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MaakieMaakie6 år sedan
I'm over 18
! This review shows a lot of pantsu and a small bit of nude, that's why it has the NSFW tag!

Welcome to my first-ever artbook review! Today I will be talking about Shimada Humikane Art Works ITEM #43697 published by Kadokawa ENCYCLOPEDIA #7998 Keep in mind that because I wanted to keep the book as good looking as possible so I tried to open the pages not too much. This results in some art works not being 100% visible, I hope you guys understand! ;)

The reason why and how I got this book

As a huge fan of Mecha Musume and Humikane Shimada I plan on buying all of his items in the future. This artbook was also on my list and had pretty high priority, because I knew it contained also a lot of his older artwork (most of Humikane's artbooks consists of mainly newer Strike Witches art). When this book was released I didn't have the money for it at that time. Unfortunately for me, after release the book quickly raised in price and was sold for 2-3x the release price. Although I was very interested in the book, I couldn't justify that high of a price for a second hand book. About half a year ago an MFC member put up an ad for this book at 1.5x the release price. After a lot of doubting I finally gave in and bought it! I think I overpayed a bit, but I was already glad to own the book for less than it went at other places! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the people interested in this book: recently HLJ got a new stock of this book. They now have new (reprinted?) versions of this book at retail-price again: www.hlj.com/pro...

Book information

With this artbook, around 2/3 of the pages show big artwork, while 1/3 of the pages show smaller artwork, character designs and sketches. When it comes to subjects it is (from front to back): 1/3 Strike Witches, a bit of fan-art and non-mecha musume works and the last remaining half of the book is are "old" designs from Humikane (inlcuding the designs he made for the trading figure sets for Konami search.php?orig... ).

The book

This book has a lot of pages and a lot of artwork. This review will only have a selection of said artwork.




Luckily for me, the previous owner took very good care of the artbook and she kept the original protection sleeve around it!


A cute detail in the disclaimer is the drawing Humikane uses to identify himself with, which is a squid (sometimes also drawn as a male body with a squidhead). The disclaimer is scaring me a bit though, but I know a lot of people writing artbook reviews, so it's fine for me to do this, right? Q.Q


The first page of the book shows the cover-girl, but without the mechanical parts. I think it's interesting to see how she is "seated", but she does look a bit uncomfortable.





Some nice artworks and promotional images for Strike Witches. I personally like the last one a lot, which congratulates Erica with her 200th flight. The amount of detail is great here!


I had to laugh pretty hard here because of Perrine's expression! :P


This artwork was used in the anime and showed quickly before and after commercial breaks.


I like the usage of colors at the transforming part here.


This is a very strong image in my opinion. I like how it's a bit more rough (showing wounds is quite rare with Humikane's artwork).




Behind the scenes work from Strike Witches: Chibi designs (used in the anime), character design overviews and the Striker Units (plane legs) designs. Last but not least are the breast-size charts, it's a bit hard to see on the pictures, but all the characters have pretty funny and very in-character expressions matching their place in the chart.


There is also a two-page interview with Humikane himself in the book. I would be very interested in an English translation of this, if someone is up for it, I can provide better pictures of these pages!


Sketches of how Humikane drew the cover-girl step-by-step.


Next up in the book are multiple pages with other works. Here we see his designs for the anime Sky Girls.


This one was very hard to photograph, but it's a two-page fan-art of Rider, from Fate/Stay Night! I think she looks amazing in Humikane's style!



Some cute non-Mecha Musume artwork!


Really nice vampire! I would be totally up for a vampire series drawn in Humikane's style!


And we're back to Mecha Musume again! Multiple of Humikane's older designs "ride" the vehicle that they are personifications of.


One of my most favorite Mecha Musume designs is this one. View spoilerHide spoilerIt is also a crazy cosplay dream of mine to create this outfit one day, haha!



Really nice coloring here. I'm always impressed at how Humikane colors explosions!



Next up are multiple pages with the designs for both the Konami Mecha Musume trading figures and the Toranoana scaled figures.


There are also pages with artwork of these characters, but with different outfits and poses.


Now this design I haven't seen before! How cute! She looks like a speed raft (not sure if I used the right English name for it).


With this girl I'm doubting if she's designed after an existing vehicle or that she is made to look like an UFO. Her belt really makes it look like there are windows in the outfit!


My guess is that this girl is a welder. I like how this design is more rough and clothed. The hat is amazing too!


In case people are wondering how ecchi the book is: this is one of the most ecchi artworks you will find in here! (So the book is pretty mild.) I am wondering what the sign next to her says...(something about cutting off parts of her bathing suit...?)

Sorry for the blurry picture! Q.Q
This artwork...wow. It's just so sad and different from the overall happy and/or filled with action-scenes we get from Humikane! I have no idea what the story behind this girl is. Inspecting all the details in this image I think she is a doctor in a poor/bad area (looking at all the equipment behind her and her wearing an apron). I just feel so sad looking at this, but it's beautiful at the same time. I want to take her home, give her a bath and hug her! T^T


Directly next to the super-sad artwork is this one. The overall cuteness cheered me up a lot, but I got some mixed feelings seeing art like this next to each other...


The book ends with an afterword by Humikane. I asked REMEN to translate it for me and he did! :D It's quite a big wall of text, so I put it in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler
Onto the afterword...

Now that a specialized magazine is being published, the so-called military X girls genre has been gaining recognition, when I was still creating individual work for the internet community, there was still an atmosphere of being just a collection of enthusiasts. Since coincidentally being allowed to work on the "mecha musume" figure series, I was also fortunate to get to be involved in the "Sky Girls" and "Strike Witches" anime works, I think I was able to increase the visibility of this genre even if just a little.

In this book I've compiled most of the military X girls illustrations that were presented in that period. Due to the page count, I held off on publication of works that merely changed colors from the original or because of copyright and material that would be a problem for (age-)rating, but the flow of my personal work of my starting period from doujinshi to "mecha musume" figures, till the "Strike Witches" anime can be seen unhindered.

Looking back now there are embarassing things too, but it allowed me the chance to reaffirm my origin and own style, from my amateur period up till planning for anime. Because I continued drawing from my zeal in that time, I was thinking it might be hard to digest the slightly disorderded impression it leaves, but for the people who picked up this book, I think that part may be enjoyable as well.

Shimada Humikane 2008 August


I decided not to hand out any score to this artbook, since I'm way to biased about this! I love Humikane Shimada's artwork so much and this book is a good representations of both his older and newer works! If you are a fan of Humikane Shimada: pick this book up. Really. You need it in your life. For Mecha Musume fans in general I would only recommend this book if you are okay with the fanservice, because a lot of people think of Humikane's style being "too much", especially when it comes to showing underwear. For anybody else I would just recommend to look at the pictures in this review and see if the overall style appeals to you! I can imagine some kemonomimi fans also being interested in it!


Now that HLJ is selling new copies (reprints?) of this book again, you can find this book available for a pretty good price, being 2800 yen.

The first edtion of this book is also pretty easy to find, but a lot more expensive. The last time I checked quite a few were up on eBay.

And to finish it!

A special artbook like this, needs a special place! I decided to put this artbook on the shelf with my older Mecha Musume figures:


For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about Rio from Hello Kitty to Issho! ITEM #54033 I hope you guys are looking forward to it!

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On MFC it is not allowed to upload more than 5 pictures (front, back, 3 inside) from a book, so I have only uploaded a few pictures in high resolution: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

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Be honest when you vote! I rather see it right now if people would be interested in it or not, than that I write/photograph the whole thing and afterwards see that everybody is hitting uninteresting. :P
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pauldy6 år sedan#2209499Nice Review ~^^~ I wanted this artbook back then, but somehow lost my interest since I can't understand what's written... xD... anyway
We could somehow credit Humikane because the Military x Girls genre is getting really popular right now... Just look at Girls und Panzer, KanColle... and of course, Strike Witches ~
..and yeah, I think Humikane should draw even more Witches & KanMusu xD

Well it's not like there is much text, haha! The only things you really mis out is the interview with Humikane and the short descriptions with each artwork~

I also think Humikane was a huge influence looking at series that are popular now. I mean, would Kan Colle even exist or be this big without him boosting the genre to the general audience with Strike Witches? I think it's interesting how he is so humble in his afterword, he surely must have noticed! :)
6 år sedan
Nice Review ~^^~ I wanted this artbook back then, but somehow lost my interest since I can't understand what's written... xD... anyway

We could somehow credit Humikane because the Military x Girls genre is getting really popular right now... Just look at Girls und Panzer, KanColle... and of course, Strike Witches ~

..and yeah, I think Humikane should draw even more Witches & KanMusu xD
6 år sedan
BRS6 år sedan#2188095I wants!

You can gets! Pretty cheap! :P --> www.hlj.com/pro...

Kuuga6 år sedan#2190512they remind me with kancole, and agp

Well Kan Colle is also Mecha Musume. :) And a part of the AGP project was drawn by Humikane! ^w^
6 år sedan
they remind me with kancole, and agp
6 år sedan
I wants!
6 år sedan
Portus6 år sedan#2187675This is one of my favorite artbooks as well. Really great review! Wish I was at home so I could look through it right now lol. Humikane is really the best.
I've seen progress of your cosplay and would LOVE to to see how you've gone about it. It looks great so far!

I don't own any others from Humikane, but I read about the contents online of each and I think this is the best one for me too! ^w^ Especially because it shows the older designs. ;)

And thank you for the support! :D *hint hint* You should look at my progress page this evening www.cosplay.com... I will place a huge update later! :)
6 år sedan
This is one of my favorite artbooks as well. Really great review! Wish I was at home so I could look through it right now lol. Humikane is really the best.

I've seen progress of your cosplay and would LOVE to to see how you've gone about it. It looks great so far!
6 år sedan
chobittsu6 år sedan#2187033I am wondering what the sign next to her says...
It says something like "No cloth/fabric allowed between here"(kono aida kireji kinshi)

Ah~ Could have expected something like that. Thanks for the translation!
6 år sedan
I am wondering what the sign next to her says...
It says something like "No cloth/fabric allowed between here"(kono aida kireji kinshi)
6 år sedan
WindsorSeven6 år sedan#2186234A nice looking book, with such cute girls too! If this was a little more ecchi I'd consider picking it up, but for now I will just admire your pictures. I hope you do more artbook reviews in the future.

This is the first time someone ever said to me of thinking an Humikane artbook not being ecchi enough! xD I actually get a lot of "complaints" from people about how much panty shows in the designs! :P Most of Humikane's art is limited to showing only panties, there are I think only 3-4 artworks in here showing some more (of which 2 are in this review).

Well, I own quite some artbooks, but most are from Western Video Games and from movies... :P
6 år sedan
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