearing it and with the little triangle patterns on the bottom of the hood and the yellow details the hood stands out even more.

When you look at her shoes from the back you'll see that she's wearing heels. When I first saw an image of this figure from the front I thought she was wearing pumps (flat-heeled shoes) but I love the high-heeled idea more. It gives Miku that sense of maturity. Cuteness combined with elegance is one of the best combinations a figure can have.


And that's it for this preview. I know that there are definitely some of you that rather prefer figure reviews and not previews since you want to know what the real deal looks like. I understand that 100%. Trust me, figure reviews of the real deal is coming soon, but like I mentioned right at the beginning I don't get that many figures so currently this is the only way for me to communicate my passion for this hobby regularly.

I would really like to know if you have this figure or if you're planning on getting her. If you're having trouble on deciding if you want this figure or not I hope this blog helped you to make up your mind quicker. Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed this preview or not in the comments. Till next time~
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Reiichiru2 år sedan#30928584I'd really have to disagree about the pose not being dynamic (Esp for a miku).
To me, dynamic is connected to a feeling of motion, or kinetic motion and usually am engaging pose.
The way her leg bends gives motion-and the dress moves in tandem! Her hands are her balancing and the bows further the motion..
I agree with you'd mum on the wolf.. He's cute but his colour is pretty ugly against the green. But I kinda hate red and brown beside each other so..
Lastly, the base is actually pretty elegant. It has some engraving which makes interesting.
Mikuzukin is one of my favourite girls x.x I'm incredibly biased, but I think her pose is super cute.

I also like the pose. There are just other figures of Miku that are more dynamic like ITEM #331518 and ITEM #80601 So I was just making an observation. But I guess you're right. The pose is still dynamic in its own way.

I understand what you're saying about the wolf, but I still like it~
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I'd really have to disagree about the pose not being dynamic (Esp for a miku).
To me, dynamic is connected to a feeling of motion, or kinetic motion and usually am engaging pose.
The way her leg bends gives motion-and the dress moves in tandem! Her hands are her balancing and the bows further the motion..

I agree with you'd mum on the wolf.. He's cute but his colour is pretty ugly against the green. But I kinda hate red and brown beside each other so..

Lastly, the base is actually pretty elegant. It has some engraving which makes interesting.

Mikuzukin is one of my favourite girls x.x I'm incredibly biased, but I think her pose is super cute.
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