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lisauntielisauntie8 år sedan

Hey there everybody ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

Every once in a while, I can't stand it anymore and I just want to steal all of those lovely cardboard boxes with huge red letters and logos from you... Most of the time that happens after going through my daily dose of mfc blogs, including the dangerous loot blogs.

So what is the most logical thing to do? Create one of those blogs that makes everyone else jealous! Sadly though, I'm not the type to do monthly orders (because custom fees yay) and waiting to open my parcels to be able to do a loot blog... Yeah, not patient enough xp A regular loot post it not my thing, so I decided to just go ahead and talk a bit about all the stuff I received in the past three months!

I also upgraded my display with a second detolf and raising that one and the old! For some reason the IKEA-guy was really confused when I asked him for something to raise them because "they were meant to stand on the ground." I'm sorry but you can't expect me to believe that NOBODY ever asked you that question before? Oh well I found out in the end!

Instead of talking about months, I'll talk about series/characters instead. I'll include spoilers if I start rambling too much and it becomes a wall of text ;)

Anyways, we should get started ;) As this is a loot blog, it will be pretty picture heavy, so beware! Also... This is going to be long... Very long... Sorry

Gokou Ruri/Kuroneko
Bitch i'm fabulous

my thoughts about the character and stuff:
View spoilerHide spoilerI have a small soft spot for this girl you know? Oreimo is pretty weird (although veeeeery enjoyable), and while I don't dislike any of the other girls, kuroneko has this... well... uniqueness (not sure if that's a good thing or not). She is an otaku, very very clearly, but she still functions at school, has other interests and just kind of reminds me of myself at times. Most anime portray otaku as weird, useless and asocial people, but kuroneko is not like that at all (okay a little bit, but not as bad as some xp)

Alphamax one-piece version 1/8


View spoilerHide spoilerI wanted to own this figure for a while. Like, really... I finally caved and bought her from a very nice MFC member because I decided I was going to cosplay that particular version and I just felt like I REALLY needed to have the figure before I debuted the cosplay.http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdpjkx8jNR1qdlkyg.gif
Overall, she is beautiful. It really is in-character for her and I just love the pose! The dress is awesome and it is not too sexual or anything but it is just the right length to not be boring :) (okay long dresses can be really awesome, but not this dress, this wouldn't work...) Overall I just really like this figure and I'm really thankful to the member who sold me this :)

The cosplay is already here by the way :D I'm so happy!

Kotobukiya regular version 1/8


View spoilerHide spoiler WHY IS THIS SO CHEAP???Σ\( ̄ー ̄;) Okay that's a good thing, but really, I don't get it! When I ordered her I figured (heh) that her painting or her overall finish would be rough or something, but she is really gorgeous! Oh well, maybe there were just too many kuronekos or maybe a lot of people bought her and now want to sell her, which results in loooooots of kuronekos being sold >> PRICE DROP!

To those of you who want a kuroneko: this one is cheap, very good quality, scale, nice, blablabla. She always sells out pretty fast though, so it might take some time to get her.

GSC nendoroid


View spoilerHide spoiler The bug has bitten me quite a long time ago... What bug? The nendo bug ofcourse! Which inevitably became the cause for me buying this figure. She is an old nendo, with the most hellish base ever, but I love her. The cat pose is just really cute and the faceplates are spot-on. She doesn't come with a huge amount of accessories, but she has everything she absolutely needed, which means I'm content.

Group shot http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmsr23eQe61qcfn0j.gif


Kinda funny that this is my best picture of the one-piece dress figure...


Stay classy kirito

Character thoughts and stuff:
View spoilerHide spoiler So... Kirito... I'm going to be unbia... Who am I kidding... Sorry guys, not going to lie, I love sao. As much as everyone else I know that it isn't really the best written shit every produced, but it is really enjoyable (yes, even the ALO arc, come at me) and for that I love it.
Kirito must be one of the most OP people existing, but he's goofy and loveable and he tries his best, so I'll forgive his plot armour that's probably a kilometer thick and I'll give him a nice fangirl-hug

figma max factory


View spoilerHide spoiler Okay this is the part where you guys get jealous! I was in time to get his rerelease and thank god I was, because his price immediately skyrocketed back to where it came from (which sucks for my friend laerzs 'cuz he's really expensive now). He's awesome, pretty accurate and well... It's kirito.

By the way, GSC/max factory: I hate you for the way you made his swords. One of his swords broke, I got a replacement, the replacement might break if I try to put it in his hands... Yes I'm too afraid to use a figma for what it is intented. Good job guys -.-"


Menma is the best like this

character thingies:
View spoilerHide spoiler Menma... Oh menma... Made me cry like a freaking baby... Well all of anohana actually! I see menma as a character that ties the others together, whereas I think the others actually move the story forward. She has next to no character development, but because of her the stuff that develops the other characters happens, so she is still a crucial part of the story.

That, and I just think menma is the cutest thing ever

Nendo GSC


View spoilerHide spoiler My friend gave me this. Back in december I worked a stupid job that paid me next to nothing, so I could only afford to buy kirito... I was so sad when I learned that menma would be rereleased that month as well, but kirito was top-priority. Turns out my friend knew this very well (I might've been somewhat vocal about my sadness) and he bought her as a birthday present!! You guys should've seen my reaction!



Can I go cry in a corner now?

I would love to share my thoughts about clannad, but I really don't want to spoil a single thing, so I'll keep my mouth shut this time. Please, give it a chance, it deserves it.

Heroine Trio


View spoilerHide spoiler Got these three for 45 euros. What a deal! No box and nagisa's ahoge is damaged, but still, it was a great deal and I'm happy.
For their age, they are very awesomely done. The wrinkles in nagisa's uniform would look great even on recent figures! Well done koto! This is why I love you! The figures really are spot-on, both with the pose as the general sculpting/painting/decals.
Must have for clannad fans (aka people who have cried... lots)

Oh god here it is <3

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmsr23eQe61qcfn0j.gifhttp://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmsr23eQe61qcfn0j.gifhttp://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmsr23eQe61qcfn0j.gif


My Normal Un-biased professional honest? Hey it's honest! *ahem* thoughts about PMMM:
View spoilerHide spoiler Madoka... Oh god madoka... At first I didn't want to watch it. I mean, magical girls? MC is some pink cute thing (but damn that dress is awesome)? Transformations? Really? No way!

Then, everything changed, as Lisa watched the series...
I loved it. I loved every single bit of it. PMMM immediately found its way to the special place in my heart called "favourite anime". Having watched rebellion a few days ago, that spot has once again been reconfirmed as being filled by the rightful owner of said spot.

I love the designs, I love the characters, so naturally, I want the figures. Because of that, I fear that the chances are pretty high that I'll soon have to buy a detolf that's going to be filled with nothing but madoka and the gang. Not that that's a bad thing of course, but still

Ultimate madoka 1/10 GSC


View spoilerHide spoilerOnce in a while, you stumble upon a figure that you absolutely must have. One that you will hunt until it's there and once it is, you'll just stare at it every time you walk past it. Some call this a grail. This figure had everything to be considered a grail (even though my real grail is the madoka pureneemo xp) and so the fact that she's finally here, right in my detolf, makes me an amazingly happy person.

I got her from another fan from the Netherlands, which meant no customs and low shipping. 45 euros, plus 6.95 shipping. That's what she cost me. Such a beautiful figure, such a low price, I don't even know how this world works anymore. That being said, I don't complain. This figure is gorgeous in so many ways and is so beautifully detailed and true to the character that I can't help but look at her as much as I can.

Sorry guys, I can't explain it using words, but this figure means the world to me

Madoka beach queen 1/10 Wave


View spoilerHide spoiler Jups, more madoka. Did I say something about loving madoka?
Okay so the thing is, I love madoka as a character. Homura gets a lot of the love for being awesomely written, but I thought Madoka was so extremely likable to the point of me preferring her over homura. That being said I love Homura as well, her being the closest to best girl I've ever had a non-bestgirl come, and I totally ship her with Madoka (it just fits guys, no matter what people want to say).

This figure just shows Madoka's sweet, innocent and extremely cute side and I love it. It is just so simple yet all the small gestures and details make this figure the best BQ they could've ever made of her. This is my madoka, thanks for delivering Wave

Mami beach queen 1/10 Wave


View spoilerHide spoiler Mami has joined the gang! I plan to eventually get all five girls as beach qeens and have an awesome beach party in my detolf (without me because I probably wouldn't fit). Mami is... Well... Let's just say that she is easily the most sexual figure in my whole collection. I forgive her though because it's not like she's bending over and clenching her boobs between her arms like some slutty fanfic fantasy.

Mami is probably my number three fave mahou shoujo. This used to be sayaka, but after rebellion I think I like mami and kyouko more xp I'm glad I got her for a great price from amiami :) Gotta love those BQ prices eh

Mami nendoroid GSC


View spoilerHide spoiler Or as my sister likes to call her, "astro-girl", because the cannon looks like a telescope or something. I can see where that comes from.

That being said, this figma was my first proxy order, and I kind of liked it. She was still cheaper than buying from manda or amiami would've been, but the fees were quite a lot. Guess I should only proxy when I have lots of things!
She comes with SO MANY ACCESSORIES!!! Choosing what to use was really hard!! I want to tell GSC that they should do this more often. Idc if nendo prices rise a little more, but give me some freaking accessories then!

Group shot http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmsr23eQe61qcfn0j.gif

Oh god I love this show so much...

Well that concludes my quarterly loot. After this I will show you some pictures of my display. I'm kind of tired so I won't talk about the individual shelves, but I'll tell you this: The thing that the detolfs are on is called the MOSJÖ. It's from ikea and pretty cheap. It carries up to 45 kg, which is a bit more than a detolf. (but people use kallax and that stuff carries "up to" 35 or something so yeah). I reinforced it using some wood I had so that the weight is not only on the top shelf and stuff. It seems to work really well and looks way better than it used to look.


Madoka shelves

SAO shelves

Vocaloid shelves

Oreimo (yes there's a kirino in there) and random shelf

And that's it guys!

Thanks for reading through all of this, you guys are awesome ;)
Please keep on sharing your loot, I love reading about other peoples' collections :)

Until next time! (probably my grab box xp

p.s: the corkboard was a bd present from a few of my friends. Everyone who attended the party wrote something on it and in the middle they put the kanji "ai", which means love :) I was so happy <3
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AndyError8 år sedan#2842910Where/how did you get the pieces of wood you used for supporting the MOSJO? I also have a MOSJO with 2 detolfs that I bought recently and I don't have any support in the MOSJO yet.

I would guess by the look of it that it's just regular wood from a hardware store cut to fit the space between the shelves. Other than buying a whole 8 foot long board you could probably find leftovers from a friend or neighbors construction project.

A little black paint and they would look like part of the shelf, though the books make pretty good camouflage in this case.
8 år sedan
Where/how did you get the pieces of wood you used for supporting the MOSJO? I also have a MOSJO with 2 detolfs that I bought recently and I don't have any support in the MOSJO yet.
8 år sedan
Thank you so much for your tip, thats exactly what I was looking for! *_*
... *on the way to ikea*
8 år sedan
Great post, your collection is awesome, love all the Madokas and thanks for the IKEA tip, your set up looks great.
8 år sedan
charrzard8 år sedan#2841765I have my Kirito posed the same way! Your shelves are all beautiful, and your blog is formatted really well!

I just believe that this is the best solo-pose for kirito! As soon as I get asuna I'll probably change the pose though xp
I'm so glad with how the shelves turned out <3
Thanks! It took me so long to make the bb-code work the way I wanted to! Seeing that my work is being recognized makes me reaaaaally happy xp

chiechie8 år sedan#2841894great blog! it was really fun to read, you got some great loot :D

Thanks! I'm glad people like reading my thought about the characters and such :) I was afraid people might think I ramble too much whahaha.
Yes I'm so happy with everything I got! I'm going to keep doing these loot posts because I really, really enjoy doing them :D

StephieHerbert8 år sedan#2842000Figma Kirito <3
Great post! Nice loot!

Kirito-kuuuun <3 Too bad he didn't come with a sandwhich accessory xp That would've been really funny whahaha
Thank you so much ^_^

CrimsonPumpkin8 år sedan#2842025Amazing loot and post! ^^ I enjoyed it to the end and all the figures are sooooo pretty, makes me jealous >_< Thanks for sharing! :3

Hey there pumpkin! Thanks a lot :D
I really love every single figure in this loot :D Most of them were great deals and menma was a present, so all of them are really special to me :)
I love sharing! Trust me when I say I will try to blog even more!

crystalrain8 år sedan#2842221Great collection :3
sorry for the stupid question but is that cupboard under the detolf also from ikea? I need something like that also for two detolfs.. :(

Thank you :D I'm really happy with all of my figures!

Yes, I got it from ikea :)
Your profile says you're from germany so here is the german link: www.ikea.com/de...
It is 30 euros, so really cheap and it fits 2 detolfs.
As you can see in the overview picture there are 2 white pieces of wood in the middle. The MOSJÖ can carry up to 45 kg, which is not enough for 2 detolfs (but lots of people seem to use kallax for three even though kallax can carry even less) so I reinforced it by putting those pieces of wood in there :)
8 år sedan
Great collection :3
sorry for the stupid question but is that cupboard under the detolf also from ikea? I need something like that also for two detolfs.. :(
8 år sedan
Amazing loot and post! ^^ I enjoyed it to the end and all the figures are sooooo pretty, makes me jealous >_< Thanks for sharing! :3
8 år sedan
Figma Kirito <3

Great post! Nice loot!
8 år sedan
great blog! it was really fun to read, you got some great loot :D
8 år sedan
I have my Kirito posed the same way! Your shelves are all beautiful, and your blog is formatted really well!
8 år sedan