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03 månader sedannammynammy
feuilgarde (3 månader sedan) #18550716omg nammy????? Yes, Lethe from Moonlight Legend HAHA. omg the internet is a small world!! WOW YOUR BIG COLLECTION AND ALL THE SAILOR MOON LOVE = <3

Yeah!!! I own too much stuff, lol! I've been going a little too hard on collecting since 11/12 lol ;~;
04 månader sedannammynammy
Lethe??? From TCGs? :O ! <3
04 månader sedanMaronnMaronn
feuilgarde (4 månader sedan) #18512899Ah, i didn't realize the anniversary reboot was the occasion that prompted all those figures! ;_; A Tales friend of mine actually told me that Kratos' overall popularity within the series has tanked quite a bit in recent years, but I haven't looked it up myself. ;_; What is this self-made figure that you speak of. <O><O> Are there preview shots available? <O><O>
Wow, nice to see someone approve of the ~observing~. Hehe the Megahouse Petit Charas in general are how I started out collecting figures, so I'm really happy they exist! <3 I'm from Zurich, you?

Well...I am not 100% sure that the figure releases are connected with the reboot. XD I just came to that conclusion as they started pumping out all TOS figures after the remake of the game was announced. Soooo I could be wrong. XD
Really??? Then it is even more a shame that Alter or Kotobukiya still did not pick up that amazing redhead!
Haha~ no I am sorry, there are no preview pictures yet. It's still veryyy roughly made and I wanted to wait with a blog until I have some decent results. :'D
Hehe of course! Users are here to be stalked...or not. XD Oh yes...those cute little things are very addictive. Most of my first figures were Petits and other small figures as well! And then it quickly escalated to full scales. XD
I'm from Bern but live now in Olten. :3 Soo....I guess we could technically switch to German? XDDD
04 månader sedanMaronnMaronn
feuilgarde (4 månader sedan) #18507491Hey, going to take the convo here so as not to go off-topic in that blog entry! :D
SOB the Tales figures I've seen around are so GORGEOUS, I had such a hard time believing that Kratos didn't have a nice figure yet when I joined this hobby not too long ago. ;_; Oh well, I've been seing figures to rather old series pop up lately, so maybe there's still hope. =x
And yeah, I was... creeping... around MFC to see how many users from Switzerland are on here, mostly to see whether they were selling anything nice LOL. That's how I came across your profile! Loooove your big collection full of gorgeous (and handsome) figures. <3

Oh yes that's probably better! :)
Tell me about it! My hopes were so high when TOS got an anniversary reboot and Lloyd and Zelos got figures as well as Collette... Kratos, ranking as 3rd most popular TOS guy in Japan (tss...weirdos) should have gotten a figure as well...But nope! >_<
Oh yeah, never give up hope! ^^ But just in case those figure companies will never acknowledge Kratos' fabulousness, I started working on a figure on my own. :D Can't whine all these years and not try to change it, right? :D
Hahahaha that's fantastic! I also did this some years ago. Stalking...ehm....observing other members was fun. ;)
Also thank you very much! :D I hope I can add more gentlemen in the future to my collection! Your collection is very lovely too! Sailor Moon was my childhood and I always found the chibi figures from Megahouse the cutest figures of them all! ^_^
Btw. from which part of Switzerland are you if I may ask? :D
04 månader sedanrunlineyrunliney
Aaaaaw Thank you!! Your collection is gorgeous!
Thanks for the welcome, I discovered MFC by chance. It is a fantastic. <3

feuilgarde (4 månader sedan) #18215662^3^ Welcome to MFC!
What a CUTE collection!! (That Haruuuuuuuuu. ;_;)

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