581 dag sedankevinlowlkevinlowl
Lilie (2 dagar sedan) #29768633I think you're suppose to ask those kind of questions in the forums section, where you never get answers for anything.... so...mmm...yhhh...lol
lol seriously the forums should at least have a section on the front page to remind us that it exists.
281 dag sedanMyondazeMyondaze
MFC did the same thing to me a couple days ago when I asked about what proxies to use. I really don't understand what the point of having an "Ask MFC" category is for if we're just expected to go to the forums where we never get an answer.
191 dag sedancoladarycoladary
Coffee (1 dag sedan) #29786034Ah well, you know
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://image.ibb.co/n5nLc6/Untitled_1_copy.png
You can also make it the default tab by going to the front page settings.
Not gonna argue against the inactivity of the forums though.
There's probably only around a handful of active threads.

Honestly, the term "club" makes me think of fanclub, which isn't really a place to ask a question about a shop, etc. The idea of splitting the forums into various clubs you have to join before posting never really made sense to me, actually.
The forums I've been on have a couple of main categories, consisting of sections and sometimes subsections for which threads are to be posted. Once you registered on the site, there was no need to subscribe to/join a particular place that you wanted to post on because you were granted access to everything the moment you signed up, much like the MFC blog part of this site.
181 dag sedanAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
For asks about specific shops I understand the rule that you have to ask/review in the shop forum. But for general questions like yours it's a bit stupid.

Such as you can't really ask in the shop club where to buy straps without going to a specific shop thread. So how are you supposed to find the answer? Spam each thread?

And a lot of clubs aren't really active so people can say 'but there's a club here for it' but when you look into the club it can have like 40 members none of which are active.

They reallllllly need to sort out the rules and think things through
161 dag sedan (1 dag sedan)tharglettharglet
Yeah... I see two missing blogs that were only vaguely related to shops.

I get why specific shop blogs are banned (largely because the answer is 'contact the shop/shipping courier'), but I don't see what's wrong with asking "where can I buy x?", where x is not one specific item, as it is a far more open-ended question that invites community discussion.

With the amount of stuff that gets deleted, they might as well do away with the "Ask MFC" blog type, and add it as an official forum :/.

I'm thinking the whole blog & forum thing needs an overhaul, and possibly be merged.
161 dag sedankevinlowlkevinlowl
R_Kasahara (1 dag sedan) #29770189Greater visibility for the forums is something that a handful of us have been asking for for yeeeeaaars TT_TT
haha wow can't say I'm surprised since it's clear with the 4.0 update that the people in charge never listens to feedback or rather doesn't care
151 dag sedan (1 dag sedan)weebweeb lexiechan
the mfc mods party poopers are at it again :^)
141 dag sedanjzdavidjzdavid
azaziel666 (1 dag sedan) #29777970Wow. They made a figure of her?
Nobody even likes the anime

LOL? you're probably the type of person who only watches mainstream anime.
1323 timmar sedanVictoryfraudVictoryfraud
kevinlowl (1 dag sedan) #29769335lol seriously the forums should at least have a section on the front page to remind us that it exists.

MFC has a forum? My world just got expanded.
1022 timmar sedanNia-kunNia-kun
Little disappointed with her Meka but I understand why they went the tiny route. I might just cave, break my own rules and buy the funko pop of her and her mech so I can at least have something close to her nendo's size. super excited for her!!!
101 dag sedanR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Did you get a notification for an alert? If so, that should have the details. Lilie's right about that rules thing, though; questions about shops should go in the Figure Shop forum, not in blogs.

kevinlowl (1 dag sedan) #29769335lol seriously the forums should at least have a section on the front page to remind us that it exists.
Greater visibility for the forums is something that a handful of us have been asking for for yeeeeaaars TT_TT
91 dag sedanhintukihintuki
"oh she is super cute, nice hair etc"

and then i saw the price
91 dag sedankokonoekokonoe
Free_Phi, this is an original design from the 2007 game so no link with GOT , and sorry but Georges Kamitani is one of the most creative and talented artist, his chara-design are just amazing, just look at the valkyrie version of gwen with the wings... her chara-design is really unique , so sorry, I love GOT but physically daenerys is just a platine girl with dragons... how original !
91 dag sedanmaddynamitemaddynamite
Cleaning that up must have been nuts. Hue hue hue.
91 dag sedan (1 dag sedan)RapierreRapierre
No they really need to fix the forums. Most people overlook it because it's not a feature on the front page, it's just a little button in a drop down menu under community.

Even then you have to subscribe to threads or or join forum clubs or something. MFC's forums don't act like a normal forum so nobody cares about it. I don't wanna have to go through all those subscriptions

Also they need a rule where someone is no longer an admin/mod of a club or forum if they've been inactive for more than a month. Most of the clubs I've subscribed to over the years are dead
814 timmar sedanLilieLilie
Just a reminder: In the past the blog section used to get filled with shop question blogs and people complained about it, which is why the mods/admins decided the rule that shop and small questions should be asked in the forums instead of on the blog section. Some old members will probably remember the constant "Will AmiAmi ban me" Blogs that got annoying so i understand the decision to remove simple shop related blogs.

But the forums isn't as active as it used be so i don't know the solution to this, other than revamp the forums section so that people will wanna post there more often and get rid of the damn "join this club to reply" thing.
81 dag sedankevinlowlkevinlowl
nice scat fetish OP
816 timmar sedan (12 timmar sedan)warriorofdreamwarriorofdream
Maybe a bit unpopular opinion but I really enjoy reading blog when ppl ask about where to buy, how, what.. I find it interesting and informative and I enjoy see new post about these kind of stuffs.

From the beginning I didn't get why it got delete, when other blog posts can stay, just let it be especially that site it for collectors so questions where to buy sth, how to deal with this or that are good on front page: one person ask, but other ppl can have the same problem just no courage to ask
and let's not start how forum sucks to use and no one reply there, even in a clubs some questions remain unanswered for many months :/
81 dag sedanJaydeJayde
Since AmiAmi is the same price as GSC's, might be cheaper ordering from GSC for their flat rate shipping.

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