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Scales for your WCF displaysScales for your WCF displays

Hello everyone!

This is a short post, but people often ask me about the scale or what brands would work for WCF displays.
Now WCF is kinda of tricky due to the small size but also quite big for some. The brands I recommend for WCF photography, displays is:

Scale size:
1:12 (larger WCF figures)
1:16 (Regular WCF)

Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters
Nendroid furniture
Breyer for animal creations

Most doll house furniture should work, but not the "professional minature" ones as those are TOO tiny!

Hope that helps out anyone!

Below is an example with Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters (by me ^^)

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Oh man, just when I've dropped the WCF line... this makes me want to pick it up again. >_<

Really nice photo and thanks for the information! :D
3 år sedan
That's super cute!
3 år sedan
Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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