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Chichinoe + - Chichinoe - 1/5 - -Infinity- Pin-up Lady Normal VeChichinoe + - Chichinoe - 1/5 - -Infinity- Pin-up Lady Normal Ve

KJAZZKJAZZ9 år sedanReview
This article is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18

One of my all time favorite figures, my only permanently topless figure, and certainly the most imposing figure in my collection, say hello to Chichinoe -Infinity- Pin-Up Lady. Quite a mouthful, so I'll be simply referring to her as Lady for the remainder of the review. She's the third (not counting recolors) in Satoshi Ishiyama's impressive line of sculpts originating from the artbook Chichinoe+, illustrated by Inoue Takuya. Both artist and sculptor bring something equally impressive to the table in this excellent collaboration of a figure. Inoue's art style can only be described as extremely voluptuous and appealing. Ishiyama tends to almost exclusively sculpt overtly busty women, and the fine ladies from the Chichinoe line are no exception. That being said, if you can't stand the style that either of these men bring to the table, close this review right now, because you might not be able to handle it. If you think you can, then read on!

The original illustration. This version of the figure lacks the pubic hair, but there is a special edition that does include it.

Lady's sculpt is fabulous, and dare I say it... perfect? Her long black hair reaches all the way down to her rear, and flows beautifully down over her shoulders. She also sports a rather large dual-ahoge adorning the top of her head, addding a touch of cuteness. The hair is done excellently, all the different strands at the bottom of hair ends are quite superb. Her face is great, it fits the figure very well and looks almost sultry. Next, what you've all been waiting for, and what makes her INFINITY - her bust. One of the biggest (no pun intended) draws of this figure is that along with her above-average chest, Lady comes with two additional bustpieces that you can swap in, fairly effortlessly. The first, and her default chest, is rather sizable, and features sunken nipples. I personally am not a fan of sunken nipples, as they look like tiny mouths that might bust into song at any given moment. However, I must acknowledge that they are well done. The second set of knockers is the same as her original set, but features normal, albeit erect, nipples. Much preferred over the original, I imagine this is the chestpiece that most owners of Lady will choose to display her with. Unless of course, you're somewhat of a maniac, and crave even bigger. Her third and final bust, appropriately enough entitled "Mega Size Ver." is about 1.5x the size of her normal breasts. Wow! The sculpts of all three busts are done extraordinarily well, and are sure to be the first thing anyone will notice when viewing this fine sculpt.

Swapping her chest parts out is very easy, she breaks into three parts, upper body, bust, and lower body. Obviously a major issue with replaceable busts in the past is that they would have rather ugly-looking seamlines. This is not the case with Lady, as Ishiyama has done an excellent job concealing the lines underneath Lady's enormous bosoms. Her undershirt is lifted up above her chest, obviously too small to accomodate her larger frame, and the other part of her shirt hides beneath her chest. The detail on the zipper in parrticular is superb! Her lower body is beautiful as well, with a slightly slim waist and deliciously sizeable hips. Her legs are done nicely, with great detail on the knees. All in all, her sculpt is gorgeous, and you couldn't ask for a more perfect one with this sort of "outfit" on.

Comparing Normal and Mega Sizes. Which do you prefer?

Following suite with the superb sculpt, the paint job is wonderful. Her hair is shaded in a way that doesn't immediately jump out at you, but is very appropriate. Her skin tones are also done exceptionally well, with no major problems that I can spot. An incredible contrast to her skin and hair, her crimson attire is very glossy and shiny, and looks almost like real leather. Her heels are also painted red, but not the same glossy sort of paint that her gloves and lower shirt seem to sport. Her underwear and undershirt are a plain white, that doesn't really deserve any praise or disapproval... it's plain white, after all.

All the busts, not attached, once again, for comparison.

While her pose is a bit plain, it really shows off her features in a way that is classy, and not overtly sexual. She has a coy look on her face, with her finger extended outward, slightly teasing you. She is sexy, and she knows it.

How about a nice view from behind, eh?

For the base, we have an average-sized black base with the name of the figure in both English and Japanese, and not much else. It's a little bit thicker than normal, which is good, you don't want her standing on some cheap little stand. The base's color provides an excellent contrast to her overall coloring, and it is the right sized base for the figure, so you can't really ask for more.

Nice box.

The box that this figure is very well done. The outside is completely black, with the figure's name written on it on all sides, and a red line and infinity symbol. This way, prying eyes cannot see her without opening the box, or her door. The package has a sort of door that you can open. Opening the door reveals the original illustration on the door, and of course, the figure itself. It's a great way to package this figure, since she IS topless, IS incredibly well-endowed, and IS scantily clad, I imagine most shops wouldn't want her just sitting out in the open. With this design, her box could be placed in the open, with customers able to peer inside the door and get a glimpse of what she looks like, without broadcasting to the entire store.

She looks good from ANY angle.

All in all, this is truly an unbelievably sexy, fantastic figure. At 1/5 scale, she stands 31cm tall, so she is BIG in more ways than one, especially with "Mega Size Ver." She is very well-detailed where it counts, and her paint job is near-perfect. Unfortunately, this figure's biggest downfall is that the audience she is geared towards is somewhat of a niche crowd, with most people preferring more modest proportions and/or attire. However! If you are looking for an outstanding large scale ecchi figure and have no qualms about her *ahem* size, Lady is one of the best on the market.

hot hot hot hot hot
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Three years later she's still the best!
5 år sedan
An excellent review! Nice Pics and cool written.
8 år sedan
Ah, as much as I like Chichinoe artworks, I have one art book and 3 figures based on Chichinoe's art...But this figure's "proportions" scared the hell out of me... @_@

Your review is quite thorough accompanied with very good pics.
I agree with your remarks, that this figure is geared towards a "niche crowd" and even I looked away. Anyway, here's hoping Orchid Seed continues to release more Chichinoe figures! ^_^
9 år sedan
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Well written review really...While she is 110% not my kindof figure (Incurable flat-chest lover myself ahah) I can still admire the fact that you seem to enjoy her a great deal as a well crafted piece. ~_^
9 år sedan
Very nice review.
I am a lucky owner of the limited WF09 and all you wrote in your review is true.
She is one of my best pieces of my collection. :-D
9 år sedan
Although I can't say I like her lack of a waist, and oversized "pupils", it's a good review, and I will admit I don't entirely hate this, as her hair has a pretty cool design, and I just love those ero-figure boxes. XD They're always so pretty looking, and well done.
9 år sedan