Nurse Witch Komugi - Nakahara Komugi - School Swimming Suit Ver.Nurse Witch Komugi - Nakahara Komugi - School Swimming Suit Ver.Review

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Review originally uploaded on the 19th of February 2014. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 15th of March 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

! This review is from an ecchi figure, that's why it's marked NSFW !

! Sorry for the wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Nakahara Komugi ENCYCLOPEDIA #1730 from the series The Soultaker ~Tamashii Gari~ ENCYCLOPEDIA #16148 and Nurse Witch Komugi ENCYCLOPEDIA #136 ! This figure is made by Griffon Enterprises ENCYCLOPEDIA #7626 and shows Komugi in a school swimsuit. ITEM #5888

I will start off with telling some more about her background.


Komugi's first appereance is in the anime series The SoulTaker ~Tamashii Gari~. This series revolves around the character Kyosuke Date who has returned from the dead and is now a superhuman, called the Soultaker ENCYCLOPEDIA #16147 . Komugi is a mutant nurse girl who is trained to hunt after Date, but she falls in love with him, causing her to betray the people she initially worked for.

Shortly after the Soultaker anime, an spin-off series was announced. The series was called Nurse With Komugi and is, simply put: the complete opposite of the Soultaker anime. Where the Soultaker had quite an serious story, lots of action and an experimental artstyle, Nurse Witch Komugi is a comedy and parody series in a typical anime-style. The parody-part is mainly aimed at the magical girl-genre.

In the Nurse Witch Komugi series, Komugi is the main character this time. She is a 17-year old girl who works for an talent agency, which means that for her work she mainly cosplays and attends promotional activities. Next to that, she is also a magical girl who fights against aliens with a cute sidekick! She still has a crush on Date, who is now a famous singer from an rival talent agency.

Komugi has in both series the same personality. She is very hyper, silly and sometimes a bit clumsy. Her clumsiness is often represented by her wearing small bandages on her knees and elbows. She gets quickly offended when people mention her chest size and this is (especially in Nurse Witch Komugi) something that comes up a lot.

The reason why and how I got her

From the moment I saw the Soultaker I immediately loved the cuteness of Komugi. Quickly afterwards I watched Nurse Witch Komugi, which made me like her even more! Shortly after finishing the Nurse Witch Komugi series I started a small hunt for her highest quality scaled figure, of which I quickly found the limited version ITEM #12994 . I had in mind to collect more Komugi's, but most of her other figures are very expensive (her coldcasts are expensive overall and her lower quality figures are quite rare, thus going for quite high prices). So with that, I sort of gave up with collecting Komugi and decided I would only buy more Komugi's if I stumbled upon them for a good price. With this coldcast Komugi, that happened about a year ago, when I found her for sale on a local forum.

Original art

There are multiple scènes in the anime and multiple artworks of Komugi wearing this swimsuit. View spoilerHide spoilerWhen looking at the following artworks, please don't get distracted by View spoilerHide spoiler https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-5WfyVUyVs_M/UuvgQt2cHxI/AAAAAAAAFsQ/CcuHIQHQuZk/s640/NurseWitchKomugi-chanMagikarteZS-3.png Komugi's flat chest Please forgive me for this joke/reference, it just had to be in here.


We have the standard swimsuit with Komugi's name on it.


Then there is this version where she wears a light-pink jacket with it.


And the one where she is wearing the top of her school-uniform combined with it.

All are very cute versions, but not the one from the figure. This figure wears what I think is supposed to be a towel, but the material is so thin, it's more like a cape? Or it's a shirt, since it sort of looks like sleeves near her hands?

She wears a ribbon in her mouth, which I think is the ribbon that normally would keep her braid together. The figure's pose and (rolled down) outfit is overall quite ecchi. Although Nurse Witch Komugi has a lot of fanservice, we never see Komugi this naked in the series.

The Box

View spoilerHide spoilerNot related to the review of this figure, but I wanted to share how the figure was shipped to me.


I have never before received a package that looked like this! The whole cardboard box was wrapped with tape (for extra sturdiness?). I was quite scared when I received the box, because of the huge dent at the top. Luckily the figure and the box were unharmed. :) Now, let's continue with the review!





The box shows a lot of pictures of the figure, but no artwork at all. It's a blinded box, which you see with most coldcast figures.

First Look


The figure is completely packed in styrofoam. This happens with (almost) all coldcasts, since the material is quite brittle. Especially when compared to the PVC figures are normally made of.


Once opened, it looks like there is not much protection, but the figure is quite firmly pressed inbetween the both halves of the styrofoam.


This figure exists of four pieces: the base, the figure itself, her staff and her ahoge/cowlick. When picked out of the box, I noticed that the base was very heavy. Way more heavy than Komugi herself. So I decided to weigh it and View spoilerHide spoiler


Almost 200 grams?! You live up to the expectations of huge/heavy bases even with your coldcasts Griffon...
The assembly is very minimal, but I recommend to watch out with the ahoge since you need to press it in Komugi's head quite firmly.

The Figure





The first thing that stood out for me while I was unboxing her were her eyes. The depth and amount of colors there make them really stand out! After that, I noticed there was almost no shading on the figure, but everything looks very clean.

Looking at all the details!




The biggest attention point of this figure, is in my opinion, her eyes. They have been hand-painted with a high amount of detail. I think they look great!

Komugi's face also has her very cute and characteristic blushes. With my specific copy of this figure, they were painted quite uneven, where the right blush is way bigger than the left blush.


Komugi's ahoge is a seperate piece, but when put on this figure, it's not visible that it once was. Komugi's hair in general shows quite some layers, especially near her bangs, but has no shading at all.



She wears two white ribbons in her hair, giving her two very small twintails. Her right ribbon looks very good, but her left ribbon has some small leftovers with my copy of this figure.


As a headband, Komugi wears her characteristic bunny ears. The shape of it is very nice, but also here: no shading. The part where the ears start at the headband is a bit rough, but the ears themselves look good.


Komugi's hair is very long and also quite thick on this figure. I think it looks very good, especially from halfway to the bottom there are a lot of details.


And now for the ribbon she is holding in her mouth...I have noticed this is quite a dealbreaker for a lot of people. I think it looks quite good hanging from her mouth, but how the ribbon "falls" on her chest looks very unnatural. If her body would have leaned a bit backward, I think it would have looked better.


From the side you can see the attachment from the ribbon to her mouth. It is done with a tiny drop of glue. You can only notice this if you look at her from the side from very up-close (it looks a bit more "dramatic" here on the picture).


The ribbon itself has a bit of a leftover. This is specific to my copy. Leftovers like this one and the one on her ribbon can easily happen with coldcasts...it's just too bad the quality control wasn't a bit higher for this figure. I can imagine other copies of this figure having sort-wise leftovers on other places.


Very gently and slowly bending I wanted to see if there were any details painted or sculpted underneath the ribbon. The answer is no. I discourage to do this with your own copy of the figure, because of how fragile this part is!!!




Komugi's small angel wings are for a big part hidden by her hair. There is a pearl-like shine on them which make them look very good! From the sides you can see that they stick out a bit from her back, which makes them more visible. I couldn't find on the original designs if the wings were meant this way, so I think they did it to have more visible wings on the figure.



Komugi's nail polish was very nicely put on. Unfortunately that's the only good thing I have to say about the hands... The fingers are "sticked" together. This is something you see a lot on coldcasts, but I think it was more rough than you usually see. I think it would have looked better to have her fingers closer to each other (so no "gaps" needed to be sculpted) or to give her hand a wider position, to make sure there are gaps.



Komugi's magical weapon is this cute looking syringe. I got to say I was very impressed with it, especially compared to the quality of the staff my other Komugi figure ITEM #12994 has.

Comparison with other staff:

Sorry for blurry picture.


Overall the painting and sculpting on the syringe is very neat, and I especially like the bottom part where the measurement lines are sculpted in.



And now...onto Komugi's swimsuit! The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to get dust stuck on it. Even after cleaning her before photographing, new dust stuck onto her swimsuit before I even realized it!

The swimsuit itself is very nicely sculpted. We see a bit of Komugi's belly shape through it. Overall the swimsuit was painted with a blue/black slightly shiny color.


I like the detail of how the swimsuit is not comepletely symmetrical near her crotch area, showing a bit of her skin on the right side.


When looking from underneath you can see her behind was also sculpted very well and there is also a bit of the shape of her labia showing.





Komugi's towel/cape/shirt/I-still-don't-really-know-for-sure-what-it-is is one of the few parts that has shading, it was done very nicely and you can especially see this at the back. There are also a lot of wrinkle-details in it. I do have to say that I have the feeling that it obstructs a lot of the view of this figure. If you look from the bottom, it is to be seen that there are quite some details on Komugi (such as her behind and back) which are hard to look at, because this towel is hanging in front of it.


Komugi has a really nice pair of legs. Not too thick and not too thin.


Something I was afraid of when I bought this figure was that the bottom of her legs would have a lot of paint transfers. Unfortunately this is also the case here. There is a bit of paint chipped of both her knees and some black paint transfers are to be seen on her legs. Luckily, nothing of this is visible, since I display the figure sitting on this part of her body. It's a shame there is so much damage, but it was to be expected from a figure with a completely black base and no pegs to hold her there.




The details on the shoes themselves are really good looking! Clean details and painting. The only thing noticeable is that the bunny mouth was handpainted on, since one of them has a bit of a crooked smile.


The base itself is heavy, big and black in color, with as only details some disclaimers on it.

Summary or tl;dr

- Amazing detailing in her eyes.
- The painting overall is quite good, although a bit more shading would have been nice.
- Sculpting overall is also very good, only some small mistakes and leftovers.

- The outfit is very ecchi, more ecchi than we see in the series Komugi is from.
- Komugi has her hair loose, instead of her characteristic braid. I think it's a nice difference compared to other Komugi figures, but a Komugi fan maybe rather has her with her well-known hairstyle.
- Box shows a lot of pictures from the figure. Safety is good enough, but also not much special to mention.
- With some parts it's very clear that they were handpainted, which at some spots results in differences. With my copy you can mainly see it with the blushes on her cheeks and her shoes.

- Fingers are "sticked" together. This happens with a lot of figures, but on Komugi it looks very rough.
- I overall have the feeling this figure is "hiding" a lot of it's details. Her hair obstructs the view to her wings (which would have been solved by her having her characteristic braid, or maybe even wearing something else like a ponytail) and her towel obstructs the view to her behind, her back and a part of the back of her legs.
- No pegs on the completely black base. Easy to get paint streaks/transfers on Komugi's lower legs because of this.

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
Quite some rough edges, but overall very neat.

Painting 8/10
There is a severe lack of shading, which is very desireable to be there, but what makes up for this are a lot of very nice, handpainted parts, such as her eyes that really stand out!

Posing 7/10
A bit too ecchi for Komugi in my opinion, but very cute though! I do wish that they placed the towel at another spot...or maybe made it smaller.

Base 3/10
Big, heavy, has no details at all...causes damage to the figure over time...very bad!

Packaging 8/10
Cute and vibrant colors, matching to the Nurse Witch Komugi series. Figure is packaged very good to make sure no damage will happen to the figure. I would have liked to see some more art on it instead of only pictures of the figure itself.

Enjoyment 9/10
I am a huge Komugi-fan and welcome her with open arms to my collection! There are some flaws, but I just like her too much! (It must be the eyes!)

If you are an Komugi-fan or collector, I defenitely recommend this coldcast! If you like school swimsuits in general or her posing, I would recommend her only if you find her for a good price, since there are quite some flaws. Still, if you keep the age of this coldcast in mind, she's pretty good!

This figure is quite hard to come by, but if you would start an search you will defenitely find her! It's just that she isn't in stock a lot on second hand websites. If she shows up she goes for a lot of different prices! I've seen her as low as 3000 yen, but also for prices around 10000 yen! It's quite hard to put an estimate price on her. Personally I would say that if you would find her for 6000 yen and under, she's defenitely worth the price (keep in mind that this is an coldcast and not a PVC)!

And to finish it!

Here is how she stands in my current collection!


For those who read all this way, Thank you! My next review will be about this gashapon figure (because gashapons need reviews too!): ITEM #11752 I hope to finish it up in a few weeks!

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Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...

And if somebody knows what her towel/cape/shirt really is, I would like to hear! :D
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ghostmuffin6 år sedan#2296838aaaa i've always wanted her.. how much did you pay for her, out of curiosity? c:

Fweeeeeeeew. Let me think, it was a while ago. xD

I think around 40 euros including shipping I paid for her (just over $50). I think that's a pretty good price for an coldcast.
6 år sedan
aaaa i've always wanted her.. how much did you pay for her, out of curiosity? c:
6 år sedan
VioFitz6 år sedan#2017058Her face sculpt is okay but, her skins looks pale... & somehow whenever I saw her close-up, her eyes gives me a creep. Dunno... Maybe it reminds me of something that I used to scared long time ago, a living little girl doll with eerie eyes. I'm not talking about Chucky here, he's dumb looking imo...

Hrmmm, maybe it's because her eyes are veryyyy detailed? That they look a bit "dead"? Her skin color doesn't bother me much, but I have to say that she is a lot paler than the Komugi we see in the anime!
6 år sedan
Her face sculpt is okay but, her skins looks pale... & somehow whenever I saw her close-up, her eyes gives me a creep. Dunno... Maybe it reminds me of something that I used to scared long time ago, a living little girl doll with eerie eyes. I'm not talking about Chucky here, he's dumb looking imo...
6 år sedan
theyasminshow6 år sedan#2006014http://i.imgur.com/pARUtCO.gif
You always find the coolest stuff to review o_O How can I aspire?

Hahah, I love that gif! <3

Well most of the uncommon stuff I find I get from local anime forums and browsing Mandarake too much. So that's the only advice I can give! :'D
6 år sedan
theyasminshow Militant Missionary

You always find the coolest stuff to review o_O How can I aspire?
6 år sedan
raptorx6 år sedan#2001449hehe, you seem to have a thing for sexy looking figures ;) But I like how you have figures of so many different series ^^
But I noticed she still had some dust in her hair.. You would probably need some kind of brush to get that off. Or a damp microfiber cloth, just as long you can get into the ridges.

Heheheh. *ehem* Well, actually with this figure I mainly bought her because I like the character Komugi so much! xD And yeah, that's what I also like so much about my collection, I have seperate spaces for all my figures, which allows me to collect a bit of a lot of different genres! ^w^

Yeah I also noticed it after putting the pictures on my computer. D: I have removed the dust with a dry cotton swab, that's the method that works good for me! But thanks for the tips! ^w^
6 år sedan
hehe, you seem to have a thing for sexy looking figures ;) But I like how you have figures of so many different series ^^
But I noticed she still had some dust in her hair.. You would probably need some kind of brush to get that off. Or a damp microfiber cloth, just as long you can get into the ridges.
6 år sedan
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