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WARNING: This review contains graphic nudity featuring a girl who represents a porn game company but doesn't actually participate in porn games...because she's WHOLESOME.

I've said it before, and I'm pretty sure it still applies: Everyone knows Sonico. If not by name, then you at least know her as "the headphone girl with the large cans". You may remember that Alpha Max released a figure of her in their Skytube line a little under a year ago, and it went over pretty well. Now they've put out a second Skytube figure featuring everyone's favorite big-titted, headphone-rocking, eroge company representative. The first figure set the bar fairly high, but can Alpha Max top themselves?

Box first.






Considering that the contained figure is ten inches high, the box is pretty dang tall, but not terribly space-consuming as far as width and depth go, so it's nice to know that upon removing Sonico from her box, you're not going to have this enormous shipping crate-sized box just sitting around taking up space.

The front window gives a great view inside, but the tiny little portholes on the sides leave you wondering why they even bothered since they only let you see a small portion of the side of her head.

I like that there are several photos on the outside showing Sonico from several angles, and the back even shows off the fact that she's cast-off, just not the fullest extent to which she can be stripped.



Inside, a hunk of plastic containing one cute/sexy porn company mascot, her base, and a spare pair of shirtless arms.


So everything's in one piece, nothing's damaged, and the box is space-friendly. I would've liked for maybe larger windows on the side to get a better view, and perhaps a censor-barred photo of Sonico topless on one of the sides to show the full extent of her cast-off capabilities, but what was given certainly wasn't bad.

Packaging: 9

Let's take a look at the base for a moment.


Basically, a thin disc with character name and logo on it. Not spectacularly decorative, but it's a little nicer than most bases I see nowadays that are just a plain platter, sometimes without even so much as an etching of the series/character name on it.

Speaking of simple, getting Sonico on her base is pretty straightforward. Base pegs, feet holes, jam 'em in.


Now there is one thing about the base I'd like to call attention to: That piece that secures the left foot to the base.


Apparently, it can spin.


And it can come off.


And it can come off easily. Every time I needed to remove Sonico from the base, I ended up removing the piece from the base before I removed it from her foot, and I don't understand WHY it needs to be removable at all, let alone why it can be removed so easily.

However, I can say that, like the box, the base is very space-friendly. With Sonico's arms-up pose, she doesn't take up a lot of horizontal space, and Alpha Max didn't feel the need to go with the "dowel on a car rim" look and give her an abnormally large base. Though, considering her outfit, a base that resembled the beach or a poolside would've been nicer, and because of that "broken brick" base that their Skytube Kan'u had, I know they're capable of making a more creative base, but I guess as far as disc-style bases go, they did an all-right job here.

Base: 7

Now I imagine you want to take a full look at our little lady. No it's cool, you can stop begging.

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And of course, because all of us Sonico fans have our minds permanently cemented into the gutter, we'd like to see how we go about removing those bothersome clothes.

Before I got my hands on this figure, I was expecting something fairly predictable, like detachable arms followed by prying the shirt off. Well, it turns out I was thrown a bit of a curve ball, because...


That shirt?


Pliable. You can bend it and move it about, and that's the key to the cast-off option here.

However, as many cast-off figures often do, this one starts with the head.




Now we move on to that shirt. Start by pulling one shoulder of the shirt away from the torso and toward the back.


Once you get the shirt off one shoulder, you just pull it away from the other.


The bikini top is also bendable, and has a decent amount of give so you can navigate it around the body easily or position it in different ways.

But we're just taking everything off, so simply pull that top up off the body.


And done.


Once all that's out of the way, you stick the two "shirtless" arms on the body.


Now doesn't she look fan-friggin'-tastic?

By this point, you probably want to get a good look at her with less clothes. Yeah, wipe the drool from your mouth and we'll get to that.

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You know, I really love how the whole "dressing and undressing" deal was presented here. The soft clothing is an unusual but welcome change, and it's very easy to remove and replace. Not to mention, after several removals and replacements, the shirt doesn't feel like it's ready to tear, nor does the bikini top feel like it's losing its grip on Sonico's chest. Alpha Max did a hell of a job on this.

Assembly: 10

Okay, praising the ability to undress Sonico is great and all, but now I gotta get all analytical and maybe pick a few nits, starting with the sculpt, which was done by a person who goes by the handle of 2% who seems to have quite a history with Alpha Max.

The shirt has some fairly-realistic crinkles in it, and the little gold necklace is a really cute touch.


The hair is well-made and "webbing" between individual strands is kept to a minimum. Individual fingernails were sculpted and a nice amount of detail went into the headphones.


The side-tie bikini bottom is quite sexy and the strings are slightly movable, but aren't actually detachable. Not to mention, the bottom is rather...snug.


Speaking of snug, the stockings are given the appearance of having some slight grip to them. Hey, if you were an article of clothing, I'd bet money you'd want to hold on to Sonico's body too.


While not exactly sculpted, the stockings look excellent and are made of actual fabric, so you may want to be careful how you handle her around the leg area.


I'm typically not a fan of high heels with bikinis, but I'm not a fan of stockings with bikinis either, and Sonico still made that look good, and she continues to do so with the heels.


And yes, for a lot of people, Sonico's cans are the main attraction, and quite an awesome job was done sculpting them as well.


Okay, I said I would pick nits, but I really don't see any here as far as the sculpting goes. 2%'s skill and experience are really showing themselves in this figure.

Sculpting: 10

As I look over the paint job on Sonico, I'm seeing a good job done all over. The headphones have a nice metallic shine to them, the hair and body look well-colored, the shoes, bikini, and top of the stockings have a glossy look to them, and no signs of spattered paint that I can see. You can call me an ass-kisser by this point if you want, but a spectacular job was done on the painting too.

Painting: 10

I think the pose might be my favorite thing about this figure. If you take a look at other Sonicos, they have sad, scared, or worried looks on their faces, and as much as I like Sonico, seeing so many figures with that look on her face makes me feel like I'm eye-raping her or something.

But then you get to this figure, and she's got her arms up and a big smile on her face. She doesn't feel like she's in a compromising position or in a lewd pose. I would expect to see her like this if she's were hanging out with friends at the beach. She's perfectly comfortable like this, and I'd love to see more figures of her this relaxed.

Posing: 10

I think by this point most people would have gathered that I enjoy this rendition of Sonico very much. The pose is amazing, the sculpt and paint were well-done, the cast-off feature is easy to utilize and doesn't seem to leave any lasting damage on the pieces or Sonico's body. I honestly can't remember the last time I've been this satisfied with a figure, and is easily my favorite Sonico to date. If you have any way possible of doing so, I highly recommend picking her up.

Enjoyment: 10

Now, I'd like to bring up a little something before I close the book on this review. If you remember, another Sonico under Alpha Max's Skytube line was made by 2% a little under a year ago.



So the question on some people's minds may be "Which one is better?" Well, being a little bit of a Sonico fan, of course I'm going to say get them both if you can. However, not everyone has the money to drop on both, especially considering the previous one came out nearly a year ago and people are hiking up the price on it by now, provided you can even find it anymore.

While they're both pretty awesome, I'd have to say the new Gravure version is better than the Y-Shirt version in nearly every aspect. The Gravure version doesn't have that gloss on her skin, has a more convincing cast-off option, is less expensive, has a more decorative and less space-consuming base, and because it's made of PVC rather than resin, you don't run the risk of it already being broken when it gets to you.

Honestly, the only arguments I can put up for the Y-Shirt version are if you genuinely prefer resin over PVC, or if you prefer the iconically famous pose displayed by the Y-Shirt version.


We love you, Dark Continent! Goodnight!
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Nice review. Definatly put some personality into it. Almost made me forget it's 101*f inside my car. Im doing this while waiting for a customer to get home so I can fix her laptop. Anyway lol. I just ordered this sonico for 6800¥ this morning. The pink bondage sonico was purchased for me a few months ago and Ive taken a liking to her.
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