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Zukin-ManZukin-Man8 år sedan
I'm over 18
WARNING: This review contains graphic nudity...deliciously fuzzy squirrel nudity. Guard your nuts.

Squirrels are zany little creatures, aren't they? They scurry about, gather acorns, and punch the hell out of blonde pretty boys with brother complexes. Ask any BlazBlue fan if they like Makoto, and they'll either say yes or lie.

I've come to the conclusion that there are three types of Makoto fans in the world.

- Type I: First-gen fans. People who liked Makoto in the first game because of her cuteness.
- Type II: Second-gen fans. People who liked how hilarious she was in the vanilla second game.
- Type III: Third-gen fans. People who liked her sexy fighting outfit when she was released as DLC for the second game.

After watching Tager's Gag Reel and seeing Makoto inflate Tager with "Jumbo Energy" and talk about her naughty bits, I knew Makoto was very much going to become one of my favorite characters, firmly cementing me as a Type II fan.

FREEing has recently released a figure of everyone's favorite moon-punching, underboob-rocking, cyborg-inflating squirrel, and while figures aren't exactly the best medium of displaying her Type II qualities, we can see if she caters to Types I and III adequately.

First, box.






No preview pictures on the outside, but windows on every single surface aside from the bottom so there's practically no chance of unpleasant surprises upon opening. The maroon/tan color scheme of the box doesn't match Makoto perfectly, but it's pretty close.



Inside, hunk of plastic containing one squirrel-girl. Crack it open and we get...


...Okay, not exactly the widest variety of accessories, but we'll get to that later. Both Makoto and her base arrived in one piece, so I can't complain about the package doing its job. The box isn't excessively big either, so you don't have to worry about it taking up too much room. A small photo of the figure on the back might've been nice, but I am liking the abundance of windows on it.

Packaging: 9

Now let's check the base for a moment.


It's little more than a transparent, amber platter with pegs.


...and it's pretty self-explanatory. It's secure, but that's about it. There's nothing on the base about Makoto or the series she comes from. Functionality seems to be its only purpose, which is okay.

Not great, but okay.

Base: 5

Okay, so I suppose we should give her the once-over for a bit.

View spoilerHide spoiler





















Certainly not bad. She's just as cute and sexy as she was in the source material.

I've got a question for you: When Makoto was announced to be a playable character and the character art featuring her fighting outfit was revealed, what was the first thing that everyone noticed?


Correct. Now, word may have gotten around that maybe you could remove Makoto's top and get an eyeful of what she conceals in that tiny little shirt of hers. Yeah, you heard right, but first, I'm going to give out a little warning.

If you are currently in possession of this figure as you read this review, do not follow along with these steps as you read them! Read the entire Assembly section, then remove her shirt if you choose to do so.

That aside, we start with the head.




Next, direct your attention to the seams in the shirt under her armpits.


It should go without saying that this is where you would start to separate the shirt from her body. You might need to use a little bit of fingernail to get it going, though.


Eventually, you get the seam open.


Same on the other side. Seam, fingernail, separate.


Shirt opens.


After that, it's a simple matter of slipping the shirt up off her neck and replacing the head.


Top's off, time to give Miss Nanaya another look.

View spoilerHide spoiler























As amazing as a topless Makoto is, there's quite a huge issue involved with this. Once her shirt comes off, it'll never go back on as well as it did when you got her. Sure, you can slip it back over her neck...


But there's no way to really secure it. I mean, take a look at it.


The shirt wasn't held together with pegs, but rather, with a tab and a thin layer of weak glue. As much as I've tried to press the shirt back into place (aside from using more glue), this is about as "secure" as I've been able to get it.


And the same goes for the other side as well.


I find this to be a huge freaking flaw, because damn-near everything points to the removable shirt being an actual feature. Seams underneath the armpits, easily separable shirt, even sculpted and painted nipples under the top. However, you take it off and you've just gone down a slippery slope that you can't climb again. It's almost like FREEing was doing this just to dick with the Makoto fans so that you can tell who the perverted ones are.

"Oh hey, 'sup? We heard you guys liked Makoto's underboob, so we decided to make her top removable just for you guys!"
"Well now, that's really nice of you. I'll just take this shirt off..."
"HA! Good luck putting it back on, asshole!"

Thanks for that, FREEing. So yes, the rumors are true: Makoto's top is removable, but that thing is a commitment. If you take it off, you're not putting it back on, not securely anyway.

Moving on, Makoto's tonfas/arm-cross things can be spun around in different angles on her wrist. You can leave them as is...


Spin them forward to give her more range...


Or hell, you can pull them right off to make her fight bare-handed...even more bare-handed.


Makoto's head is also on a ball joint, so you can twist her head around to look in different ways. Look this way.


Look that way.


Ponder who took your top with a quizzical head-tilt.


Overall, assembly is a mixed bag. Spinning the tonfas around is a minor novelty, the head-turning is kinda nice, and being able to remove the shirt to show off Makoto's sweet sweater-kittens is like finding a $20 bill in the wash, but the fact that you can't put the shirt back on properly is like someone taking your $20, blowing their nose in it, and then slapping the wet, sloppy mess on the windshield of your car on the way out. If it wasn't meant to be removed, don't put seams on it and don't put forth the effort to sculpt and paint the nipples. I do not like being misled.

Assembly: 6

Okay, so let's get a little more critical and see how Miss Nanaya was sculpted for a bit.

Makoto's torso looks rather nice. She has a very cute face and her characteristic underboob. If you you look at the black part of her shirt, you can even see that her top even shows some stress marks from holding in those wonderful tits.


The skirt is pretty cute too, despite the fact that if it were any shorter it'd be a belt. Speaking of belts, the buckles hanging down each leg are a nice touch as well.


The belt skirt looks equally nice from behind, covering Makoto up for the most part, while giving just a peek of asscheek. The sculptor even etched tiny stitches the back of the skirt. Nice attention to detail.


Her tonfa-cross-things have a distinct iron-like appearance. Not only useful for bashing an opponent's face into fettucine, but they give you an idea just how strong she is if she can swing her arms around with those things attached to them.


The steel-toed design of Makoto's boots isn't bad. The sculptor gave the effort to add in the side screws on the boot toes, creases, and other what-have-you on the shoes.


Her hair feels like they put forth a decent effort, but skimped just a bit on the detail, leaving a result that isn't bad, but kind of leaves you wanting more.


Makoto's underwear puts a little bit of "dig" into her skin, but doesn't appear to be so much as to give circulation issues. A nice touch for those who are into clothing that grips.


And let's be real: Those are million-dollar cans. Not a single person who saw Makoto's outfit upon her announcement of her playability wasn't praying to see those puppies fall out of her top.


The sculpting on Makoto is pretty good for the most part. There's a gripe or two, but they're really not that bad. Sure, there's room for improvement, but I'd say a good job was done.

Sculpting: 9

The paint job on Makoto looks pretty good for the most part. I do have a couple of nits to pick, though.

First, the hair. Specifically, the tips of the bangs.


In Makoto's in-game appearance, only the longest tips of her bangs are whitened, but on the figure, it looks like someone said "Yeah, just whiten a big chunk on the front and call it a day".


Granted, it's still focused mostly on the longer bits of her hair and it really shouldn't bother me, but as a Makoto fan, it kinda does.

The other complaint I have comes into play once you remove her top.


What the hell is this? Her underwear/suspenders-thing moves up along her back and then just ENDS. Why does it just end there? How does it stay up? What purpose does it even serve other than to be another "This is why you shouldn't remove her shirt" thing. FREEing, why would you do this?

Overall, yeah, a good job was done on a majority of the painting, but those two things (especially the underwear suspenders) just irk me.

Painting: 8

The sculptor chose a pretty good pose for Makoto. Not quite her standard fighting stance, but certainly not a bad look for a figure. I'm glad they went with a pleasantly cheerful face as opposed to something pissed off-looking like the garage kit by Aa Chintai Seikatsu. Anger doesn't really seem to suit Makoto.

Though I still can't get over the do-it-or-don't shirt. I'd really like the option of showing off her tits when I'm alone and covering her up when family visits.

Posing: 9

I definitely like the figure, but I'm a bit torn over just how much I like it. Makoto is one of my favorite BlazBlue characters and I'm willing to forgive a few minor flaws here and there, but man, that shirt issue (as well as the underwear-suspenders issue that can result) just glares right at you. Other little nits seem trivial by comparison, and barely worth mentioning.

Yeah, I'd definitely recommend this to any Makoto fan. However, if you're also an ecchi enthusiast and are getting ideas of taking her top off, be fully aware of what you're getting yourself into.

Enjoyment: 8


Yes Makoto, I want to fondle your tail too.
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Neofranky5 år sedan#2426631Two years later, she's the bottom of the barrel. Thanks for jinxing it.

Heh, no probblems. Now, where's that Azrael figure...
5 år sedan
Raektis8 år sedan#770900I would add a fourth type of fans, the ones who flocked to Makoto after they found out the easy mode 5k combos from 2A hits ^^. Top tier squirrel is (for a while still) top tier.

Two years later, she's the bottom of the barrel. Thanks for jinxing it.
5 år sedan
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Nice review

Actually i plan to buy makoto
What bothers me the most is her face tho.. It seems off!
And im definitly not casting her off after i read this i prefer her with top on anyways since she was never topless to begin with xP ( prob my fiancee will cast her off in secret perhaps )

Im type 1 , just love her cuteness but im also type 2 cause shes the most amusing character of all!

Sad that theres only 1 makoto

Im. Rooting for more now the anime is getting green lighht and chrono phantasma is being released
7 år sedan
Mizuchi-Rekkazan7 år sedan#1209673Would be unfortunate if Makoto lost her underwear again.

Mizuchi-Rekkazan7 år sedan#1209654I'M...
7 år sedan
Also sorry for the double comment but after reading this I decided to go into my folders and do a little research.

To explain why her underwear just end, it's not because they're trying to tease you, it's actually in her set up material.

As you can see, the back of her top has a button which hooks the underwear in. You'd think that them being on her hips would keep them on securely but I guess not. Would be unfortunate if Makoto lost her underwear again.
7 år sedan
reviewSquirrels are zany little creatures, aren't they? They scurry about, gather acorns, and punch the hell out of blonde pretty boys with brother complexes. Ask any BlazBlue fan if they like Makoto, and they'll either say yes or lie.
7 år sedan
Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Thank you for doing a review~ I wasn't really sure I'd like her, so this was wicked helpful! :3
8 år sedan
Raektiseasy mode
8 år sedan
I would add a fourth type of fans, the ones who flocked to Makoto after they found out the easy mode 5k combos from 2A hits ^^. Top tier squirrel is (for a while still) top tier.
8 år sedan
This is what I call one-way castoffable. There are actually quite a few figures that have sculpting and painting beneath clothing that isn't "supposed" to be removed, particularly among the One Piece POP series. The Wedding Boa Hancock actually has a fully sculpted and painted corset lingerie set underneath her dress, which is not meant to be removed; doing so would mean cutting it off. Basically, the shirt wasn't meant to come off; the seams are there because they had to still get it ON her somehow. Taking it off is an option, but not the intention. You'll notice that her "pants" are also not actually attached in any way, so you could cut them off if so inclined.
8 år sedan
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