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"Eh?! There's 2?!" A Choro Dakimakura Experience"Eh?! There's 2?!" A Choro Dakimakura Experience

taimetaime2 år sedanDiary
About two months ago, I ordered the Choromatsu dakimakura pillow case (Entry #380794) from AmiAmi. I won't deny that it was an impulse buy, but when something of your favourite character that was originally priced at 16,200 JPY drops to 2,000 JPY? My mouse flew to the "add to cart" button faster than my boi sonic the hedgehog.

So after waiting 2 months, my package finally came! I picked SAL Registered for shipping so I didn't expect it to come right away, but since the holidays came by, my package ended up getting stuck amidst all the other packages. Thankfully everything was still in good condition, so earlier I picked it up all safe and sound!

When I took it out of the box, I started laughing because- Oh man, I actually got myself a daki.

Now I am truly, a Choromatsu girl.

It was folded neatly in a plastic bag but when I lifted it, it was honestly a bit heavier than I expected. I didn't really question it though since I've never gotten myself a dakimakura case before, so I just kind of thought that was that. The way it was folded had Choro's face at the front with a bit of his shoulder showing and I was like,

"Eyyy nice. B-) It's my green bean, my homie, Chor- Wait... ????"

His shoulder was bare?? I vividly remembered that the pillow case had Choro wearing pajamas, so I was just ??? for a good couple of minutes. For a second I thought I was just seeing something or I remembered it wrong, so I just decided to take it out of the plastic.

And two separate cases fell out.


I unfolded the first one and it was the design that I had expected- Choromatsu and him in his F6 form spotting those light green PJ's. (I showed it to my mom and when she saw the F6 version, she said "Wow, he looks good-looking in that one." LOL) The material is so silky and the colours are really vibrant. So this is what officially licensed dakimakura cases are like...!!!

The other one, I kept to myself. Only my brother saw it and we were both yelling because oH BOY I DID NOT EXPECT THIS ONE TO COME WITH IT, LOL. When I picked up the second one and unfolded it, it had the exact same design as the second one except...

No clothes!!

They were #EXPOSED!!!!

There weren't any peens or anything on the case, (thankfully or non-thankfully? Hm.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) but for the most part Choro was nakie and only had white briefs to cover him, and the F6 version had his black speedo thing from that one episode with the lotion LOL.

I checked back on the website (because I wasn't expecting two pillow cases at all) and the description said

"Size: L1600mm x W500mm
Material: 2-WAY Tricot
w/1 separator cover
*Set does NOT include pillow body."

Okay, that seems normal enough. I didn't know what a separator cover was (and tbh I still don't know what that part was lol) but okay. Moving on.

"Here comes a hugging pillow cover of "Osomatsu-san"!
Different type of illustration has been designed on front and the back!
The pajama can be... undressed......!?"

"The pajama can be... undressed......!?"

Oh damn. So that's where it was hidden. Maybe I should've read that item description before hand, lol...

But hey, I'm not complaining! More Choro love for me, then! But my only concern is... What should I do with it, LOL;; I can't really use it or else my family/people coming over would be like "?!" So I guess I'll keep him packed somewhere safe until I move out or something lol. One day Choro will be free... Both from his clothes and the plastic bag B-)

My brother and I actually played around a bit with the case and our surprised reaction, so we made these short videos on snapchat! I hope you enjoy them and I hope they brighten up your day somewhat LOL.

So TLDR; If you want to buy one of the officially licensed Osomatsu-san dakimakura, be aware that it comes with two, and one may cause you to get some questions LOL.

Woo, that was a long one. Thanks for reading everyone!!
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Fellow Choromatsu girl here, I think it's a great purchase! If I knew of the sale I totally would've gone for it too lol.
2 år sedan
Hey dude, no shame, for 2000 jpy I do not blame you in the least. When I saw that sale I bought a second one and Kara and Ichi because 3000 jpy damnit damn it all
Whenever you may finally release him from his plastic/cloth prison, enjoy!! lmao
2 år sedan
Congrats on your daki woudldn't it be amazing if you can poke him and Kamiya's voice comes out?
2 år sedan
if those vids had ended with a zoom towards his nip/s, I would've choked to death (whilst lmao). #CrisisAverted

And welcome to the daki owners club!
2 år sedan
omg youre so lucky to have grabbed it in time, now the sale is gone ;__; and the kara is sold out......... rip
nice videos xD
2 år sedan
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