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Couldn't post the 2nd part as I had to recover a bit after removing my last wisdom tooth

16. Most Nostalgic Item

Although my eldest sister is the original owner I do count the Belldandy’s Movie Battle Outfit in: ITEM #18306

17. Most Annoying Item

Don't know one, yet...

18. Gaudiest/Tackiest Item

I can't think about an example, neither...

19. Biggest Figure

Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- Price figure ‘Innocent’ ITEM #401018 (22 cm in height)

20. Smallest Figure

the Orange Rouge Petit set of Osomatsu-san

21. Favorite Figure received as Gift

Not exactly favorites but I was surprised when I got ITEM #395270 & ITEM #395271 to my birthday.

22. Favorite Pair of Figures to Display Together

The galactic lesbians (ITEM #253041 & ITEM #253035) and Iromatsu Birthday figures (ITEM #484498 & ITEM #484517) . Fun fact is that both sets are glitter/pearl version.

23. Cutest Figure

Atsumete Figure Sailor Saturn ITEM #244214 (the rest of the set doesn't interest me at all)

24. Edgiest Figure

Again, Koumajou Densetsu Remilia

25. Series you Wish was Complete

....I don't know....

26. Completed Series

Orange Rouge Petit Osomatsu-san & Palm Character Rozen Maiden Träumend. It took me months to get Barasuishou, though.

27. Oldest Item

Once again, the Palm Characters

28. Most Recent Acquisition

ITEM #484498

29. Your Display

picture/1763736... (bottom picture consist my current collection)

30. Favorite Item(s)

Way too many to choose from
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