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Official Touhou Project Merch. Collection Completed: 2017-04-26Official Touhou Project Merch. Collection Completed: 2017-04-26

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The past two days will probably be counted among the more eventful days of my life if I ever get around to speaking of my heroic deeds, preferably to awestruck youngsters I am not related to. This might be the most important week of my life, actually.

Proclaimer: Once again, I’m killing some time writing a lot about something that is incredibly important to me. If all you care about are pretty pictures, feel free to scroll, they’re in the spoilers. Also, if you don’t care about Touhou Project at all, this also probably won’t be even half as exciting as you’re hoping.
Now, to begin with today’s entry, yesterday, I had the pleasure of being circumcised. While the procedure itself was over rather quickly, the aftermath has been rather unpleasant, what with the bleeding from parts of my body I do not ever want to bleed from. Regardless, I’ll skip the details and, of course, the photos, and just summarize – I am in need of something positive.

Something positive does, naturally, take me to my collection and, in this case, to the very core of my collection – Touhou Project. This series of Doujin games, notoriously difficult Shoot ‘em Ups at that, consisting of a total of 24 official games, is where my passion for collecting began and has been going on ever since Spring 2009 when I first acquired the games released by Team Shanghai Alice up until then. Not only has it ignited my passion for collecting, but also been a reminder that I can do absolutely anything if I try hard (or often) enough.

Working my way up the difficulty ladder until I had cleared all games on the hardest difficulty setting, strategizing along the way, developing my own approaches without watching other playthroughs, being able to dodge things I wouldn’t have dreamed of dodging; the games certainly gave me a lot in terms of both frustration and happiness.

Honestly speaking, the moment in which I tackled the final Spellcard in Touhou 12 without any resources, having next to no chances of winning if my previous encounters were any indicator and then, when I actually won and cleared the game after having invested around 200 hours into roughly 30 minutes of gameplay – call me crazy, but I consider that one moment one of the happiest of my life. Testament to the worth of effort, to my tenacity and my ever present will to improve – I’ll never forget that.

Anyway, this is, quite obviously, not a post in which I reminisce about past deeds to drive my mind away from the fact that I currently carry a bloody heap of flesh between my legs. No, today has, just like yesterday, only in a slightly more positive fashion, marked the end of a chapter of my life. This is, of course, once again due to the fact that I acquired something of immense worth to me. Taking the above paragaphs into account, this means, quite obviously, that it is something related to Touhou Project – no surprise so far.

Touhou Project is a series of Shoot ’em Ups that is currently being developed by a Doujin circle called Team Shanghai Alice. Team Shanghai Alice, helmed by ZUN, its only member, has, next to the 19 games, released a bunch of other merchandise – CDs and books, for instance (well, that’s about it, actually). Some of it has become somewhat rare due to limited releases, and so, I started developing an interest in those items as well.

Now, having been collecting them for eight years, I’m happy to finally consider my collection of official Team Shanghai Alice merchandise completed, thanks to the contents of this package:

View spoilerHide spoiler



Adding these to the rest, I can, at long last, display all of them at once:

View spoilerHide spoiler http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Lepetit891493226411.jpeg

Once again, a rather emotional moment; books are at the top, games in the middle, music CDs on the bottom. I certainly like the way all of them look together [note: I noticed I actually forgot a soundtrack because it had the same colour as the CD's by an adjacent circle].
However, as observant readers have probably noticed by now, there are a few things here that don’t add up, in the picture and this entry as well.

The most obvious one is the huge gap in the middle. It does not serve any artistic purposes, as it doesn’t even look good – so what is it for? And why are there only 19 games even though I earlier said that there’s a total of 24?

Excellent question, observant reader!

To tell the truth, there are five games released long before the current generation of Touhou games, which began back in 2002 with Touhou 6. The games released before then, not by Team Shanghai Alice but by a circle called Amusement Makers - ZUN being involved again - are from a time when Touhou Project was hardly the phenomenon it is today; the oldest one having been released in 1996, they remain exceedingly rare, not only because they are old, but because their release was obviously quite limited due to their being unknown and the fact that they were only released at events. As a result, they are not only rare, but also exorbitantly expensive because, since their release, Touhou Project has become the most well-known series in the Doujin-scene, which makes old items with limited releases quite desired among collectors.

Due to that, I left the gap there to symbolize this lack.
So why am I posting this? It’s nice completing a collection and, while it requires effort, I obtained the rare items quite some time ago; the items from the package are quite recent and, as of yet, readily available. Couldn’t I have posted this months earlier before the books were released?

I applaud those of you who made it to this question, as it is an excellent one. Indeed, the books aren’t old at all and available even on Amazon; while I like impressing with quantity, and this still required a lot of effort by any standards, it seems a little excessive to go on and on and on about a collection which was pretty much completed months ago already, not to mention the fact that I said that today marked the end of a chapter of my life.

However, allow me to add one last question about something, which, assuming there are people who even give a damn at this point and haven’t closed the tab already, I’m fairly sure only the most observant have noticed. Why does the title say that I completed my collection of official Touhou merchandise even though I kept pointing out that I completed my collection of official Touhou merchandise released by Team Shanghai Alice?

Yes, precisely. Having brought this final question into play, allow me to add a surprise package to this entry; call it an Extra Boss if you will.

It’s probably rather obvious what’s inside, but allow me to do it step-by-step anyways.

View spoilerHide spoiler

I cannot even begin to explain just how much trouble this one transaction was. Anyway, let’s open the package.


At least it appears to have been safely transported.


Getting closer, but, to be honest, opening this package was nerve-wrecking.


Now what is that?


Yes, indeed, these are floppy disks. If that is not enough of an indicator as to the age of these games, allow me to say it – these are the aforementioned five games, the rarest and most desired there are, a dream of mine since I first realized that I probably need to buy these at one point or another, the holiest of holy grails. Last month, when I realized that I was at a point in my life where I had not only the means, but also an opportunity to purchase them, I hesitated for about an hour, because even though I had the means, it also meant sacrificing a bit of the financial standard that I had finally made it to.

However, this has been a dream of mine for almost seven years – and so I gave in to my one greatest desire. To obtain the last piece of this puzzle that is my collection of official Touhou merchandise, which is an incredibly important part of my life actually.
And now, I can finally insert the last piece and refer to my collection as “completed”. Not only that, but that uncertainty looming in the distance is gone; I no longer need to wonder how much these games will cost me when I finally have an opportunity to purchase them. I am, in a certain sense, free now - and this is most certainly the positive thing I needed today.

View spoilerHide spoiler


[note: Again, I noticed I actually forgot a soundtrack because it had the same colour as the CD's by an adjacent circle]

Anyway, a little afterthought – yes, I realize that there are trial versions of the games that can be considered official, but, to be honest, as far as I’m concerned, that’s on the same level as buying both limited and regular editions. There’s no point in owning trial versions if I have the full versions – call it conceited to refer to my collection as completed even though there are, technically, trial versions and regular editions that I do not own because I own the full versions and limited editions, but I simply do not need them in the same way I don’t need tissues used by ZUN; this is not about owning everything there is, but about owning everything there is that has an actual point. And how financially irresponsible would it be to purchase things I do not need by merit of already owning them in a sense?

For now, I’m happy, especially because I managed to avoid customs fees that would have been about thrice the amount of my most expensive order ever – and I’m talking about the order worth here, not the customs fees.

Regardless, my apologies for dragging this on for so long. This really is a special occasion for me and I desperately need things to keep me occupied today and writing happens to be fun.

I hope it was at least somewhat entertaining to read – if not, I sure hope you closed the tab way before this. Anyway, I thank you for your attention and most certainly wish you a more pleasant night than I will be having, whenever that is.
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Petitssk Eastern Library
SolarisSoul (1 år sedan) #20408593Congratulations! *bows down*

Thanks a lot!
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
halfnote (1 år sedan) #20407079Amazing collection.

Thank you very much!
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
evariche (1 år sedan) #20408259Wow, congratulations!! So happy for you on scoring those PC-98 games <3 Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection!

Thank you! I definitely am quite happy about it myself.
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
mukyuu (1 år sedan) #20451375Amazing collection, congratulations!

Thank you!
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
maron-makaron (1 år sedan) #20407095Nice collection! Congrats on acquiring the first 5 games! I can't think of a holy grail holier than that.
Cheers, and take care with your recovery!

Thanks, doing my best!
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
Titan_Scientist (1 år sedan) #20407005Very nice. And, wow, floppy disks - I knew that Touhou Project had been around for a while, but I for some reason I didn't think about how it had started out.
Also, I never thought I'd ever read an MFC blog entry where one of the first paragraphs talked about circumcision...

Yep, the games were later released as a collection on an actual CD for the PC-98, though. I think I remember seeing an auction at one point, I'm pretty sure it ended at about 500,000 JPY (though that was without any booklets).
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
lorddralnu (1 år sedan) #20408277wow... now that's a collection! Congrats man! I'm always amazed how passionate you are about this hobby.
Just please don't bleed out - we still have tons of doujinshi to add ^^

Thanks! And don't worry, the worst bleeding was on the first day, I'm not going to stop adding entries until I'm done. Really looking forward to that, actually, could use some more time for other things, but the Doujinshi only start piling up when I take breaks, so I want to finish it and then just add them on a weekly basis, spending only a few hours each week.
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
ManoShuZero (1 år sedan) #20444873Holy moly, congrats.
I keep myself only getting the PC games and standard CDs.

Ooh, so you collect those? Excellent, keep it up! I really, really love hearing of other people actually buying the games and other media.
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
Bearcat (1 år sedan) #20410602Congrats on your acquisition! Completing a collection must feel amazing :) thank you for sharing that with us! And godspeed healing to your...parts. :P

Thanks! Actually making some progress, so I hope it will be fine in the near future.
1 år sedan
Petitssk Eastern Library
Ciciely (1 år sedan) #20413409Congrats! whats a better feeling than true fulfillment? Money is meant to be spent!

That's true, actually, it only boils down to what you want to spend it on. That's probably why it's good to have reserves, though, in case something important comes up for sale.

And thanks!
1 år sedan
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