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A bunch of (mostly) Konami figures! Which one to review?A bunch of (mostly) Konami figures! Which one to review?

EccmyEccmy5 år sedanLoot
Hi everyone. :)

So very recently, I got a bunch of figures all at once. Some were bought by me, some offered to me by friends and relatives; most of those figures come from Konami franchises.

Here's the loot in question:


I'm going to review one of those figures in the near future; photos are all shot and ready, I just need to write and organize the review.
So, a little game: which figure do you think I'll review? (The poll lists the options in alphabetic order, BTW).

Also, I'm curious: among those figures, which one would you like to read a review of? Asking because I strongly consider doing a review of the figure getting the most requests as well (in case that requested figure isn't the one I'm about to review no matter what).

Thanks in advance for your comments! ;)
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Which figure do you think I'll review?

  • 0%Dancing Blade set
  • 6%Hikari White Panties ver.
  • 19%Meer Campbell
  • 6%Ruiko Saten
  • 69%Shiori and Hikari set
  • 16 rösterRösterna är offentliga


Thanks for your votes and comments everyone! The review is now up: BLOG #11544 . And the winner is......? :p
5 år sedan
The Shiori and Hikari set is defenitely the most interesting of these figures! Looking forward to your review!
5 år sedan
OMG Tokimeki Memorial! I want that Shiori Fujisaki and Hikari Hinomoto set so badly! There are absolutely no user photos of those two and I'd love to see them in close detail. I'm so biased towards Tokimemo since Shiori was one of my first anime/video game character crushes. ^^;
5 år sedan
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmm meer campbell has a nice uhmm .. Rack xD but further not much

I voted shiori and hikari.. Dunno their source ehich makes it more interesting for me ^^
5 år sedan