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You know the drill, my loot posts are long.

Hello again, MFC community!
It's been a while since my last loot post. Some time had passed, a decent amount of items arrived, and therefore it's high time for another loot post. This loot post is special though. It contains many items which are... on the... ecchi side... And so, a proper title to a proper content - if you love (somewhat) fanservicey figures, you won't be disappointed in here!

This haul starts on February 12. Two packages arrived that day:

So let's open them up! The first one is from Nippon-Yasan:

As you can see the packaging is minimal. NY tend to be very varying with the quality of their packaging. (However there where newspapers in the thin gap between the figure box and the shipping box.)

And we got a Megahouse exclusive!

Upon opening, we are welcomed by the familiar tissue paper which protects the Megahouse exclusives' boxes:

Tearing the paper up, the figure box is revealed:

And it's the second addition of Megahouse to their P.O.P Bathing Beauty (BB) line - Nico Robin!

And out of the box she goes! And...

Wow! Oh dear lord... She's sooooooo pretty and hot!!! And those awesome pair of... collar bones is superbly sculpted! (You thought I'm about to say boobs, right? Well... they're awesome too!) I know many collectors are bashing on the BB line for being fanservicey and for taking the place of "legitimate" figures, but this is just perfection! MFC user KAGAMINE would like to convey her support on this one (Yeah, we're drooling partners :P)

My parents, who where at the living room when I was unboxing my stuff, could not refrain from expressing their unique opinions:
Mom: "Ah, another one with huge tits. Why are these Japanese people so perverted?"
Dad: *approaches Robin from her back* "Wow, what a beauty! Looking goo..." *sees her boobs* "Alas, another disproportioned one. Well, it must be because the Japanese got an inferiority complex in this matter, as all of their women are flat chested."
Clearly dad didn't watch Japanese porn...

The second package arrived from Mandarake Sahra. One day, as I was browsing aimlessly through Manda's items, I happened to catch a glimpse of a figure that had so many of my Moe points, including the strongest one - Black Kare hairstyle (I'm just a sucker for those...). Finding the figure on MFC, it turns out that the character is Menace from Queen's Blade. On that moment I was like "Order all of the Menaces!", and indeed I had, and the first one was by AmiAmi Zero. Let's look and see:

I believe that Sahra's packing process is done by machines. They once told me that they can't undervalue as "our process is completely automated". Boy it would be awesome to visit there as part of a trip to Japan.

The box is OKish, nothing special...

The blister is her last line of defense... From me... Boaaaaaaa!

Oh wow, just wow! She's amazing, and her face are just to die for! Definitely one of my favorites! The only problem is that her white scarf (is that the right term?) and cyan veil need to be placed very precisely, as nothing holds them, and once you moved her, it's done! You'll need to place them carefully again. To me it doesn't matter, as I think she looks better without those. Less is more! :D

She goes well with BB Robin, they look stunning together! P:

She could also be cast off partially, look under the spoiler for a treat...
View spoilerHide spoiler

Perfection. Simple as that. Thanks to KAGAMINE, who mentioned that Queen's Blade is a very ecchi Anime, I picked it up. As for this day, I finished both seasons one and two, losing in the process almost two kilograms of saliva! O:

Moving forward, on February 19 one package arrived:

It contained a birthday present for my Umaruish friend, from Manda's Sahra branch. However, as it was prior to the cancelation of Manda's 500 yen fee for less that 5K yen purchase, I purchased something else to reach 5K.

This is the present I got for my Umaruish friend, who loves Naoto with all her heart and soul.

And this one's for me, which is a figure that's... somewhat on the... loli side... Upset! KAGAMINE is upset! But I don't care (:

The blister is out of the box!

And oh my god, why is her base so freakishly big??? That's so much space gone to waste! ;__; Seriously, they could have done it twice as small and it would be still stable.

Moving on again, three packages from AmiAmi arrived on February 26:

Let's open them up:

The first package contained some merch...

...and a figure of Yui from K-On!. I saw this figure in another user loot post a long time ago, but didn't check its item page, as I'm not a fan of Santa outfits, although her smile is to die for! Then I saw it on AmiAmi pre-owned, and clicked. And then I saw... That there is a school swimsuit under the Santa outfit... And then... Then I ordered, of course! :D

The box art portray both the Santa outfit, and the swimsuit outfit.

The blister is out and...

Now is Yui. Oh, so many Moe points here! Short Kare-styled haircut, smiling, sukumizu, thin shoulders, even shoulder blades (not in the picture). I'm very pleased with this purchase overall.

The next package contained two cute sukumizu figures:

This one is really large!


Very nice, loved the twin tails.

BQ Akane Isshiki...

Blister... (I'm starting to repeat myself)

Nothing special here, more school swimsuits, more twin tails, more lolis... Oh my, I'm starting to sound like those creepy MFC users that... You know... lol But I like Menace and Robin, so I'm balanced, and it's OKish, I guess...

Anyway, next package!!! *with loud voice, to make a distraction*

We have another Menace! From MegaHouse, the limited edition one.

She came with a beautifully illustrated pencil board (whatever that is).

The backside...

The sculpt is very good IMO!

Menace in all of her glory! :D Also, for those who are interested...
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Overall, this is all I've got on that day. I'm satisfied, for now...

Advancing a month, on March 5 three packages arrived:

One from Nippon-Yasan, one from AmiAmi (the most anticipated!), and one form Mandarake.

The Manda one contained my second attempt to get a P.O.P Neo Vivi that's not smelly. The attempt failed. I'll post an "Ask MFC" article on this subject in time.

The next package contains the last addition for the P.O.P BB line for a long time...

Again, the saliva system kicks into action...

Saliva production rate is at 60 percent...

90 percent...

And over 9000!!! Wow, she is stunning! Again, those collar bones... shoulders... Ahhhh P: MegaHouse quality on these sure is great! I could have keep writing on how much she looks good, but you get the point. I unboxed, I saw, I drooled. Moving on.

The package from AmiAmi... I've been waiting for this...

It's an exclusive, as can be seen from the double boxes system...

You get where I'm heading right? (:




Lala!!!!!!!!!!!!! *saliva glands overheat! system malfunction!*
Words and pictures can't do her justice. Clearly one of the best figures I have. Sculpt is flawless. Paint is flawless. Drool is endless.

There is however an annoying story about this figure, regarding custom charges. Up until now, for some reason all items which are due in customs (the limit here is 75 USD) that have been sent to my father's address, somehow always slipped under the radar (I use SAL small packets). However, since I wanted Lala ASAP, I sent her through air small packet. Lala got caught in customs. But that's not the point. It seems that from the moment they first caught you, they FOREVER caught you! From that day, each package I sent to my father's address (through SAL small packet), which owes customs, have been caught! I lost my ultimate advantage! ;; Lesson learned - live in the USA.

A mandatory group picture :3

Are you tired already? Cheer up, as we only got two more days to cover. Next, on March 11, a lot of stuff arrived:

Three AmiAmi packages, two Mandarake packages, and one package from NY.

Starting from the two Manda packages, one is Misaka Mikoto in a casual wear. It seems that I kinda like casual wear, and girls with a ponytail going through baseball cap is cute as hell too! ^^


Over all it's a nice prize figure, the quality is pretty good too. I don't have a lot of figures with a dynamic pose, so it's good to have more.

The next one is something I've searched for a long time. Finally, Mandarake's alert system paid off, and I was able to catch him resealed for a great price!


For those of you who don't know him, Black Frost is a character in the Megami Tensei universe. I'm familiar with him from Persona 4, where he was one of my two favorite Personas (the other one being Alice). He's just so adorable! :3

Surprisingly enough, just a day after I've purchased him, another one came up on Manda. It seems that each time I'm succeeding in finding a rare item, the same item comes up right after my purchase. It happened a few times already, and some of them will be covered on my next loot post.

The next package from AmiAmi contained the Dangeki special version of the Beach Queens version of Kuroyukihime.

For some reason I'm a sucker for those Dangeki exclusives. I won't buy a BQ just because it's Dangeki exclusive, but if I want it, and there is a Dangeki version, I'll prefer to get that version. They always have an extra part which makes it worthwhile.

Ah, there was also an Adachi strap in the package.

The next AmiAmi package contained a character I'm familiar with from real life, or at least she's her incarnation...

Yes! It's the Umaru Nendoroid!

It comes with a lot of options to choose from, but knowing my Umaruish friend, I had my mind fixed on one option...

Umaru's smug face! LOOOOOOOOOL XDDDDDD

Also, after seeing PICTURE #1459187, I kinda wanted an Umaru family of my own, so I've ordered her trading set! More pictures under the spoiler tag.
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The side...

The outer box is opened...

Inside, there were eight house-like boxes...







By a miracle, I've managed to open all of the Umarus in the first try! XD The other ones stayed sealed. However, I don't know which one's which...

And walla! I've got an Umaru Army! Or better yet, Umarmy! :D

Moving to the last package from AmiAmi, I've gotten my last Menace! P:


Nothing to say here, you already know that I love Menace... <3
Also, boobs shot under the spoiler ^^
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Finally, NY sent me this:

Why, it's Shiro! Now I too have a figure which appears on the "Items on fire" tab (:

It's actually the reissue of her...


I must say, now I truly understand why she's on the "Items on fire" tab. She really is something else. I'm really happy with this purchase. Also, it seems that the reissue doesn't have the quality control problems the original had, mine came in perfect condition! ^^

Group photo! Say cheese!

Well, here we are. Lastly, on March 25, a huge package from Mandarake Umeda arrived:

What could be inside? O:

One Piece fans will recognize!

He's huge...

He's a tyrant...

He's Bartholomew Kuma, the Shichibukai! This one concludes my males collection, as I'm not planning getting more soon, unless some one cool enough will pop up in the next One Piece Saga.

This one has an annoying story too - I've originally ordered him on 10/2015 and used SAL parcel, in order to avoid paying the EMS ripoff fees. A month had passed and it arrived within my country. It cleared customs and the tracking showed "being moved for sorting purpose" (a free translation). A month had passed, and I started to worry. Last time something like that happened, they sent my package back without telling me it's in the post office.
As my country's postal agency is incompetent and they do you a favor when talking to you, I addressed Mandarake Umeda, and explained that the item never arrived. Manda replied that they asked the Japanese post office for an investigation, and that I should wait for the results.
Another month had passed, and then I received a mail from Manda:
"Post office investigation conclusion: item CC#########JP - lost. The post office will refund us. Please state a Paypal address so we could transfer you the money."
Good old Manda! And of course kudos to the Japanese post office! I'm shocked that the post system here succeeded in losing something this big. Oh, the incompetence! ><
What happened next is that I asked Manda to send me another Kuma instead of refunding me (they had another one in stock). This time I used EMS, thinking that this 10 USD fee isn't so bad after all...
However... This time, Manda overlooked the undervalue request I made with my purchase! ))): So, I've got stuck with customs plus EMS ripoff fees totaling in 53 USD ;; Well, I didn't had a choice. I paid. At least Kuma is mine now.

Well guys, we arrived at the ending of another loot post. If you survived up until here, kudos for you! If you only looked at the pictures, it's good too. If you came here just to press the uninteresting button, at least I made it hard for you :P

Have a nice weekend!
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deussolaris3 år sedan#16589236Damn and I thought I had too many figures, where do you put all of them!? Amazing collection though ;)Thank you! :D They are currently in my old room at my parents house. When I'll have a permanent apartment (as in not rented) I'll move them there. I truly fear that day... XD
3 år sedan
Damn and I thought I had too many figures, where do you put all of them!? Amazing collection though ;)
3 år sedan
Kagamine4 år sedan#10725489:) <3 I shall steal this Robin though~Then I'll have to punish you... (;
4 år sedan
SengokuGensui4 år sedan#10725487..........
:) <3 I shall steal this Robin though~
4 år sedan
Kagamine4 år sedan#10725486I Definitely should tighten the leash on this one >.>..........
4 år sedan
I Definitely should tighten the leash on this one >.>
4 år sedan
chiechie4 år sedan#10695309great loot! I really love the menace figures especially, I keep coming back to them and thinking about picking up one of myself and really all her available figures are so lovely T_T wonder which one to buy first..Thank you! ^^ Her three figures I got in this loot sure are good. If you were to ask me, I'd recommend her figure by AmiAmi Zero, ITEM #19446. She's my favorite among the three (:
4 år sedan
great loot! I really love the menace figures especially, I keep coming back to them and thinking about picking up one of myself and really all her available figures are so lovely T_T wonder which one to buy first..
4 år sedan
LeviathanX4 år sedan#10655336Woah, quite a lot... Your dad's comment, awesome.. ;)
(゚∀゚)☞ That's the public liquids lost record ...
Thanks! Yeah, my dad has his moments... XD

murialita4 år sedan#10656200Drool... ecchi figures... black leather couch.... if there was some bow chika wow-wow music playing, I might question which site I was on ;)Hahaha! Persona spoilerHideMusic like in Rise's dungeon would fit too!

Crazylady4 år sedan#10660268Great loot! those are some really great figures!!Rychi4 år sedan#10661566Awesome figures :D:DThank you! They sure are ^^

Fukawa4 år sedan#10661705Ohhh Adachi <3Adachi is love, Adachi is life! View spoilerHide spoilerDamn you Adachi, trolling us all like a boss!

victorviper4 år sedan#10663692That's funny. I also picked up that Akane Beach Queen this month and she arrived this afternoon.
It's a plain figure, but she's cute and it was cheap.
Yeah, most BQ are like that. Makes them good for mass collecting. AmiAmi's description is accurate: "A cute figure of a cute girl in a cute swimsuit".

eviljackspicer4 år sedan#10664349When I saw the title of the article, I thought that a basset hound had taken hold of one of your boxes.LOL! That could be interpreted like that too. I only have a cat, and he's completely useless :3

Criscokid4 år sedan#10666507Super haul of Loot! Not only did I find this loot article interesting, but highly entertaining! I love your writing style.Thank you so much! ^^ I like when people include the stories behind the figures, so I'm trying to do that as well.

SkyBlue4 år sedan#10666852That's a lot of figures! Awesome stuffs especially Menace and Shiro. My favourite of your hauls is Black Frost!!! He's adorable~(Alice is one of my favorite persona too. She's the first ever to hit LV.99 XD) Robin and Hancock looks stunning! Great haul man ^^Thank you! I agree about Black Frost. They also gave him a mischievous pose, fitting his character :D Wow, lvl 99? I think I've only reached 93, and that was already more that enough for the View spoilerHide spoilertrue final boss. And yes, a lot of these became my favorites. Thanks again! (:

Derpymuffin4 år sedan#10667285that is one epic haul!!!Thank you! ^^ It was also fun to write.

MugenTenshinFRD4 år sedan#10655878That was quite the loot! A lot of figures and all nice ones too. My personal favorite is the Yui santa outfit figure, which I still need to buy one day.
So many pictures and info too, I was scrolling like forever. :P
solluxcaptor4 år sedan#10658733Really nice loot! I'm loving the sukumizu love in here, and I didn't know that santa Yui had a sukumizu on underneath but that makes her PERFECT with that cute pose and everything and I need to get it now!Thank you very much! :D Well, there's actually two A/B Yuis right now on AmiAmi for 4K! www.amiami.com/...
4 år sedan
that is one epic haul!!!
4 år sedan
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