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This blog contains material that may be offensive to those triggered by sexiness, photobombing and anything related to Love Live. Reader discretion is advised.

It is time once again for the monthly obligatory loot post. I realize I am a bit late posting this. I only recently started with a lot of the pictures for this post as I got back from visiting family out of state a couple of weeks ago. After I got back, I had to spend a few days with some intensive room cleaning. My dad had a window in my room replaced while I was away and sawdust got all over my figures and the rest of my room. My room was also a bit dusty before that, so that was one exhausting cleaning session. Anyway, this month's haul consists of several top-tier favorite items from various different series. So let's take a look at this haul of nerdy treasures!

First 4 Figures: Wind Waker Ganondorf
[Exclusive Edition]
ITEM #282611


This is one of 5 holy grails that arrived in the mail during the first weekend of the month. I picked up this statue at Eknight Media using some discount points I have been saving. Eknight Media is one of the only places I find the exclusive editions of these statues available, so I try to jump on them when I get the chance because I can get them for lower prices than buying from F4F directly.

Tsume Art HQF Grey Fullbuster
ITEM #202346


I bought this from LINZEMARIE.

I have been hunting this for a while, and I was finally lucky enough to find it being sold here on MFC for a price that wasn't totally outrageous.

Sansei Muramasa Scale Figures
ITEM #166002 ITEM #353028


I got both of these from AmiAmi. The 1/7 by Wing I pre-ordered and the 1/6 nurse by SkyTube I found in their pre-owned section. I was originally going to pass on the nurse figure because I didn't feel particularly wowed by it. But I found a B/B listing deeply discounted to 7,380 yen. So I made an impulse decision and bought it. When I opened it, the only thing wrong was a small red paint transfer on the shirt, but I gently scratched it off and everything is like new.

I am not sure why I didn't feel interested in the nurse figure before. Having it on my shelf, this is my favorite of the three Sanseis I own.

And of course I am happy that Wing rereleased their first Sansei figure. She has been an absolute nightmare to get in the aftermarket.

Morrigan Aensland Nurse
ITEM #440778


I actually found this on AmiAmi's Ebay page.
Yes, AmiAmi has an Ebay page.


It was the same price as the shipping quote they gave me for buying it from their store directly, but it cost less overall because I could pay for it directly in USD. Plus the shipping quote they gave me only had the weight of the item itself, not the packaging with it. I was going to buy it on Hobby Link Japan since they have the lowest price after shipping I could find, but I completely forgot about that when making this purchase because I almost never buy anything at HLJ. I was annoyed with myself after that, but I was over it when I saw just how big this figure is.

There isn't an exact scale labeled for this figure, but I would say it is at least somewhere in the 1/5 range. Even though her posture has her bending over forward, she is about as tall as 1/6 scales that are standing straight up. Not only is it large, but it is easily one of the most seductive looking figures I have ever seen.

This is easily one of the top 5 figures on my Waifu Shelf.
You can read my review of this sexy succubus here.

Expensive plastic sculptures of sexy nurses. I am clearly adulting with my money correctly. No one can convince me otherwise.

Miku: "Your love is like bad medicine♪
Bad medicine is what I need♪
Shake it up just like bad medicine♪
You got the potion that can cure my disease♪"

......You see what just happened here, folks? This is what happens when you let your Nendoroid listen to Jon Bon Jovi. Perfectly fitting musical photobombing that no one asked for.

1/7 Maki Nishikino Halloween Figure
ITEM #317824


This arrival was highly unexpected. I pre-ordered this from AnimeBlvd, but I wasn't expecting it to arrive until late December or early January. When preorders were open at the shop, its listed release date was December 2016. I come home from class on the first Friday of November and a package from AnimeBlvd is there with most of the other stuff that arrived that weekend. The package was shipped with 2-day priority mail and had a tracking number, But there never was a shipment notification or any notification that the item was in stock.

I actually have some mixed feelings about this. On one hand, yay! The best Maki Nishikino figure ever is in my collection nearly 2 months earlier than I expected! Yay! (^o^)

On the other hand, I have had about $145 charged to my credit card about 2 months earlier than I expected. So AnimeBlvd basically sucker punched my November figure budget. (>.<)

Love Live Figmas: Nico & Hanayo
ITEM #287760 ITEM #287757


At last! The final two Figmas to complete this set of 9 idols! (^o^)

Now that the whole gang is here, who knows what kind of hijinks will happen?

Love Live Snow Halation Prize Figures
ITEM #316796 ITEM #316790


The prices for this line of prize figures has dropped quite a bit in AmiAmi's pre-owned section, so I decided to pick up Nico and Maki this month.

Now all that is left is to get Nozomi. Then I will have the full set for one of my favorite U's songs.

Variable Action Heroes: Boa Hancock
ITEM #342722


The latest addition to MegaHouse's One Piece action figures is here! The most beautiful of the seven warlords, Boa Hancock!

Now that she is here, my other action figures finally have someone to look down upon them.

Boa: "Oh, Luffy! You're so handsome even as an action figure. You're completely unaware of my loving gaze right now, but that's ok. I know you will love me back someday."

ITEM #331760 ITEM #396882 ITEM #236215


I was expecting these Nendoroids last month, but they were delivered a bit later than usual.

Each of these is an excellent addition to my ever expanding chibi army. I got Futaba mainly for her face plates. Galko and Michelle I got just because I love them so much. Galko especially turned out to be such a little cutie patootie.

Transformers Masterpiece: Optimus Primal
ITEM #321806


I have found myself getting very much into Takara's Transformers Masterpiece line recently. I had the original version of this by Hasbro as a child, but broke it because I was one of those kids that kept breaking everything. I also loved watching Beast Wars on Saturday mornings, so a fully articulated Optimus Primal was an instant pre-order for me.

I have had a lot of fun playing with this guy. Here are some pics of the awesome poses you can put him in for your display.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053167.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053169.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053171.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053175.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053173.jpeg

That moment when you're a gorilla and you learn about the Harambe incident.

Pokémon Sun & Moon
Amazon Exclusive Dual Pack With Steel Game Case
ITEM #461184 ITEM #461183


Nico: "Honoka may have photoboming, but I've got Nico-bombing!
Nico Nico Nii!"

The most important nerdy thing to arrive in the mail this month was not a figure, but the newest installment to my favorite game series. I usually buy just one version like most people, but anyone that knows me knows I can't resist pretty shiny things.

I have finished the main story in Pokémon Sun, now I am focusing on IV breeding the new creatures and testing them out in online battles. If anyone wants to battle me, here is my friend code.


I will accept challenges at any time. So bring it on, MFC users! Send me a PM anytime you want to battle me! I am ready to rumble! But remember this is just a game and we're here to have fun. So please, no whining or ranting when I win.

Oh snap! Did I just go there? Yes, yes I did. >:3

Bonus Comic #7
Training To Be The Very Best

Epic Group Photo!

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053593.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053595.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053597.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1482053599.jpeg

And this concludes my November Loot Post. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you all got some great stuff for your collections as well. See you again in a couple of weeks for December's loot. But before hand, I will try to post a review of Wind Waker Ganondorf. See you all next time! :D
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Halcione3 år sedan#16928173Nice fetch on that Maki, does she come with batteries for her lamp already? No. The batteries have to be bought separately. Although the battery power will not last long. The batteries it uses are super super tiny.
3 år sedan
Gotta love that Harambe figure.
3 år sedan
Your trigger warning triggers me (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Also, nice fetch on that Maki, does she come with batteries for her lamp already?

Now excuse me while I try to get Bad Medicine out of my head. damn it
3 år sedan
Rajke Ca Fanatic
ChocolateSpider3 år sedan#16909323Not really. I went with this Poison Type bit just so Nico could make that pun at the end. LOL. :P
I could always try ;) For this generation games i have not yet a strategy plan for the online battles. I have some strategy in mind but i have to catch the right pokemon for that.
3 år sedan
Rajke3 år sedan#16907773Great comic. Is it also a hint for what kind of strategy you use? Not really. I went with this Poison Type bit just so Nico could make that pun at the end. LOL. :P
3 år sedan
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Nice loot. It is always nice to see Photobombing Honoka again.
The Optimus Primal pic where he lift up Hanayo reminds me of some gorilla that escaped in the zoo a few years ago. It really is a Bokito look alike.
Great comic. Is it also a hint for what kind of strategy you use?
3 år sedan
The Galko Nendoroid is so cute. I love how she has faceplates and accessories that duplicate funny scenes from the manga (her perpetual sleepiness in the morning, her getting all worked up when reading textbooks).
3 år sedan
AkibaMelon3 år sedan#16903184Not really my type of figures but super fun post!!
Thank you for making such an effort <3
Very enjoyable ^_^
Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. :3
3 år sedan
Not really my type of figures but super fun post!!
Thank you for making such an effort <3
Very enjoyable ^_^
3 år sedan
Awesome haul!!
3 år sedan
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