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    lightningmaid (14 timmar sedan) #29729034Enjoyed reading your blog! Really makes me want to visit Japan during autumn one day, I wonder what the mountains look like covered in yellow and orange. The dessert you got at the café looked so good btw. Thanks for sharing! c:
    Please do! You have to see their autumn colours especially in Kyoto! I highly recommend Tofuku-ji or Meiji Jingu Gaien if you can’t make it to Kyoto. The mountains were magnificent, when we travelled to Nikko we passed through lots of mountains covered in beautiful mixture of red, orange and yellow~
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    SerpentyleTorc (7 timmar sedan) #29737844>buy
    >arrange everything super nice
    >buy more
    >shit now i have to rearrange everything from scratch

    LOL see i used to do this and sell figs to make room and i got soo stressed hence why i make plans now ;-)
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    feelingsofree (8 timmar sedan)View spoilerHide spoilerWow! I always love your diary posts!

    This was actually the first time for me seeing someone take pictures inside Mandarake, Suruga, Kotobukiya, etc.


    Not only that you are such more knowledgeable to BL - like where to buy and stuff.  I really like the display - and finally being able to see what is being sold and how it is being displayed (can't really always trust Kinokuniya always the time here as my idea of BL display) -

    It's just so beautiful and omg I would be tempted to stay for HOURS just windowshopping - or actually shopping at the stores AHHHHH

    AND YES FINALLY I GET TO SEE SOME FREE STUFF BEING DISPLAYED - but it is mostly the figures huh -- nothing really too unique.  I can see the birthday goods - and I swear I would just empty the shelves -- omg don't know whether or not I can go to Japan is a blessing because I would just be shooting my foot and going broke because of my nonresponsible spending. 

    I just loved all the BL goods that are being sold. Like ahhhh~ This is my first time seeing the price tag - and I'm like --- omg what those pins are in the 3000 yen range? WHAT FOR A PIN?

    Thank goodness I am thinking clear for those BL merch --- ahhh

    Thank you for your review! You totally look like you know what you're doing - maybe because it's your second time - but if I was in Japan - I would be so lost to what to do - but dang  - I enjoyed reading!


    Not all stores welcome pictures inside their store but most are okay with it. I always ask before taking pictures or look for signs that clearly indicate whether or not pictures are allowed. Like how Toranoana stated clearly “No photography” while animate welcomes photography but not video-taking.

    Yeah BL merch are normally rare, limited or exclusive so the prices tend to soar really high in the aftermarket so you really need to be patient and keep looking for a decently priced one. Lol we did lots of homework so we can fully maximise our time there X’D Thanks for reading~

    xxkurenaixshixx (7 timmar sedan)So many BL goods i_i....

    Glad that you enjoyed your time there =D

    Thank you~ Ikebukuro is indeed the place to be for all fans of BL  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    High prices with nearly barebones releases is what killed my interest in the Figma line. I started collecting at the Madoka series and my last was Saber Lily. Comparing the two, their is an improvement with the quality but it came with a price increase and a reduction in accessories. I have figmas like the early Strike Witches releases which had acceptable number of accessories and is quite cheap compared to most of the recent figma releases. The only thing I'm looking forward for are the Little Armory figmas because that at least still have accessories.
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    Kameesama submitted a comment on [Bild #1338115] Collection
    any of them for sale? just wondering _(:з」∠)_
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    Myethos has been making a lot of really great figures. Their bases are all amazing. I dont see why MFC doesnt include them.
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    Hi, thanks. It's from an Osomatsu collaboration with Yumeiro Cast. Here's a bigger pic: dengekionline.c... although it has a watermark at the bottom. I think one without a watermark can be found on the Yumeiro Cast Twitter, which is where I got mine, but as the collab event has already ended, you'll likely have to dig deep to find the pics.
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    On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: the figure of Nico-Nico-Nii.