Queen's Blade Rebellion - Captain Liliana - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Queen's Blade Rebellion - Captain Liliana - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Review

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WARNING: This review contains graphic nudity. Reading it will cost $1.99 for the first minute and $.99 for each additional minute.

Pirates. We're all familiar with them. Pillaging sea dogs who plundered ships and forced their captives to walk the plank, dooming them to the depths of Davy Jones' Locker. Hell, if there's anything I like about pirates, it's that they're all about wenches and scoring booty, and MegaHouse has just released a figure that's sure to shiver your timbers.

Also, I'm going to can the pirate terminology, because all I can think of now are scurvy and the poop deck, and we don't need to talk about those things in the context of this figure.

Captain Liliana, the pink-haired pirate leader is the newest Queen's Blade lady to be given the MegaHouse treatment. What say we take a look and see how their rendition of Liliana turned out?

Box first.






This box is a MONSTER. Jeez and crackers, it's like a cardboard Buick! If you're familiar with MegaHouse's Vingt figure and the box she came in, you have a good idea how immense Liliana's packaging is. I'm surprised she didn't need to be hauled in on a forklift.

On the other hand, however, I'm liking the actual design of the box. There's plenty of shots of the figure on the outside, including a censor-barred picture demonstrating Liliana's cast-off feature as a heads-up to collectors with children who don't want an unpleasant surprise. Plus, there's still plenty of room for windows on three sides of the box to allow you to look in and see the figure's condition before you crack the box open.

And speaking of cracking it open...



Inside, we have a hunk of plastic containing our little pirate lady. That much is to be expected, but behind Liliana herself...


A whole MESS of parts. We've got arms, armlets, pasties, weapons, another expression, hat, and arms. That is a crapload of extras, but we'll get to that later on down the line.

The box is absolutely ginormous, but it looks good. The design all around the outside is great-looking, the shots on it give you a great idea of what you're getting, there are a few windows to let you preview the figure itself, and most importantly, it did a wonderful job getting Liliana to me in good condition. Aside from the sheer size of it, the packaging is everything I want in a figure's box.

Packaging: 9

Next up is the base.


And well, yeah, it's a base all right. It's not terribly amazing, but it keeps Liliana stable, and it lets you know what series she's from. Granted, it's become expected of MegaHouse's bases for Queen's Blade figures to just be platters with names, but you know, something a little more..."not plain" would be great once in a while.

Base: 6

So let's look her over for a bit.

View spoilerHide spoiler




















Well, she looks great, but for many of us, the big attraction of Queen's Blade figures is getting them naked. We're going to go over that next.


First you pop off the head and frilly neck-thingy.


Now with the coat being next in line, it would make sense that the arms would come off next, but take a moment to look at the shoulders first.


Instead of grabbing the shoulder and pulling out and away, start at the arm and pull down off the shoulder.


That shoulder puff of the coat is a separate piece from the arm. If you try to constantly jerk the arm outwards, you may end up doing some damage to the arms and/or nearby parts as well.


Same with the other side. Down, not out.


Now the coat. The main part of the coat actually gives a bit of resistance. When removing it, I find it much easier to start with the figure's right (your left).


And it comes off.


Want to take off that skirt and bustier? Start at the figure's left.


Those seams are exactly what you think they are.


Once they're opened, just pull away to the figure's right.


Now you have a sexy little torso.


And at this point, you have the option of replacing any combination of parts, clothes, and accessories that you like. For example, my favorite combination of coat and absolutely nothing else.


But you guys probably want to see her with all her clothes off and looking vulnerable. Fine.

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Now leaving her practically naked is all well and good, but she has accessories.


Lots of accessories, and those need to be addressed. Let's start with those star-shaped pasties.

These things actually worried me before the figure's release because I was under the impression they'd be PVC or plastic or some other material that isn't terribly well-known for having a lot of grip, but as it turns out, they're made of, uh...something that isn't PVC, plastic, or non-grip material.


Something kinda flexible. And they grip like crazy.


I don't know if it's the material the pasties are made out of, or if there's a small amount of adhesive on the inside of them or what, but they'll grip to just about any surface you put them on just fine. Like tits.


Not to mention, they're actually kinda cute. I mean, I'm sure a lot of us have been wanting to get rid of those stars ever since first seeing Liliana's combat book, but now that I actually see her wearing them in person, they sort of have their own brand of charm. Plus, they don't leave any kind of adhesive residue behind when you remove them, so you don't have to worry about Liliana's breasts getting slimed if you don't want her wearing the pasties anymore.

Now some people aren't a big fan of frills, and might want to get rid of those frilly little armlets she has when she's not wearing her coat.


Well, don't.


Now let's check out Liliana's weapons, starting with the sword.


When you get Liliana, she should already have her "sword hand" attached, and equipping her with the blade is pretty straightforward. Sliding the handle into her hand is as simple as you would imagine it is.


Her crossbow takes a little more effort, though. First, swap out her sword hand for her crossbow hand (or arm if she's not wearing her coat).


Then you take the crossbow...


...and pop the handle off.


Even with the handle removed, trying the work the crossbow into Liliana's hand will still take a little bit of effort, but it's not terribly difficult.


One thing that caught me off-guard was that the alternate face isn't just a face, but rather, a whole alternate head.


And this may be my dark side talking, but a separate head with a look on her face like that kinda gives you ideas for some awful abuse pictures. (I'm looking at you, PLANELEGS.)


Putting her clothes back on her is surprisingly easy as well.


I have several other Queen's Blade figures from Megahouse, and a couple of them use the same little white pins to hold the clothes together, but none of them re-dress as easily as Liliana does.

Now after reading several of the comments on Liliana's database page, there's something I have to address.


No, nothing secures her hat to her head. The inside of the hat doesn't even have a hair-shaped indention like Alleyne's beret did. You pretty much have to place it on her head ever-so-carefully and don't breathe too hard within close proximity of her.

Besides the hat, there is one other thing that irks me about the extras. Take another look at that tray of pieces, specifically at the arms.


Notice something in common with almost all of them? The arms assume that all owners prefer to pose Liliana without her coat. There's a total of five "coat-less" arms and only one alternate hand for use with the coat on. That means people who ditch the coat have a decent number of combinations for her to position her arms, while people like me who prefer to keep her coat on are left with two choices: Sword or crossbow.

The hat and the arm issues are irksome, but overall, I'd say I'm rather impressed as far as extras and assembly go. There's a good number of bonus accessories and swappable pieces, and all of them seem to change out rather easily. You usually don't even get this many options with a Queen's Blade figure unless you get an LE or something, but MegaHouse went ahead and tossed us a bunch of extras and said "Here, enjoy yourselves." Even when swapping in and out all of these parts, they're much easier to put on Liliana than most other Queen's Blade figures I've seen.

Goojaw, MegaHouse.

Assembly: 8

Okay, it's all well and good to sit here and talk about how hot she is and take off her clothes and all that good stuff, but now we get to the part where we need to be a little more critical of what we're looking at.

At the risk of losing my Man Card, I have to say I really love the frills on the outfit. I enjoy seeing that kind of stuff on girls, and frills line nearly every article of clothing on Liliana's body. Day = Made.


The frills even line the openings of the boots, and speaking of the boots, they're rather nice too. Who doesn't dig high-heeled boots on a sexy little badass like this?


The dynamic appearance of the coat is very excellent. It's like Liliana has that dramatic wind blowing at her and making her coat flap in the breeze.


A great job was done sculpting the clothes on her waist as well. The frills and ruffles of the skirt are quite nice, and the belt with the ship wheel is a cute touch.


The bustier does a good job holding onto Liliana's sweater kittens and the sculptor even included those tiny holes that line the top and bottom edges. Good attention to detail. That pretty little necktie-thing is lovely as well.


And face it: The big reason you wanted this figure was to get a glimpse of what the combat book was hiding from all of us.


And an awesome job was done here too. Just look at those cans and that embarassed look on her face. I defy you to tell me you don't want to just grab her and do all kinds of loving and/or dirty things to her.

And another little thing that surprised me...


The panties are shockingly detailed. After acquiring a few Queen's Blade figures by MegaHouse and seeing how "incorrect" they were down there, it's kind of surprising to see that Liliana's panties are that...snug.

I know I said I couldn't say only good things and that I had to be critical, but you know what? Nothing about the sculpting of this figure really stands out as being negative to me. I've gotta hand it to Norio Kibayashi for sculpting a freaking gem on this one.

Sculpting: 10

A rather nice job was done on the painting as well. The white frills are a wonderful contrast to the black of Liliana's coat and skirt...except for one little area.


I don't understand. Whoever painted her did a wonderful job on the coat...


On the hat...


And on the boots...


...But when you get to the skirt...


...it looks like they gave Mr. Magoo a paint roller and told him to go to town. If the rest of the paint job is done well, why was such a bad job done on the skirt? Yeah, I should be happy that 90% of the painting is great, but that 10% is so obvious that it's like getting hit in the balls with it.

Painting: 8

MegaHouse picked a very nice pose to sculpt for Liliana. It doesn't seem to be taken from any page of the combat book in particular, but it's pretty nice anyway. Even if the whole "hands on hip and rocking a weapon" look isn't for you, there are several different combinations of arms and accessories you can use. Want her to wear just a hat and a smile? Do it. Want her to wear pasties with a skirt while holding a crossbow? Do it. Want her to wear her coat and little else?


Do it.

Now there is one little spot where the figure isn't faithful to the original...


Can't figure it out? Here's a hint.


The figure is right-handed. Liliana held her sword in her left hand in the combat book. She can still technically be accurate if you give her the crossbow since she only used the crossbow in her right hand, but for whatever reason, when she held her sword for anything, it would be in her left hand.

Now something as small as this doesn't even warrant docking a whole point in my opinion, but what does warrant it is the lack of arms for the coat in comparison to the options available when not wearing the coat. Yeah, still irking me.

Posing: 9

I tend to really like the Queen's Blade figures that MegaHouse makes, and while there have been exceptions, this is not one of them. A pirate girl who can be cute and sexy at the same time, plenty of clothing and posing options for her, a good job in general at making her. She's not perfect, but the pros vastly outweigh the cons all over. Yeah, I'd say I am more than happy that I bought this little cutie.

Enjoyment: 10


Who says ninjas are better than pirates?

Yeah I said it, internet. Come at me.
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Go get it.
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Nice Review, I want this!!!
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RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Great figure review! Liliana is beautifully detailed. :D
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Can't wait to get mine, too bad she doesn't have many options with her coat on, but she looks awesome anyway.

Good review, very complete!^^
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Great review! I really think this figure is one of the best ones I own. :)
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