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Hi! My name is Angela (I also go by the name Angie). I'm yet another animanga merch collector and enthusiast! This page is a work in progress as I have so much anime merch that are not even listed on here!

I'm currently only collecting figures from the series: Kuroko no Basket, Natsume Yuujinchou, Yuri!!! on Ice, Ao no Exorcist and Free!

I also love collecting clear files, chibi goods & plushies/cushions

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01 månad sedaneleasofiaeleasofia
Anjichan (1 månad sedan) #21378412No problem! XD No, I don't think we have. Thank you so much for liking my edits ^.^ and my collection~ as you can see my bias towards knb lmao *hugs*

oh yeah, i can definitely see it :D i love that you have so many kagamis and aomines *-*
01 månad sedaneleasofiaeleasofia
Anjichan (1 månad sedan) #21377146Thank you for the FR! <333

Thanks a lot for accepting ^-^ I don't think we've talked before, but I see you on tumblr pretty frequently, and I really like your edits! And your collection is damn impressive :o
01 år sedanbakagamibakagami
Hey, it's John from tumblr (burgergami)! I'm gonna add you here!
01 år sedancryingtrashcryingtrash
Anjichan (1 år sedan) #3436794Thank you for the FR! :)
Thank you so much for accepting!! :)
01 år sedanLeosachLeosach Born this way
hummm... Another Kagami collector LOL lets keep our enemies close! Lmao! lovely collection ;)

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