AmiAmi July Loot! [PART 2 OF 2]AmiAmi July Loot! [PART 2 OF 2]Loot

DarkNeoDarkNeo6 år sedan

Welcome back, everyone~!

Like I said in my last blog ------> blog/13811&... I promised I'd do a loot post when my second package came in~

And guess what?


You got it~ my second loot post is about to commence~ Let's open this baby up! (apparently a few of my pictures are too big for the blog posts... please bear with it, techincal error on my part :<)


Look at those little figure boxes poking out!


Aha! There they are~ All shiny, new, fresh out of that EMS box :D (It was my first time shipping EMS~ Junko put me over the weight/size limit for a small packet...Uwaaaaaaah no regrets!)

It was a Dangan Ronpa and Cu-Poche themed haul this time! I got the Cu-Poche School Swimsuit, Cu-Poche Madoka, a non-scale prepainted figure of Enoshima Junko, and a set of ten Dangan Ronpan chibi trading figures~ (Do we sense a theme here? Me thinks Neo likes chibi trading figures a wee bit too much~)

Now lets crack open these lovelies!

Let's start with Madoka~


The front her box. As you can see, the figure is visible through the front window- isn't she precious? Her box is similar to other Cu-Poche boxes in the layout, but it's a nice pink theme for our pink puella magi heroine, and I love the little flowers in the banner at the bottom~


One of Madoka's poses close up.


Look, there is another one ;D


Here is the back of the box. These give you a few idea's for posing the Cu-Poche, as well as all that legal japanese jargin I still don't understand~ ^w^;


Aaaaaaand the top of the box. I just adore Madoka's worried face~ It also states her Cu-Poche number, as well as other identifying information.


This is what the inside of the box looks light, as well as all the pieces that come with Madoka. I won't lie- I'm disapointed Madoka didn't come with more props. I know she doesn't use as many weapons as Mami and Sayaka, but still. She looks a little sparse compared to her counterparts.


A close up of the insert. So cute~ and look, she comes with a Kyubey~ As you can see, she comes with her standard face and body, two face plates (determined and worried), a hand holding a bow, another hand holding an arrow, another set of hands (I believe they are fists), her base and her stand.

If this is your first experience with Cu-Poche, one of their gimmicks is the fact that the figure has magnets in the feet so it has the ability to stand without a display arm piece :3 My Sayaka never uses her arm (because most of her poses are flat footed), but I display Mami and Madoka with their arms (cause they are on their tip toes haha)

Lets check out this girl in action~





Madoka from all angles~ standing so nicely on her magnetic base :) For the most part, I really like her. Unfortunately, she has some sloppy detail work on her skirt which sucked, but for the most part she is well painted. She also poses fluidly, and there isn't any difficulty moving her joints :) Setting her in her fighting pose was a bit difficult trying to align the hands properly, but I think that was my own lack of understanding then the figures design :)



Fighting evil by moonlight! Saving love by daylight! Never running from a real fight! ....Oh. Wrong magical girl series ;D

Now, while we are still hot on the topic of Cu-Poche's.... lets take a quick look at the school swim suit body~


The front of the box~ A simple design, with a blue theme to match the pool ambiance they were going for~ And we can see the swimsuit body nicely nestled in it's plastic just waiting to be used ^.^ Soon... (kukukukuku)


*I didn't realize this was so blurry until it was too late hahaha) This depicts the items contained in the packaging. A body, a swim board, a set of hands, and the base and arm. Pretty simple :3




The box also contains (like all action dolls seem to have) ideas on how to pose the figure, with Kotobukiya's mascot s the model :) Isn't she adorable? She really seems to suit that swimsuit ehehe.



Here we are- the contents :) As you can see, it comes with everything stated on the box. The swimming board is just way too precious! I can't wait to put it to use!!

...why don't we?







...sorry, who would have thought those three would be such camera hogs? XD;; No... it's me who had too much fun taking pictures of underaged girls in their school swimsuits...


Well, we really don't have time to really fall TOO far into despair. Don't want to take the wind out of Dangan Ronpa's sails!

...it's funny, because it's a series about Despair Highschool?

*sigh* Let's just move on.

To Enoshima Junko!






Aaaaaah Junko. She was the figure I was most excited about~ Look at that box! It's giant~ (and no wonder, holding a figure close to 1/6 scale!) It's one of the more bland box's I've seen, though I enjoy the back panel (the one with the window shaped like Monokuma's eye). It's very to the point, and I kinda like that. It's similar to the series- blunt, a means to it's own end, housing something even more spectacular.

Sorry- is it obvious yet I fell in love with her right away?





Is it hard to see why? She is just lovely ;) I really like her pose, and her sculpt is just amazing. I spend a whole ten minutes just admiring her legs. For the most part, she is flawless, except for a few minor imperfections in a few spots, but that was most likely a factory error.

Her paint job was a bit smudged in places, like her boots and tie, but it's not obvious, and I barely even notice it. I also adore the Monokuma in front of her duplicating her pose~ so fitting ^.^




Monokuma is such a bizzare and fun character, so I was happy he was included with the figure. I think he does add to the over all pose and feel of the figure. And hey- even if you don't like him you can always remove him from the base and just display Junko~


This is her base. It's a nice, clear red with the school's emblem on it :) I think it's a cute base~ It's colour compliments Junko's outfit, reflects the colour of Monokuma's eye, and the emblem is a nice touch~ Not the fanciest of bases, but I like it~


All in all, I think she is a total worthwhile figure. I don't think she was worth the initial sale price (12,000 yen), but completely worth what I paid for her ;D (6,500 yen). If your a DR fan, I'd recommend getting your hands on her while you can :)

Fewf- almost done. Just one thing left- those Dangan Ronpa chibi trading figures.





Speak of the devil~ This is the outer box the set comes with. It gives you an idea of what figures you get in the box (plus two secret characters). As you can see, this set contains: Kyoko, Kiyotaka, Byakuya, Junko, Celestia, Hifumi, Mondo, and Toko. Let's crack this baby open!


Done! Look at them all~


This is what each figure box looks like :) It has a sticker of authenticity on the top, and lists the characters available. Let's see who we got!


Each figure came wrapped in bubble wrap, for extra comfort and protection...


...and wrapped in plastic to protect it from the bubble wrap ;)


Looks like Kyoko is first up! Isn't she precious? I think the neatest thing about these figures is the fact that each base is covered in a fuzzy felt like material. It's supposed to be a court room podium, with red carpet of the ground, so it was a cool little extra to make it real fabric :)

The paint job on her was pretty decent for a small figure. Her hair could have been sculpted smoother, but for a trading figure, she's pretty well done~ (did I not say the same thing with the last trading figure set? Geez...)

Anyways, let's open up the rest!








There we have the eight listed students on the box. But what about the two 'secret characters'?



It's Genocide Jill, and Mastermind Junko~ Aaaah how cute! Everyone was well done with minor flaws- a happy addition to my collection~


Guys... we made it. We made it to the end of this ridiculously long haul... for a second time. Thank you everyone again for making it to the end ^w^ I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it ^.<

Let me know if you wanna see an August haul ;) It's Puella Magi Madoka Magica and No Game No Life themed :D

Now... time for me to sleep hahaha. Thank you again for stopping by~


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This is so cool!!
my adequat
1 månad sedan
DarkNeo *Yuri Brigadier*
AkibaMelon6 år sedan#2297539Nice haul once again ^_^
So much Dangan Rompa!! Aww, the chibis <3
Congats on getting Junko for a good price! She's a hottie, nice pair of legs indeed ^.^
And those Monokuma hair clips~ so cute!
Oh, and yay for an August haul! No Game No Life? Yes pleassse ^o^

Hehehe I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Yes, Junko is the apple of my eye at the moment~ I can't stop looking at her ehehe!! Mmmm No Game No Life~ <3 I'm so excited hehe!

AviNyah6 år sedan#2297565Nice loot! Never been a fan of Cu-poche, but they seem really cute. I love all the dangaronpa merch you bought also@

Yes, Cu-Poche isn't a brand for everyone. I just love posing them :) And yes, so much Dangan Ronpa merch <3 Looking forward to the second game ehehehe~

Syntelle6 år sedan#2297874I would love to see more hauls from you! I like how you take pictures of the boxes along with the figure. Your posts are really detailed and fun to read, too! :)

*blush blush* Me? In depth? Your so kind to say so, but I just take too many pictures ahahaha~ Please keep an eye out for my future hauls :3 It means a lot you enjoy them <3

wh1plash6 år sedan#2298459I got that Junko on sale too! it's gorgeous :3

Right? :D Such a fantastic figure for almost half price? Frack yes! ;D Were you surprised how big she was? :D
6 år sedan
I got that Junko on sale too! it's gorgeous :3
6 år sedan
I would love to see more hauls from you! I like how you take pictures of the boxes along with the figure. Your posts are really detailed and fun to read, too! :)
6 år sedan
AviNyah The GuiltyCrown Fanatic
Nice loot! Never been a fan of Cu-poche, but they seem really cute. I love all the dangaronpa merch you bought also@
6 år sedan
Nice haul once again ^_^
So much Dangan Rompa!! Aww, the chibis <3
Congats on getting Junko for a good price! She's a hottie, nice pair of legs indeed ^.^
And those Monokuma hair clips~ so cute!

Oh, and yay for an August haul! No Game No Life? Yes pleassse ^o^
6 år sedan
DarkNeo *Yuri Brigadier*
BlueMonday6 år sedan#2297095What a cruel release schedule, that Homura wouldn't be around when Madoka was posing seductively in a school swimsuit.

Hahahaha cruel cruel indeed~ but they can dress up together when the school gym uniform gets released kukukukukuku~ I bet Madoka will appreciate seeing Homura in those gym shorts *winks*
6 år sedan
BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
What a cruel release schedule, that Homura wouldn't be around when Madoka was posing seductively in a school swimsuit.
6 år sedan