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14 minuter sedanerza1erza1
Very nice collection , you have some very hot Ladies
30 minuter sedanNAMELES84NAMELES84
I Agree. *Sob sob

I'll skip her only because of them.

oklanime (9 timmar sedan) #29838815they fucked up the cleavage and boobs, good going good company.
50 minuter sedanNeutral_EyesNeutral_Eyes
azaziel666 (7 timmar sedan) #29840990For some reason, the most striking thing to me is that the chair and table looks very very realistic. Almost TOO real.
Taking from Kizumonogatari's use of CG furniture?

I really like the use of pearl on her hair and dress; makes everything pop just enough.
53 minuter sedanronrironri
I've been anticipating painted pics for a while now since I loved the visual they chose. This looks absolutely stunning so far.
55 minuter sedannyugvo6nyugvo6
SAL as a hole has been banned from hungary for over a year now. Welcome to the club guys. They didn't like it because it was fast, cheap and they weren't able to tax them.
1 timme sedankatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
MC707 (1 timme sedan) #29849734What is this SIF version you're talking about?

Oh, by that I mean the version of her that will be based off one of her many outfits from the School Idol Festival mobile game. This figure doesn't have the SIF classification in her item description so I'm pretty sure she's basically just going to be the swimsuit standalone figure like Alter's versions of Maki and Eli.
1 timme sedanLyonesseLyonesse
Looking to purchase (must have the bonus GSC base). Figure needs to be in good condition (complete and w/ no damage), box damage is acceptable. Seller needs to be willing to ship it internationally to Brazil. PM me! (if it's not striked, i'm still looking to buy)
1 timme sedanRyuzuRyuzu
eizv (5 månader sedan) #23124085Selling her for $50. (AmiamiRank: B+/B) Item is in perfect condition, stored in box, never displayed. Box was opened for quality inspection. Paypal, shipping fees not included. USA preferrred.are you still selling her?
1 timme sedanSahanSahan
TobiDatsu (8 månader sedan) #19330038Just bought this figure today. As soon as I tried to change the hands barely pulling/applying pressure on it they instantly broke. The plastic is very fragile and you can barely interchange all the hands without it breaking. Also the both the smiling heads wont even fit onto the neck beg at my figure that is. Gonna have to modify the hands and heads now..The Jump prop that comes with it has a sticker on both sides. Didnt even touch it and one side was already trying to peal off. its a beautiful looking figure but not worth the price due to the lack of quality when it comes to the molds and construction. This also lacked any instructions on how to change the hands, only thing that was showed was on the flap of the box saying that you can change the heads thats it. No warning or special instructions. AGAIN THE JOINTS ARE WEAK/POOR QUALITY. You are better off gettin a non posable figure of Gintoki. Mega house if you ever read this please fix this problem. I know I am not the only person who has had this problem. Will look into tryin to modify the hands somehow.
Incase this ends up happening to you this what i did to fix the problem.
Ended up removing the wrist ball joints and used quetips to connect the hands to the arms. Barely noticeable and in my opinion looks a little more natural. If your worried you can always pai t the quetips in a skin color. The mod allows the hands to rotate but the draw back is the hands cant swivel up and down. Depending ON the mold of each hand you might have to slightly carve the hole inside the hands so that the quetip can fit. You dont even have to glue the quetips on if you do it properly. Basically this mod you are making the hands like those on a figma.

Damn bro... that's a lot of work. I wish you could fix mine for me, I am having the same issue with my Gin-san....
1 timme sedanFaytTheCountFaytTheCount
SIF means the School Idol Festival girls, the OG girls (Muse)that got a figure line from Alter using the UR cards. But im torn between getting her or not since its Alter and we know shes going to get a delay or two.MC707 (1 timme sedan) #29849734What is this SIF version you're talking about?
1 timme sedanTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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1 timme sedanautumnskiesautumnskies
PeanutButter (11 månader sedan) #17482456I've never seen it actually. I've surfed the Miku section of mfc quite a bit too. If it really isn't of anything they could drop the "Max Factory" part and sell it as like... a doujin prize figure. It kinda looks like prize quality. The design is from a non winning design from the snow miku 2015 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/thumbnails/max1000x1500/cms/interest/74612/miku02.png.jpg
It was design number two. Obviosly it did not win but I have seen a bootleg nendoroid for this being marked as Nendoroid #047
However this is the real #047
hope this helps
1 timme sedanOceanRoostOceanRoost
Selling mine with the broken arm. No base, no wand but she has her crown. I'm asking $70 open price!
1 timme sedanCr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
Annnnnnnd ordered ! Fuck I couldn't resist her, Misaki Kurehito is definitely going to rape my wallet. First Alice (she'll definitely become my favorite figure ever and of my whole collection) and now Momo... I'm done.
1 timme sedanmonkrymonkry
Yorokobe zasshu, it's open pre-order on AmiAmi... And I just realized this is big eh, 10cm

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