Kommentarer NYTR 18: ARIA best feels

  • I love Aria too ^^ Thanks for the review, has been looking for some nice pictures of them to decide how much I want them, considering they are older figures =)
    4 år sedan
    "I’m not sure if this is an oversight and every single (heh) one of her is like this"

    I see what you did there..

    And I am so envious, especially for Akari and Alice..
    4 år sedan
    I never notice the error in Alice's glove before. Maybe that's why she looks extra grumpy? Mine is exactly like yours, so probably the all are.
    4 år sedan
    It's a different kind of sensation when you get something from many years ago you have been wanting for so long. Congratulations for the grail!
    4 år sedan
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