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Hey all, I'm FinalCataclsym, pleased to meet you. I've been collecting anime for 13 years and figures for the last 5. I watch/collect all sorts of anime, but my favorites tend to be mahou shoujo, technology that is well known/widespread in universe and D+D style adventures. For figures, I have mostly Nanoha, Madoka Magica, Infinite Stratos, A Channel, Girls und Panzer and K-On! I also have a few from Vividred Operation, Panty & Stocking, Valkyrie Profile and Kill la Kill.

Random thing of note though, I pretty much never stream anime, so while I know of a great many series airing in Japan, I typically only watch them when I get a stateside release.

If any of this is your jam, send me a friend request.

(Latest Anime Database Update January 28th)

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02 månader sedanStalkingStalking Loli hunter
FinalCataclsym (2 månader sedan) #17714321Technically not, MFC gives birthday notices prior to the day it seems. When I checked Stalking's page earlier, she was 23, but now she's 24.
WITH THAT BEING SAID, Happy Birthday Stalking! I've activated a Loli Location Switch so you will be inundated with cute twintails and stuff.
Find them, enjoy them, today is your day!

Yeah, I wasn't even 24 when she came by :P

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
NOW it is my birthday! :P
02 månader sedanChitoChito
FinalCataclsym (2 månader sedan) #17698765Welcome to the world of figure collecting. T-Man mentioned you liked Miku's Ribbon Girl module, you should add her to your wishlist of wanted figures. Here is her item page: item #514087Thank you Final.
03 månader sedanFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
ChocolateSpider (3 månader sedan) #16601350Happy burfdayz! :DCybogirl (3 månader sedan) #16603811Happy birthday, hope you have a great day!GCNess (3 månader sedan) #16608269Happy birthday!ZoidsFanatic (3 månader sedan) #16608882Happy Birthday!FinalFan (3 månader sedan) #16625398Happy birthday! (late :|)GarouDensetsu55 (3 månader sedan) #16638153Happy late Birthday!
Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes! I've been lazy of late, maybe just getting old... But that hasn't changed figure buying! *Detonates wallet*
03 månader sedan (3 månader sedan)GarouDensetsu55GarouDensetsu55
Happy late Birthday!
03 månader sedanFinalFanFinalFan
Happy birthday! (late :|)

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