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***THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT BL FIGURES ONLY ---I understand many want more male figures, as do I, but this post is about what types and from which BL franchise you would like to see figures made so keep your comments on topic please***

This is a rather lengthy post about contacting GSC individually and as a group (with this page linked) to let them know of the interests in DMMd and BL as a whole in terms of figures we would like made. As this is a lengthy post, if you would rather just answer the poll and questionnaire to be sent to GSC for their consideration, please scroll down to the bottom. Otherwise, please click the spoiler tags for detailed information and suggestions on prompting and requesting GSC to kindly make more DMMd and BL figures as we feel bringing the community together for this would be highly beneficial, thus this lengthy post on the reasons for making more BL figures.

This post is first and foremost an avenue to generate and gauge interest in, with the hopes of contacting GSC/prompting others to contact GSC and relay to them the general interest of the DMMd series, and BL as a whole. The hopeful end result of this is more DMMd and BL figures, scale and Nendoroid alike, and I feel this should be approached from a perspective that demonstrates to GSC the profitability in BL figures, especially those of DMMd.

How exactly we pass the aforementioned information over to GSC, I feel can be done two ways.

First option:
View spoilerHide spoiler First, I feel a massive influx of emails from consumers about continuing the series (in terms of making all the boys into scales/nendos) will prove useful. I genuinely believe that because so many asked for a re-release of the Aoba scale, they did just that; of course, the release of the anime and the game on the Vita likely helped as well. I also believe that Nendo Noiz’s eyes were changed because of the emails sent to them (however you feel about his eyes is irrelevant here so please do not argue about it, the point is that his eyes were changed thus the emails likely had some effect). Further below we’ve compiled some of the reasons why GSC should delve into the BL market, and please feel free to use them or pick at them in your own emails to GSC, but remember, a personal message alongside that would be great too! We just need to show them that first there is interest, and thus conversely there is profit.

Second option:
View spoilerHide spoilerThe second way is to present to them a compiled pool of information containing what consumers of BL merchandise would like to see. That is what the poll and questionnaire on this page is for. If it is permitted by this site (and if GSC allows such a thing….?) I would like to send a link to this poll, or even this article to them so they can get a general understanding of what the BL community wants. Of course, the problem therein with this is that this website does not necessarily represent the majority, or even a fraction of the BL fandom but we do feel some good will come of this.

There were other users who previously had posted similar polls/articles and they have kindly allowed me to reference them here and to GSC if need be. For your reference and for reference to GSC, these wonderful users and their articles are as follows in the spoiler tags:
View spoilerHide spoiler+ DSCHII gave us some great information on what the community would like to see in terms of nendoroids among two beloved BL games. The first was of a rather classic BL game Togainu no Chi BLOG #16490 and the second was of DMMd BLOG #16130 Among these we can see there will always be specific favorites among the fandom, but in general, even Nendoroid Petit’s would be welcomed, so long as we got something.

View spoilerHide spoiler+ ILZENOMI gave us a great post about specifically which scale we would like to see next BLOG #13485 . While once again there are favorites among the fans, it was interesting to see that one of the more popular characters, Noiz, ended up getting a Nendoroid instead of a scale (obviously GSC did not use this site nor that poll for their decision, the point here is a general idea of who the favorites are) whereas Ren who was not as high up in popularity is already getting a scale but no Nendoroid. At the time of that post, it seems the identity of the Ren scale was not known. However, I feel this demonstrates a disconnect between GSC and the fans and I feel the majority can tell that Noiz and Clear are among the favorite characters yet it was Ren (who is part of the “true ending” and why I feel he was chosen, not necessarily because of popularity but different polls will yield different results) who got the scale. I feel this demonstrates the need for GSC to pay closer attention to character and popularity polls, from what I’ve seen anyways, because there may be more sales and more profit for them if the fandom knows they are getting the rest of the characters in some form or another.

View spoilerHide spoiler+ RONNIBUN41 gave us what was an interesting article BLOG #17550 because even though it had no poll it was a somewhat “free for all” on what you want to see from the DMMd series. And the general consensus was that we all wanted scales and nendo’s; not just a randomized order of them thrown at us which is what GSC seems to have done.

Judging from these articles, I see desperation from the fandom, and that is only because we have so little in the way of BL merchandise, specifically figures. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I really get somewhat tired of seeing straps, keychains, cleaner cloths, etc. over and over again for a series that needs figures. Of course, the need/want for figures and the actual profit in making them are two different things. This we feel merits some recognition and why we want to plea to GSC to continue the series as the BL industry is highly profitable, especially male figures.

Here are a few things that we feel are good points to raise when kindly asking GSC to continue the series while making other BL figures as well and what will be sent to them with a link to this article (if permitted/accepted) in a shorter version and while some run into each other in terms of its reasoning, I feel they are separate matters to be considered as such:

1. Address that the popularity of DMMd permits for more scales than originally thought.
View spoilerHide spoilerSince even the Aoba scale was re-released, and was the first BL scale to ever have that happen (someone correct me if I am wrong please?) they should take advantage of it before it dies down completely in the next year or so, or more specifically after the Ren scale is released/the Noiz nendoroid is released, which even happens last .
2. Address finishing out the series.
View spoilerHide spoilerIt would be more profitable since the demand for Aoba was so high, so too would the scales for the rest of the boys as most collectors desire a complete set (even nendoroid petits would be fine but I'm aiming for scales here, that they could even create their own BL line or something)
3. Most people will buy more than one from the series
View spoilerHide spoilerMention that people who have bought the Aoba nendo/will buy the Noiz nendo/are buying X amount of Ren scale(either version) to demonstrate that a complete set would only bring in more money for them/be more profitable (I feel this is where this article and the other user articles would be highly useful)
4. Be the only provider of intricate and dynamic BL scales.
View spoilerHide spoilerThat this would be their chance to dive into the world of BL and be a premier provider that can make a profit off of scales and nendo's since no other company really touches upon BL and the popularity of BL is evidenced by the high aftermarket prices of the few there scales there are (like Aoba before re-release)
5. The market is starving for male figures and bringing in this crowd would only boost their sales

View spoilerHide spoilerPersonally, I think GSC should start their own line of either male figures, or even BL figures. The scarcity at which male figures are produced makes a majority of them a target for hiked aftermarket prices and that is truly a sad thing but the only good thing we can take from this is, they are indeed in high demand and there is profit to be had there, all we need to do is show GSC the demand part, and I feel the profitability will become apparent to them; with a little help from the community that is ;) On a related note, user DSCHII also informed me that Togainu no Chi is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year, perhaps this could pave the way for more BL figures and this could even be another outlet for which to beg GSC to do more BL figures. It’s something I will also mention in my personal email to them and I encourage others to do so as well, or with their own favorite BL series/game/anime/manga.

So, if anyone has any suggestions on additional things to say to GSC or how we should go about conveying this to GSC in any way, please comment below! It’s all for the sake of more BL figures and I believe using the current popularity of DMMd before it completely dies out (no more merchandise) is a good way and incentive to bring up the demand for more figures. Lastly, we think it would be highly beneficial for everyone to please start emailing GSC partner.goodsmi... as soon as possible with some of those reasons above, and anything else you’d like to add so that we can show them that we want them to continue the series, maybe even make their own line of male figures or BL figures.

View spoilerHide spoilerSorry if this was overly long/boring and repetitive to anyone, but let’s all work together to show GSC the interest in more BL (and thus male) figures! Also, if you feel there should be more questions or options for the poll and questionnaire below, just leave a comment and I will change it (polls are not my forte). I will not add a “no” option in the poll due to Yaoi haters who may flood the poll with “no” answers just to be spiteful/hateful so please, if you are not a BL fan at all, please do not make derogatory or hateful comments about this cause. Constructive criticism and new ideas about this poll/questionnaire/article and conveying this to GSC are happily welcomed :) I hope this long article has in some way or another convinced some of you out there that we can get more scales made with a little effort and begging lol^^

1. Would you settle with the main characters as scales? (Aoba, Ren, Koujaku, Noiz, Mink, and Clear?) and have the rest as Nendoroid Petits? If yes/no, give reasoning and what you’d rather see happen.

2. Which order would you want scales in from the DMMd series? (list the order please)

3. Which order would you want nendoroids in from the DMMd series? (list the order please)

4. If there was another BL series you would like to have a full cast of characters made for, which series would you choose and what would you like to see from it in terms of figures?

A word of thanks:
View spoilerHide spoilerI would like to thank the users KITAH and SPICA as without them this article would not have been possible. Thanks so much for helping all this week and for your contributions to this article! The BL community thanks you!

EDIT: Comments closed, will be making another poll/questionnaire in the future, thanks for all who participated and please participate in the next one!
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What type of figures/dynamic BL figures from GSC (and whatever collaboration/manufacturer) would you like to see?

2%Nendoroid Petits
11%Everything above and other (please specify in comments)
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