Getting creative with displays when you're desperate.Getting creative with displays when you're desperate.Diary

MacavyMacavy4 år sedan
Ever have so little room that at some point you just went 'to heck with it' and made makeshift displays just to have somewhere to put your things? I know there's at least one person on here who stacks boxes to make shelves and storage like I do.

I live with two siblings who share one small room, and generally get one corner to myself because I'm the most academic with a lot of hobbies (and stuff). Figure collecting is the most recent and while I haven't splurged on a ton knowing my limits, the few I have definitely keep me constantly rearranging my stuff and finding new ways to make everything not only fit in my space, but also look pleasing to the eye and also easily reachable if I ever want to play with it.

The result is some really funny, to me, poor man's way to make shelves and hang things.

Two days ago I finally made something somewhat solid to display my main favorite figures, Gacha nick knacks, and some plushies.


The blue 'stands' are sections from a teacher's student book display I found at work. Looked similar to this.

My original intention was to use it to display merchandise, but it was too big to keep storing in my closet so I took it apart and kept the sections inside. Stacked, they were the perfect size for the space on my desk and after setting them up, laughed at myself at how perfect the solution turned out.

I plan to paint them black later, but for now they look much better than my original display. The different levels allowed enough room for the Nendos to be displayed without fear of falling (before I had them standing on the clear case below them, and yeah...not the best choice). Since they're hollow, I could always turn them around and store some stuff inside. Also, because they're just cardboard I will not feel guilty about drawing/sticking things on them.

The box shelf is something I got from my siblings, who were cleaning out their xBox boxes and noticed the sections were big enough to stand some of my smaller figures. I just nailed it to the wall and boom, lol.

It probably looks really sad but it works!

However, what really inspired this entry is my most recent addition.

So like I had my Hetalia rubber straps displayed like this

Which wasn't ideal for many reasons, the result of which left me having to balance it above my dry erase board on a strip of cardboard. I'd have straps falling all the time.

I get a lot of packages that aren't figures, so often enough I receive Styrofoam/plastic sponge shapes and boards. Today during some cleaning I found these:


Which I kept knowing they could be used for craft purposes. After some debate with myself


A+ me. Didn't take any time setting up and they're solid on there (it's bending a little due to being stored that way, not due to weight.) I'm just really excited because I realized that I have tons of actual rectangular boards made of this stuff that I could decorate and just nail to my wall, then stick a ton of other straps on to.

Funny what you can do when you're desperate lol.
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chachachow disaster zone
What a creative way to display your rubber straps! I have all of mine (Hetalia and elsewise) still in their packages because I didn't think I had anywhere to display them :( I'll take this as inspiration.
4 år sedan
I have not bought any straps because I didn't know how to display them. This are actually interesting ideas. I#m a fan of DIY and cheap ways to decorate.
4 år sedan
Souvenir snack boxes from japan/taiwan are nice to use for storage or display since they're sectioned and pretty sturdy.

Ferrero Rocher boxes. I rarely buy boxes of them though so idk if the boxes are still the same as the ones I have from 15 years ago :x neat alternative to regular acrylic display for mini trading figures/ gacha figures.

Plastic-type egg containers can be used for minis too, but I realise the size is inefficient so I stopped using those :x
4 år sedan
Very clever! I feel like I should do something like this for my own straps, since I haven't been able to display them for the longest time. Thank you so much for sharing!
4 år sedan
It looks really good! I love how you have the straps lol
4 år sedan
If it feels silly or dumb but it works, it's neither silly nor dumb :D

I'll be taking some inspiration here since I'm definitely going to be in a situation like this eventually. I have very limited space for my displays :(
4 år sedan
maron-makaron4 år sedan#7247222I think it's incredibly creative! In all honesty I'm a fan of your box shelf, I'm kind of inspired to make one myself. Thank you for sharing these with us!Thank you! Boxes are practical for anything, there's no limits.
4 år sedan
I think it's incredibly creative! In all honesty I'm a fan of your box shelf, I'm kind of inspired to make one myself. Thank you for sharing these with us!
4 år sedan
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