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This is one of few figures that made me became a real figure otaku. A figure otakus dare to throw their money to get an unknown figure. I mean, most of you would want to collect figures of characters that you know.

I don't know how well you know about Chu Chu Idol and Chua Churam, but i know that the first time i heard these names was the first time i saw the preview of this figure. Despite all that facts, i still want to get this figure. The reason i want to get this figure is the dress (i love that kind of dress) and twintailed hair (twintail=moe).

There are already a number of Chua Churam's review before i got this figure in my possesion, and most of them said about "small size". Talk about scale, yeah i guess this figure is small, but not as small as you think. I think this figure has a scale around 1/9. It's still bigger than a figma though. Smaller size means smaller enjoyment. But that doesn't make this figure unworthy to buy.

Other than small size, there are also many people complaining about the expensive price of this figure. I know it's expensive, but you might want to change your opinion after reading this.

Talk about sculpt, let us see her dress first. Her dress is really something else. Every details on the dress are very well sculpted. The ruffly skirt, ribbon, wings, and the shape on her chest are very detailed and flawless. She really has a unique guitar which is also very detailed and well sculpted. And her twintailed hair spreading all over the place.

Some parts of this figure are flexible, just as flexible as Shuraki's parts. This is a fixed pose figure without replaceable parts, so there's no point on having some flexible parts.

I think the best part of this figure is her dress. This is also the reason why i bought this figure, without knowing who she is.

I couldn't see any flaw of painting in this figure. There's no paint flow, or else. I also like the color combination of white and pink dress, and her pink hair.

Energetic and sexy, those are the feeling that this figure gives. She looks like she's ready to rock the whole world. And i would say that she looks sexy in that pose, especially because she's showing her panty.

Unfortunately, this figure came with a plain base. Except that she doesn't have her feet touch the ground, so a strong base and holder would be critically needed. There's actually a metal connector behind her skirt, it's very strong, just like the one in Liu Meifeng's foot. And don't worry, it can't be seen after you insert the connector to the base.

I don't want to talk about this actually. It's pretty plain, just like any other figure boxes. So yeah, just open this up and put the box away.

So basically, every detail of sculpt, paint, and pose of this figure make up for the small size, and it's really worth the price.
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I have gotten quite afew pricey figures without knowing the character. I got the the Rin Kokonoe nendoroid months before I read Kodomo no Jikan. And I still haven't seen Binchou-tan.
10 år sedan
I agree with everything you said I own chu and she is perfect in everyway Well written review
11 år sedan
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