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Eye on Asia bankrupt?Eye on Asia bankrupt?

I’ve just heard that eye on Asia has gone bankrupt, however they are still taking online orders. Please be aware as you might loose out.

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ugendo All Might Enthusiast( ˘▽˘)
At this point MFC should have a "Days since the last figure shop went bankrupt & ran with your money" counter
1 år sedan
skylinedo BANNED
hugtower (1 år sedan) #28559067Why on earth is this becoming a trend??bc of market fluctuations both in japan and abroad. Shipping and customs taxes etc further complicates things. And here in the age of the internets, japanese companies are very competitive.

Ooverseas companies are forced to use surface/ocean shipments to sstay profitable. And months later when the shipment reaches port, gguess what your entire shipment couldve massively depreciated not thats there was much profitability in the first place. Mix in defects and customer dissatisfaction and life is miserable! I used to work anime retail for japanese company stateside
1 år sedan
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RockGodItachi (11 månader sedan) #29721293The support page for Animegami if anyone's still got problems with EOA. animegami.co.uk...

So, why are Animegami doing this act of "charity"? What is in it for them? Besides the positive publicity?
7 månader sedan
The support page for Animegami if anyone's still got problems with EOA. animegami.co.uk...
11 månader sedan
Not totally surprised to be honest given their incompetent service. I gave my feedback about them on MFC about a year ago and my experiences were exactly the same as everyone else. They could fulfil orders for items that were actually in stock, but pre-ordering from them is just asking for trouble. I was lucky to actually get my deposit refunded but even that took me several months and multiple emails.
1 år sedan
Thank you for this post, There's an expensive statue on that site I've been mulling over; no point now. I can't believe this has happened yet again. Good luck to all of you who have made orders, I hope you get your money back.
1 år sedan
I've been a longtime buyer from EyeOnAsia despite my negative review on this site from a few years back. My first figurine purchase was from them, after all.

In 2016, I started having complications with them and got worried about an order I had made with them at the time arriving 5 months after preordering it, their in-stock stuff always shipped out on time, perfectly, but their preorder stuff they'd always make excuses. The excuses ranged to various different things such as delays in getting stock, running out of stock and having to get more to cover the amount of orders they had (though, that's when they first set-up their preorder system, so that doesn't surprise me).

Preordering figures started in 2016, however, the decline in management and overall help from their customer service team started failing at the end of 2015.The only way you could get in contact with them and have a conversation was through their Facebook page, and only there would they assist you with your issues.

I've had a figure not arrive for almost a year, luckily I got my F4F Link, but no Ookurikara Nendoroid, I am also missing a large amount of things I have preordered in March of this year (around £200's worth). Paypal have sent them an email to query these items with them, however, they said if nothing comes of it they will investigate even though it is passed the time of putting in a dispute. I recommend anyone in the same boat as me to do the same.
1 år sedan
Ah no surprise there. Ordered two nendos with deposit months ago. Release date passed and no email. 2 emails have gone unanswered. Had to open pp dispute to get the money back. They refunded asap.... avoid.
1 år sedan
I had to file a chargeback on my debitcard a few weeks ago because they ignored my emails and didn't follow up on my pre-orders. so this makes sense.
1 år sedan
Shikaree (1 år sedan) #28567358I also thought it was odd they do not make any statements. But someone suggested that maybe they were advised by lawyers to not say anything. I don't think that's likely, but perhaps possible.

I can definitely confirm this! I used to work for a company that suddenly went bankrupt and we (the employees) were instructed by the lawyers of the consultancy firm not to tell anyone, neither suppliers nor customers. As far as I can remember, the company wasn't even allowed to spend the remaining money the way it wanted to, because after declaring bankruptcy the consulting firm took over and managed everything. So it wasn't possible for us to give any refunds to our customers.
1 år sedan
Thank you
1 år sedan
I had this Miku figure pre-ordered with them ITEM #380217
I messaged them multiple times through Email,Facebook and Twitter. I never got a reply on any of them, and they've still got my deposit I paid! After almost a year I finally gave up and bought a pre-owned Miku from a lovely MFC user.
1 år sedan
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