konekotsukikonekotsuki 子猫ฅ•ω•ฅツキ tsundere ヽ(*`Д´*)ノftw ♥


Yo~ I'm Natsuki. You call me Nat-chan, Nana-chan, or whatever you can come up lol.

My preference for collecting is bishounen and cute things (like dolls, plushes, etc.) Especially Yaoi/BL related ones~ (Fujoshi desudesu) So expect bishounen *^* hehe~ also I love Kuroshitsuji (♡˙︶˙♡)

Also, if you are also a fujoshi, please leave BL manga suggestions, as I get bored easily and always love to read new stories~ (I need to buy BL too *^* too bad I don't live where they sell them in stores... the thirst is real

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02 år sedanstormfallstormfall
konekotsuki (2 år sedan) #2852910Thank you for the friend request! ^^ I hope we can talk more~

Hi~ You're welcome! It looks like we have some interests in common, like Kuroshitsuji and DRAMAtical Murder/BL xD Btw, I love your Aoba profile pic! Did you draw it yourself?
02 år sedankonekotsukikonekotsuki
HEEDLESS (2 år sedan) #2837739:( That's sad.... :(

yeahhh *hugs* and even if I have enough to get Sebastian later, it won't be right without Ciel... orz
02 år sedanHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
konekotsuki (2 år sedan) #2837021*sighs* I don't think I can get dear Ciel... _|\○_ since I 'll be short a few hundreds to even pay the first half.... pffff (` ; × ;´) pay does not come fast enough (and it isn't enoughxP)

:( That's sad.... :(

02 år sedanHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
Only ten days left.. Did you find a way to get your Ciel???

02 år sedanHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡

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