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i am from the east midlands in the UK

i have been in to anime/manga since i was about 12-13 but i started collecting figures at the age of 19 with trading figures but moved up to more bigger figures i also go for figure from animes i have seen and not just the most popular figures (BRS,fate/whatever,vocaloid,and the rest)
Prepainted 1/8 tsuna item #2722
Action/Doll Nendoroid L item #746
Trading fig goku item #6785
Kit 1/60 Vic Viper item #57718

i like playing pc games (world of warcraft, left 4 dead 1&2 and other steam games) with my friends i also like play the yugioh card game with friends though i am not at tournament level and watching tv/animes.

umm my favorite anime is... well its hard to pick just one
but i favor the action/fighting base animes i am not really in to slice of life,romance or girly animes/mangas

and that about it so thank you checking out my profile

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