Konpaku Youmu 1/8 (Griffon)Konpaku Youmu 1/8 (Griffon)Review

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First PVC figure of Most Popular Touhou 2020

Greetings fellow figure collectors!

My name is Sazako and this will be my first figure review. For it I have selected one of my favourite Touhou Project characters, none other than Konpaku Youmu.


This figure is the 1/8 scale version of Youmu sculpted by I-con and released by Griffon in November 2009. She was rereleased in March 2010 and then again in July 2011. Since there are no existing reviews of this figure, I thought that I would take it upon myself to review her.

Please note that my Youmu was from the first rerelease so I have already taken her of the box and displayed her in a Detolf cabinet for one and a half years. I have followed the review structure used by STARSHIPPOOPER as I believe that it is very comprehensive.

A quick introduction, like all Touhou characters Youmu was original designed by Zun. She is half human and half ghost, with the ghost part usually being referred to as “Myon”. Youmu was introduced in the 7th Touhou Project game Perfect Cherry Blossom as the boss of the 5th stage and mid-boss of the final stage. From there she has reappeared as a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power, Imperishable Night, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Ten Desires, as well by now countless doujin games.

Youmu serves fellow ghost Yuyuko Saigyouji at the ghost shrine Hakugyokurou, where her occupation is gardener and sword instructor. Youmu wields twin swords, the longer one called Roukanken and the shorter one called Hakurouken.

One aspect which makes Youmu one of my favourite characters is her straightforward and serious personality. She is hardworking and determined to accomplish to finish the jobs that she embarks on to the best of her ability. This is seen in her relatively simple choice of attire and hairstyle which I think complements her petite frame. From the Touhou Project promotional videos I have viewed she seems to have an innocent nature about her, this often leads her to be trolled by Yuyuko, Yukari or someone else.

Below is Youmu’s original illustration by Zun and an alternate one which appears in Scarlet Weather Rasphody, both being sourced from the Touhou Wiki. These are followed by a few miscellaneous photographs of her.



Now on to the figure review. As you can see she is set in a relatively simple standing pose. She has most of the features from Zun’s original illustration of her. So you can inspect her I have taken photographs of her as she is rotated through 360 degrees.


Packaging: 7/10

The box which Youmu comes in was made of non corrugated cardboard. Its dimensions are:

Width: 215mm
Depth: 160mm
Height: 270mm

Youmu was suspended by two plastic blisters, with Roukanken suspended separately from her. When shipped in a larger cardboard box with filling it should provide adequate protection to get the merchandise from the Japanese shop to your place.

The box is finished with a gold pattern against a dark blue background. Like other Touhou characters from Griffon the front, sides and top of the box have a plastic window. The view may be slightly obscured by a large HD close up image of Youmu’s face. The back shows a complete shot of her from the front and the back which is just large enough for you to observe the finer details of her painting and sculpting.

Inside the box is a second sheet of cardboard providing color for its inside. To me it seems to be themed off the winter theme of the first level of Perfect Cherry Blossom. It is nothing spectacular but serves its purpose of enhancing the appeal of Youmu when she is in the box. It also has her name written in large green letters. Perhaps someone clever could us it to produce a custom display for her.

Do take note that my Youmu is one and a half years old and I am just writing this review so I have thrown out the plastic blisters. So in the following photographs I have just placed Youmu in her box and taken photographs pretending the blisters are there.

Six angles of the box


Second piece of Cardboard.


I am sure someone could make a display from this secondary piece of cardboard.


All up the boxing does it job, it adequately protects the figure and displays it for inspection.

Sculpting: 9/10

From one of the earlier Touhou games and not being an end/special boss Youmu has relatively simple design and attire. Her sculpt by I-con is well done as it highlights her features being hard working and innocence. Her figure is 17cm tall from the top of her head to the base. I feel this is an accurate height for her depicted in a 1/8 scale figure as she is on the shorter side of the Touhou characters. Myon’s tail increases her height to 20.5cm. One big plus about the figure is the relative lack of visible seam lines.


Youmu’s face unfortunately is sculpted similar to that of other Touhou characters who have been done by Griffon. I don't think there is anything wrong with Griffon’s faces it is just that they are plain compared to that of other characters. It may also cause problems if you choose to collect a lot of the Griffon 1/8 scale figures as many of their faces will look the same. However the combination of her eyes looking over to the left, her cute nose and a slight frown on her face manages to convey the look of innocence and determination on the figure.

Her hair style is that of a simple “bob cut”, a hairstyle which is short and consistent in length except for her bangs. Channels have been etched onto its outside and inside to create her anime style hair. Cause Youmu is tilting her head her hair also falls straight down in the direction of gravity.


Since Youmu wears a head band Griffon has used this to their advantage. They have placed it along where the large seam line for a figure’s bangs usually exist. It creates two smaller seam lines either size but due to the color contrast you between the dark blue hair band and the white hair you don’t notice. There are two minor seam lines at the end of the headbands though but they are so small and hardly noticeable.


Myon is only attached to Youmu’s right arm it is not removable. It is cast from blue translucent plastic. It is rather jagged and slim in some areas compared to illustrations where Myon looks softer, smoother and rounder like a pillow. However it does not drawing attention away from the human half of Youmu.


Youmu’s torso is rather thin, being around the same width as her head. This helps convey a sense of pettiness compared to other characters who are larger than her. This is also evident with the sculpting of her slim legs and arms. She wears a white shirt with a collar. Effort has been done to create puffy sleeves for her. There is good attention to detail on the sleeves as a button is seen at its overlap which would allow Youmu to open and close it.


The vest she chooses to wear around her chest has many ripples in its fabric to create a dynamic effect as if Youmu was standing in a strong breeze. The vest itself is rather short and well fitted and appears to end just before the beginning of her skirt. There are a nice lot of folds in the bow that she wears around her neck.


Her feet are nothing special, just been a rather plain sock and shiny fully enclosed black shoes. While conveying Youmu’s simple and direct nature I have noted that some other figures in this line have slippers instead. Youmu is depicted by Zun as having slippers, so I am left questioning why this figure was given what I describe as a pair of boy school shoes.


With Hakurouken, the short sword, which Youmu is drawing it from its sheath there are there are little details sculpted into the hilt. This gives the impression that the black material would form a firm and sturdy grip.


For her longer sword, Roukanken there is less sculpted detail and more which is painted. The blade measures 11 cm long and will nearly contact the floor when Youmu is placed on her stand. It has a piece tassel attached to the end of its hilt which is depicted as fluttering in the wind. The sheath for Roukanken has a cord attaching both of its ends. This goes in front of Youmu’s chest and is accurate to Zun’s illustration. There is a pink flower which is attached to this sheath by a piece of material. Besides from its individual petals it is quite basic in the level of detail. However the flower is lacking in her Nendoroid Version.


I am very happy with her sculpting. Its overall quality allows me to overlook what has been neglected, and therefore award it 9/10.

Posing: 9/10

Youmu is seen standing, in what I interpret as stance ready for battle. She has just moved Roukanken into position which is moderately threatening where she can react to an enemy. Myon has followed the path she has moved Roukanken through while she is drawing the shorter Hakurouken from its sheath. She matches up quite nicely compared to the rest of the Touhou 1/8 scale figures who just stand their holding their trademark weapon just staring at you. It is ties even for her 1/7 Riduko swords version which has a slightly more elaborate impractical battle pose.


On that note prefer upright or standing poses. You can call a boring me a prude if you want but I don’t really like characters in compromised positions which they would not normally be caught in such a pose from their source material.

To make the pose more dynamic Youmu’s legs are set to lean about 5 degrees forward from the perpendicular while her torso is nearly at right angle direction to the base. This gives the impression that she is slightly leaning forward and hence makes the pose more dynamic than the stiff and straight upward poses of the other Griffon Touhou figures.


Painting: 9/10

I personally think that my Youmu has a very decent paint jobs. For most part it has nice painting tones however suffers from a few paint defects as most other mass production figures do.

The Positives.

Youmu’s hair, white under clothes and green vest and skirt are both done in two tone colors. This helps create perceived shadows on the figure. Her green vest and skirt have a darker tone applied around their folds. Her hair starts white at the top and quickly becomes grey/silvery which is consistent with her common depictions which I am happy with. On very close inspection the light grey added to her white underclothes makes them appear dirty instead of being in a shadow. I would have thought that Youmu would have used bleach in her washing. However I conjecture this is probably so that they don’t appear too bright and rip attention away from the rest of the figure.


The white ghostly swirls on her skirt and on her front pocket as well as the buttons on her vest are all neatly done with a crisp white. These features, help add definition to her clothes, and are consistent with Zun’s illustrations.


Youmu’s eye decals are crisp and clean. Somewhere the choice has been made to color them green, so the figure is consistent with the her Scarlet Weather Rasphody profile picture, instead of the dark blue that she has in other games. I however am glad that this choice has been made as the dark blue may have clashed with the figure’s color scheme.


Her fingernails are defined by a light pink paint, which gives them a sense of delicacy. There is no paint transfer for such a small area which is great!

Each of the swords painted a silvery color have serrated pattern between the main part of the blade and the cutting part. The cutting part appears lighter and shinier. On the hilt of Roukanken pink cherry blossoms petals are painted in a perfect circular pattern. While a white and red seal tag is painted being wrapped around the sheath.


The Defects.

I am usually very careful when handling my figures and therefore attribute all of the defects into the paint job to Griffon’s quality control or being created during transport from Japan to Australia by EMS. I have given my Youmu a very critical inspection to highlight all of her flaws to you. I have done this so you know what to expect if you purchase her or any of Griffon’s other figures. Take note that these usually wouldn’t be visible when observing her from 30 cm away. Also take note that the level of Griffon’s quality control may have changed when purchasing the second re released version of her.

Scratches were paint had been removed from Youmu’s sock and puffy sleeve. I have circled the fault in red line.


There are also areas where there have been air bubbles or slight touch ups in the paint job from where an airbrush has been used. These are mostly in the white or grey areas which I acknowledge are a difficult color to work with. There is again a defect on the other of Youmu’s sock as well as her white underskirt.

On mine there is slight paint transfer between her white undershirt and green vest.


Finally Youmu’s head band and bow are painted a very dark blue color instead of black used in her traditional designs. When you looking from her at a far though they appear as black.

All up I can say that the painting does a fine job, it does its part conveying Youmu’s determined and innocence image. There are a few very minor flaws, which reduce its score from 10 to 9. Luckily these are not visible when Youmu is in my cabinet.

Base: 4/10

Youmu has the standard black Griffon base which is present for oh so many of their figures. It is 13cm in diameter, which is about the width of Youmu. Compared to the base of the Rikudo swords version of Youmu, which is made to look like a wooden platform, or any figure where actual effort has been put into the base this pales in comparison. Her name is engraved on a metal plate in Romaji, Kanji and Kana along with the symbol of the five cherry blossom petals which appear on her sword.


Youmu can easily be slid onto and off of the pegs used to attache her to the base. However on mine I believe the pegs are a bit too lose, this causes Youmu to lean, pivoting at the base, about 5 degrees forward from her “neutral position.” This brings the base score from a 5 to a 4.


Youmu leaning excessively forward.

Enjoyment: 10/10

Having relatively few figures I was very happy when I purchased Youmu one and a half years ago. She is still one of my favorites. I give the figure a 10 out of 10 for enjoyment because I believe that it that it represents an accurate version of Youmu both in her personality and design. I can easily overlook the very minor flaws in her paint job. Having Youmu in my cabinet allows me to point to all of my friends who don’t know about Touhou Project but play League of Legends to the proper owner of Youmu’s Ghost Blade. In the following photograph Youmu is placed next to Griffon’s 1/8 scale Alice Margatroid, my only other opened Touhou Figure. As well as Alphard from Canaan.


Overall: 8/10

Tallying up the scores Youmu receives 8 out of 10 overall. The figure itself is let down by the base and possibly the packaging. The sculpt, pose, painting and my enjoyment are the most important part of the figure all score highly based on that she would score 9.25 out of ten. For those who are thinking about purchasing her on her second rerelease I personally would advise doing so as I really do enjoy owning her and she is a valuable part of my collection.

However with the on going improvements to figure crafting technology as well as more companies creating Touhou Project figures such as Phat Company, Ques Q, Kotobukiya, ect, Given Youmu’s high popularity I would not be surprised if we see another prototype figure of Youmu appear within the next 4 months while being available to purchase in 9. For this one I would conjecture will have a way more dynamic pose, such as being midway through a sword slash or being based off a vastly different illustration. This may make you regret buying this figure which is already 2 years old in her upright defensive pose. Just don’t absolutely hold me to this part coming true.

Edit 2011, I initially uploaded this review with photos I had taken with a Panasonic DMC-TZ15 compact camera. I then got a hold of my Friend's Canon EOS 400D and replaced many of the photos with this about 4 months later. This resulted in much brighter photos however I didn't know anything about photography so shot at F18 so the photos still aren't sharp as they could be.

Edit 2020, nearly 10 years on: Youmu knocked out Reimu to poll as the most popular Touhou Character in 2020. In hind site and after buying this figure, wow Griffon, RIP, and others made so many variants of Youmu in the following years which I have really liked the sculpt and pose of. In hindsite this would have reduced my enjoyment of the figure comparing it against others which had come out. However given the smaller size of their scale figures I could have gotten away with buying one of their more dynamic Youmu 1/7 scale Youmu if I had waited longer, however she may have looked out of place next to the other 1/8 Griffon scales which I have, ie Kaguya and Iku. Additionally I don't think she has leaned from her initial position 10 years on, good work Griffon.
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Rokiki4 år sedan#5262677Ah seems to be by a lot, hopefully you can fix with a hairdryer!

Haha maybe if she starts leaning significantly as that would be worth the risk (i have never done hair drying before). I display her with her back against the wall She doesn't look weird from the front, only side on.
1 år sedan
Sazako4 år sedan#5212866Hey Sorry Rokiki I meant to get back to you earlier. To put your Question to Rest.
4 years ago. Below.
I say that she has increased lean Noticeably only if you are looking for it over the 4 years. Perhaps by a 3rd of a degree. And that seems reasonable craftsmanship in that area by Griffon

Ah seems to be by a lot, hopefully you can fix with a hairdryer!
4 år sedan
Rokiki5 år sedan#3275347your youmu seems to be leaning forward by a lot, over the years since you wrote this has she begun to lean more?

Hey Sorry Rokiki I meant to get back to you earlier. To put your Question to Rest.

4 years ago. Below.


I say that she has increased lean Noticeably only if you are looking for it over the 4 years. Perhaps by a 3rd of a degree. And that seems reasonable craftsmanship in that area by Griffon.
4 år sedan
your youmu seems to be leaning forward by a lot, over the years since you wrote this has she begun to lean more?
5 år sedan
Drego Neko fanboy
Oh this is a very interesting review !
So you have Alice and Youmu hmm ... Griffon did a good job with this figure series ... it could be better but hey it's Griffon ! xD

From same series I'm owning a Griffon's Aya Shameimaru figure ... and your review kinda gave me the will to do a review of her. *grab his camera*
9 år sedan
Hey Thanks guys, It means a lot!
9 år sedan
Nice figure. Long n detailed review too :D
9 år sedan
I can feel your dedication and love of the model in your writing! A great and detailed review!
9 år sedan
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