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2017 has passed, and it was a really great collector year for me. Both for new releases, and also for grails and second hand findings. I spent a good couple of weeks during December trying to pinpoint down my favorite loot from the year, but sadly #Life and #Depression kept me from writing an actual list of it. So here goes, a bit late, but I hope you all enjoy it regardless!

Favorite figure(s)
Before I start I want to have GSC Card Captor Sakura as an honorable mention. She obviously belong on the list, since she is one of the greatest figures I have ever bought, but she was expected to be. I knew she would be perfect, I knew I would love everything about her, and I'm so lucky to have received one without a single flaw. That's why I want to keep her as a honorable mention only, and focus on other figures that surprised me much more.


Kotobukiya ARTFX J - Haruka & Mudkip
Over the years I have not been too into Kotobukiya. Mainly due to the fact that the last figure I remember buying from them were ITEM #42349, and boy was she a nightmare. But years go by, companies get better and all that. And considering I LOVE both Haruka's design, and Mudkip is one of my favorite starter, she was impossible to say no to.
And gosh am I happy I didn't! Everything about the two of them is amazing, I have 0 complaints about this figure except for a lil paint defect on her belt. So looking forward to get the rest of the girls home. ; A ;


Nendoroid 730# - Tracer
This year I started to play Overwatch, and even if it was mostly for a certain charming cowboy, I ended up loving every single character of the cast. I really hope GSC will continue with this line so I can get some of my mains as well haha. ❤
Also I know it's going to sound tacky and maybe too emotional, but as a lesbian it means a lot to me to both see and own a figure of a canon gay character. IDK representation makes me happy I guess.

Favorite goods
I'm crazy for plushies, so this category could technically go on forever. orz


Henshin! Metamon Magnemite vers. Plushie
Ever since the release of Pokémon Go Magnemite has really grown on me. I don't know why exactly, I just woke up one day and decided it was the cutest thing ever. Sadly it's lacking in fun goods and figures to collect for me, but I could be patient, I could wait for ~the one~
And it sure came with the Henshin! Metamon collection. Looking back at it there are a lot more plushies I want to collect from this series, but i'm happy I managed to snag at least my favorite one out of the set.
Now I know this is not TECHNICALLY Magnemite, but I still love it to bits.


Pokémon Doll - Popplio
Now Popplio is another story than Magnemite. The second I picked it as my starter in Sun I fell head over heels in love with it. I know people have a lot of opinions about Popplio's design, but I will defend my good boy till I die.
It's so hard for me not to pick up every single Popplio plush released, especially since few things can beat the awesomeness that is the 1/1 plush ITEM #511630. But the Pokémon Doll sure is one of the best one, and it looks so adorable next to his big buddy. ;__;

Favorite Media

Ra*Bits Character song 3
Not much to say about this one except I love Ra*bits sooo much. Their covers just keeps getting cuter and cuter, I kind of want to get a second one just to keep it in it's plastic forever.

Favorite Layton
Now this category is here simply because I am me. This year has been great for my Layton collection, with tons of weird and interesting goods.


10th Anniversary pin
I'm so saddened I couldn't attend this event. But even if I would still have lived in Japan by that time I have no idea how to be invited to these sort of things. Good thing I could pay a ridiculous price for this pin so I could at least pretend I went there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Layton Kyouju to Domutourun no Hihou Luke pins
More pins! Cause apparently Level-5 loves those sort of things.
Anyhow, these have been on my hunting list for years, especially since the café goods are so annoying to collect. Mostly cause there is very little info to find online what goods they sold, so you will sit there and think you have it all, and one day realize that no, you are missing out on a keychain or a microfiber towel. Hopefully these 2 are the last things I need to collect from this event. Hopefully. orz

Favorite fan made merch

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/01/04/1894284.jpeg

Jesse Mccree dakimakura by Deckitout
As I mentioned earlier in this blog I have it bad for a certain cowboy. I think the last time I fell for a character THIS BAD was probably Aichi from Cardfight Vanguard, and boy that was a while ago.
Since Overwatch is a lot bigger than Professor Layton I was relieved by the fact that I would not have to draw a dakimakura by myself again if I wanted one. I was surprised to how quickly I found a design I liked, and that also were sold by the original artist and not someone cashing in on stolen art from pixiv.
All in all, I'm so happy I got him and I seriously think he is my favorite loot all together from 2017 haha. ; 0 ;

And that's enough rambling from me! I sure had a great collector year 2017, and I'm looking forward to what 2018 will bring us!
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Suppi122 år sedan#30757366Really Cute choices then I saw the Fan-merch photo...*V*
Hot damn <3

He sure is good looking 8)

diaeons2 år sedan#30762535Giant Popplio and Magnemite are so cute c: did you get them from the Pokemon Center?
Yep I did! :D My friend helped me get the giant Popplio one, and Magnemite was bought through Sunyshore!
2 år sedan
solluxcaptor2 år sedan#30748799Nice loot, I love your pics and the Layton stuff especially! :D Always brightens my day to see Layton stuff especially from you because I admire your dedication.
; ___ ; Aweee thank you sweetie, that makes me so happy to hear! I'm a bit sad now though, since it's getting harder and harder to find new loot for it....
2 år sedan
Isn't it great that Overwatch has such a diverse range of hot guys as well as hot girls? My favourite is Junkrat...after a bath...and a hair transplant...and some therapy...
2 år sedan
Giant Popplio and Magnemite are so cute c: did you get them from the Pokemon Center?
2 år sedan
Really Cute choices then I saw the Fan-merch photo...*V*
Hot damn <3
2 år sedan
Nice loot, I love your pics and the Layton stuff especially! :D Always brightens my day to see Layton stuff especially from you because I admire your dedication.
2 år sedan
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