The Art of Sword Oratoria - Haimura Kiyotaka - ReviewThe Art of Sword Oratoria - Haimura Kiyotaka - ReviewReview

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Two months have already gone since I've first found out about the release of this artbook. I couldn't wait more! really!

For the few of you that don't already know, Sword Oratoria is a spin-off of DanMachi. it follows the adventures of Aiz and the Loki Familia during the arc of DanMachi story, entertwining with it but however with a plot on its own.

I love the character design of DanMachi and the illustrations on the artbook Dandyism of Yasuda Suzuhito ITEM #545745, although really good, haven't completely satisfied me: being the original art for the novel series DanMachi, it's a little different from what you see in the anime.
Instead for Sword Oratoria, the art is very similar. Don't know if Haimura Kiyotaka was in charge for the character design of the anime, since they seem quite the same, but with this artbook I'm more than happy seeing The Sword Princess with the look she has in the anime. ^_^

But enough with words...Let the pics do the talking!


color illustrations go from page 4 to page 61. they start from the 8th novel going backward to the 1st.
there are the covers of regular and limited edition and all the art related to that novel. most pages have mini sketches and concept art.

novel 8:



novel 7 (to the right...my favourite!!!):

novel 6:

novel 1:


character design goes from page 62 to page 89:


monochrome illustrations from page 90 to page 127:


at the end there is a short novel and an interview of Haimura Kiyotaka.

Expectations were high and this book hasn't disappointed them! I'm happy to own so great art!

for not making this blog heavy with too much photos, here are the links of all the other pics on my Tumblr. enjoy!

part 1:happylaw.tumblr...
part 2:happylaw.tumblr...
part 3:happylaw.tumblr...
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Heh. I was about to ask You about this book. Glad You liked it ;)
I will order it for sure. Thanks for review :)
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