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Since I really enjoy reading the reviews other people upload here, I decided to write some myself. But other than figures, I’d like to lay the focus on some of my favourite pieces of my doujinshi collection. I’m not even sure if anyone here is interested in book reviews, for the main focus of this site still lays on figures. Anyways, here we go!


All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both out oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretence
Our wandering to guide.

[ Lewis Carol ]


All in the golden afternoon is a 20 pages full colour book that features Rozen Maiden illustrations by rco. Wada (aka. Wada Akuro). Wada is known for her character designs of Type Moon titles such as Fate/Extra. The title of this book refers to a poem by Lewis Carol in which he introduces the story of his famous novel Alice in Wonderland.

The cover shows a monochrome black and white illustration of Shinku who is “floating” over a flower bouquet with a pocket watch. The numbers and hands of the watch are printed in gold. The choice of paper gives the book cover a very nice touch: Rco. Wada has chosen a quite sturdy paper with a structure that reminds me a bit of wallpaper.


All in the golden afternoon contains fourteen illustrations, while the artist herself drew only seven of them. Beside Wada’s pictures, the book also features seven guest artists. Among them are well known artists such as Huke and Kishida Mel (here transcribed as “Meru Kishida”). This book was published a couple of years ago as you can easily say by taking a look at the art the quest artists have draw for it. Their styles have changed quite a bit since back then.
Rco. Wada’s style, however, has been as amazing as it is today. It is her unique art that makes Wad one of my favourite artists and this doujin to one of my most treasured books in my collection.


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Ok, this is how I aligned the pics:

The code for the first line looks like this
"onright" sticks the image (or text) to the right side of the page and "onleft" to the left.
The numbers in the second "img" code indicates the width and height of the pic in your post. I'm not quite certain if the "center" code really is needed or not. I entered it to make clear that those images are supposed to be aligned. It probably works fine without it.
edit: "center" has no influence on this.

Depending on the the size and crop of your images you have to play around with the image size in your post until it fits. Judging from the dimensions I used a blog (or profile) page should be around 720 pixel wide. If one or more images jump into the next line, you have to make the image a little smaller. For me it was only 2-3 pixel at one point.
It is a little bothersome, but it only bases on logic.

I hope this explanation was good enough. If not, don't bother to ask me and I try to explain things better.


@Lestter: you're right it isn't staple bound. However, I cannot say how they bound it. At first I thought they used a thread, but when you look closer it looks like the pages are "interlaced" (was that the right term?). I have no idea how they've done it. I just call it "mystery bound" lol
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Audrey is great! I'll write a review, and then you decide? Please let me in on your secret though lol on aligning pics!

Well, I checked it after I read this, and I didn't see staples on the spine. Usually older/thicker books don't have staples on the spine. Maybe they're hidden? I prefer a book the isn't staple bound lo.
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Wow, that's some beautiful art. Thanks for the preview~!
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Kibi Prisma Kibino
Lestter8 år sedan#1017367Short and sweet! I love this idea kibi!

I really like this book; Wada is super talented, my favorite is "Audrey".
Thanks! I have yet to buy Audrey. But I make sure to get it!

It's not staple-bound? I have go to check that again later. I must admit, I wrote that by default, for most of my books are staple-bound. Had this book in my hands so many times, but now I can't say for sure if it is haha


For those who are interested: I will reveal the secret of aligning the pics with BB code later today.
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Short and sweet! I love this idea kibi!

I really like this book; Wada is super talented, my favorite is "Audrey".

Btw,I think this book isn't staple bound.
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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful doujin! The artwork is some serious eyecandy! Please share more from your collection!
8 år sedan
This is indeed a great doujin to add into one's collection. I can't stop looking at those beautiful artworks.
On a side note, I'm pretty curious as how you aligned those images so perfectly with just BBCode as well. :P
8 år sedan
Great review!
8 år sedan
Kibi Prisma Kibino
OhnoRaptors8 år sedan#1015995What a pretty review! And just enough to keep me interesting and get your opinions across.
I hope you do more! ^^
It was written for the Raptor! haha I'm actually not the type of person that writes huge walls of text. So barely any of my future reviews will be very long ^^
And I'm definitely planning on writing more! There are still some books in my collection that are worth to be reviewed.
8 år sedan
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
What a pretty review! And just enough to keep me interesting and get your opinions across.
I hope you do more! ^^
8 år sedan
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