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Vocaloid: Meiko 1/8 Hanairogoromo Vers. (Stronger)Vocaloid: Meiko 1/8 Hanairogoromo Vers. (Stronger)

falugalobfalugalob1 år sedanReview
Vocaloid - Meiko - 1/8 - Hanairogoromo (Stronger): The Review

Hello friends, and thank you for looking over my review. Today we are going to take a look at the 2nd figure that is coming to us from stronger of the Hanairogoromo line. Meiko came out great and of the few stronger figures I have she is definitely the one that I found most aesthetically pleasing.

The figure pose comes from this artwork:

Without further delay let us delve into the pictures.


The Box
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The front

The sides


The back

The Top/Bottom


Packaging: 8/10

The print on this box is gorgeous. It brings just a normal box into display worthy levels. The window is big and clear so we can get a good look at the figure inside. It does the job protecting the figure as well with ample cushion with the space around the sides and the blister. It's a good sized box, with not too much space waste.

The Figure
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Sculpting: 7/10
Her sculpt is pulled off elegantly all throughout. Meiko turned out really cute; she's usually not too high on my list of vocaloids but this rendition of her just hits my buttons. Her seams are hidden well within the kimono's seams. The fur sash(?) is well done and looks quite soft and IMO fur is the hardest thing to sculpt right. Her reserved open smile is simply enchanting as well.

Now for the bad stuff, her hair seam while well hidden by her ornament on the right is quite visible from up top and from the left. The gap between her sash and her body on the left side looks a bit unnaturally sharp since the sash is supposed to be soft. A big problem I had and I'm not sure how widespread the issue could be is that upon first putting her on her base, the sandal that has the peg hole broke right off her foot. I suppose the glue was just super weak. I'm just glad it happened when I had her over my bed and not a hard surface. I managed to glue her back together, although I got some excess glue on the inner-left side of her sandal. If anyone has a good idea how to remove excess glue like this please let me know!

Here's some close up pictures.
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Posing: 8/10
The pose is very elegant if not simple. Her slightly tilted head with the sidelong glance brings out her charm to the fullest. Only one of her feet connects to the base so she wobbles a bit if you move her. She looks well balanced though so no trouble with leaning or the like I would see.

Base: 9/10
Her base is gorgeous. Like Miku's base it is a disc of clear plastic with a design on the bottom layer that shows through to the top. It's got quite some heft to it and really gives it a feel of premium quality. The sakura branch is also a great addition and I like it a lot more than the plants and flowers Miku got. The branch is well done, it looks very realistic for the wood texture while for the petals they went for style and made them with a transparent effect.

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Painting: 9/10
Her paint is near flawless. The subtle pink of her kimono is contrasted with the bright reds and yellows of the flower print. Her sash also is lightly air brushed with a pink color and it looks great. Clean lines without any conspicuous quality control issues. The highlight in her hair is a bit too light though but otherwise the color work is spot-on.

Enjoyment: -/-
This is where the enjoyment score would have usually gone but I realize the score would never be below 10 because I love figures. It just unnecessarily inflates the average score and thus the section was removed and will not appear in future reviews.

Overall: 8.2/10

Thanks for looking, hope this review was helpful or a good read for you. Have a great day and until next time!

Bonus Shots!
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This is a nice Review! I love the GIF at the top, that's very well done!
1 år sedan
PeanutButter (1 år sedan) #21811206Good they did cut down on the box size for the others. I was really worried I was gonna have a collection of massive boxes once this series was done. XDTo be fair, Miku's hair makes a lot of her boxes huge. @w@;
1 år sedan
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
Wow, she is beyond gorgeous! Thank you for your lovely review!
1 år sedan
Good they did cut down on the box size for the others. I was really worried I was gonna have a collection of massive boxes once this series was done. XD
1 år sedan
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