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Saeko_fanboy26Saeko_fanboy266 år sedan
Hey MFC!!

I finally decided to put up my August loot along with some stuff that I received from my uncle back in Malaysia from Culture Japan Con!! Plus a contest where you can win an autographed CD!! (more details down below)

So I got some nendoroids that I've been looking for that's also been on my wishlist for quite sometime, so when I found them at Amiami's pre-owned section I decided to hop on it.

First up we have Hatusne Miku in her yukata!! She's too cute and too good to pass up that's why I decided to get her. (item A, Box B)

Plus she'll go really well with the other Mikus in yukata ITEM #158022 and ITEM #107714 plus Madoka ITEM #158023


Next up we have Yune! I actually don't who she is and what series she's from but her in a yukata as well was too good to pass up. I'm a sucker for Nendoroids in yukata :p

(item A, box B)

Then we have ClariS! Became such a huge fan ever since Oreimo :)
(item A, box A)

Now for the scaled figures

I finally got this Asuka....I got her 2 months late from Kirin Hobby cuz US shops get their stocks late via boat from Japan.

She's lookin real nice, can't wait to unbox her!

I've been meaning to get Menma as well and finally got her from the pre-owned section
AnoHana was too sad, a tearjerker but overall a great masterpiece. :)

(item A, box B)http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2013/09/17/814769.jpeg

Now for the stuff that I received in the package from Culture Japan Con in Penang, Malaysia!!

Makise Kurisu, Lab Coat Version. The original version these days is quite expensive so I settled with this one instead.

The box was damaged from shipping (thanks Malaysia Post.....) but as long as she's intact it's all good.


And now for Mirai related things I got


Here is the CONTEST part.
If you have a Youtube account, you can post a reply video telling me why you love anime, and how you got started in this hobby. It's as easy as that!!


Here on MFC, you can post on my profile also telling me why you love anime and how you started in this hobby as well!!

I will pick a random winner 1 MONTH FROM NOW
This contest is for my viewers so you have to be a SUBSCRIBER to enter the contest.


THANK YOU guys for the SUPPORT!! Hope you guys enjoyed it and good luck!!
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MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
very nice loot :D
6 år sedan
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
Not bad!
6 år sedan
Great loot! Anything in a yukata is just too cute I completely agree with you!
6 år sedan
Nice loot ^_^
I love the Menma figure..I've been thinking of getting for a long time; but just keep putting it off. She is my favourite of the Menma figures out there ^_^
6 år sedan