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victorvipervictorviper6 år sedan
Today, we'll be reviewing Sega's Hatsune Miku prize figure. She is a swimsuit figure, so there may be a few shots that some might consider a little bit NSFW.

About the character: I think most everyone knows Miku, so lets proceed straightaway with the review!


The front of the box features a large shot of Miku.


The sides of the box feature shots of Miku in her swimsuit from Project Diva F. In particular, the shots come from the "video" from the Oster Project song Summer Idol. That's one of my favorite songs from Project Diva F, so this was a nice touch. Now, we just need a figure of Rin in her swimsuit...



Since there are no windows in the box, I was concerned that Miku would just be wrapped in bubble wrap and tossed in the box, but the figure does come in a proper blister. It's not the sturdiest one I've ever seen, but it should be adequate to deliver Miku to your door safely.


Overall, the packaging is fine, and I like the nod to one of my favorite songs in Miku's catalogue.


Miku's pose is quite simple. Interestingly, although Summer Idol is a very energetic and fast-paced song, Miku's pose is pretty static as she seems to be waving to someone.

Let's take a look at her.










*-these ratings take into account that this is an inexpensive prize figure and represent ratings relative to other prize figures.

Overall, the finish of the figure is okay. We'll see she has a few defects but fortunately her design is quite simple and so there's not really too much that can go wrong.

I was a little bit disappointed with the sculpt of Miku's face. When viewed from straight ahead, her nose is barely visible.


I think she looks better when viewed from slightly off center.


For purposes of comparison, here is Miku along with Good Smile's Miku Lat-type (ITEM #61333). While the Good Smile Miku is quite expressive and her face has a lot of details, the Sega figure is fairly nondescript in that area. Of course, this is also the difference between prize and non-prize figures...


The finish of her hair is a little rough in spots. However, at least on mine I don't see any excess paint from her hair spilling over to her ponytail holders, so that is a plus.


One of Miku's signature traits is her bluish-green hair. On this figure, her hair has a slightly metallic look.


Her twintails are another key feature. I like how her ponytail holders have the same polka dot motif as the rest of her outfit.


Miku's bikini top has a frill around its top, which is reasonably well executed. Miku is not particularly buxom, and I think her proportions are pretty faithful to her character's design.


The bow on her bikini top seems just a little bit larger than it appears in-game. In addition, there are a couple of spots where the transition from her top to the rest of her body is not quite perfect, and there is a seam visible in her armpit.



Her collarbones are very detailed. Actually, they might be a little bit too large! Miku is a pretty petite girl after all.


The bow on the back of her top is a little chunky, but I like how you can see the clasp on her top.


Her shoulder blades have a little bit of definition.


She has a seam running the length of her arm.


Miku's blue-green fingernails are another key feature of her design. Her fingers are nicely differentiated, but there is no real sculpting on the nails; they are just painted on.


Her middle and ring fingers are sort of one unit.


Her wrist is quite large in diameter relative to her hand. This is one of those things with figures that you kind of wish you'd never noticed...


Her skirt has a large bow. I like that Sega sculpted the trim on her skirt; that's a nice little detail.



A low-angle shot of Miku.


Mine had a little bit of a flaw on the back of her thigh.


Interestingly, her skirt can be moved around.




Her skirt has two very visible seams, and since her skirt is not glued on, it can be removed. Removing the skirt shouldn't be an issue, and based on some of the comments here on MFC, there seem to be proper pegs in the skirt. However, I'm not so sure that the skirt would go back together easily once removed. So, if you are hellbent on displaying Miku sans skirt, it is possible. However, I've elected not to do so.


She has a seam running down her leg.


Her calves are nicely shaped.


Miku's toes are nicely sculpted.



Her base is a plain white disk. However, she has pretty hefty pegs in her feet so even if the base is rather nondescript it should do its job in supporting Miku.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------8/10

Let's also take a look at her scale and compare her with some other figures, prize and otherwise.

Good Smile's Lat-type Miku is 1/8 scale, and you can see this figure is significantly larger.


Kotobukiya's Mikoto Misaka ( ITEM #133551 ) is 1/7 scale, and Miku is similar in scale. They have similar swimsuits, too.


Alphamax's Azunyan (ITEM #75715) is 1/7 scale, and Miku is a bit larger.


Miku's height is supposed to be 5'2" (158 cm), and I measure her at just shy of 9 inches (23 cm) in height, making her slightly larger than 1/7 scale.

Another issue you've probably noticed with Miku is that her skin is shiny is spots which is a common issue with prize figures. However, comparing her with Sega's Yoko Littner, you see that the effect is somewhat less pronounced on the Miku figure.


In summary:

Arguments for: Large scale, low price, her outfit is faithful to its appearance in game, and it's Miku in a swimsuit!

Arguments against: She has quite a few flaws, her pose is rather static, and her outfit is extremely simple.

Now, given the number of Miku figures out there, do I guess that you should like the best this one (I had to work that Miku lyric in somewhere!)? No, not hardly. However, she is quite inexpensive and so if you've got a burgeoning Miku army, I'd say that this particular Miku is deserving of a spot in the brigade, flaws and all.

Availability (as of this writing)

Fairly easy to find.

She was just released last September, and so she's still pretty easy to find. If you can spare 1500-2000 yen plus shipping, that ought to be sufficient to make her yours.


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Until next time...

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Macaron6 år sedan#2020236Everytime I see her she gets more and more cuter. One day I'll pick her up. Awesome review like always!

Given her low price, there's certainly no reason not to. Maybe Sega will do some more swimsuit figures of the other Volcaloids...
6 år sedan
Everytime I see her she gets more and more cuter. One day I'll pick her up. Awesome review like always!
6 år sedan
gamergibbons6 år sedan#2019112My local anime shop has two of these PMs in stock, but I opted out of it because I don't really want/need any beach figures in my collection. Otherwise, great review : 3

Well, unlike a lot of beach figures, this one is completely faithful to the source material. So, it's not totally a beach figure just for the sake of making a beach figure...

In any event, thanks for the comment :).
6 år sedan
My local anime shop has two of these PMs in stock, but I opted out of it because I don't really want/need any beach figures in my collection. Otherwise, great review : 3
6 år sedan
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