15 sekunder sedanRenaleeRenalee
Selling my Sakura nendoroid for $50 plus shipping! Located in the US.
7 minuter sedanPurehikariPurehikari
Anybody selling this figurine please pm me thank you !!!!!
9 minuter sedanPurehikariPurehikari
Hi it's me again !! I am still looking for this figurine so if someone is selling theirs please pm me thank you
19 minuter sedanpauldypauldy
Worstluck (1 dag sedan) #24744115I hope pre built military models can have detailing as nice as this one... But I don't think it possible for now. LOL
The design of this plane is not that appeal to me though, as the slightly modified design based on a existing plane plus the design of the cockpit is so not new to me and just reminds me about those planes in the beginning of the Ace Combat III... Also personally I am not that into JDF stuff at any level.

I think its more of the malleability thing.. die-cast models can never be as good and fine as plastic kits.

And yeah... im kinda expecting not much people would like this Girly Air Force thing.. guess thats why it aint popular enough even in Japan it seems.. hence anime adaption never :(
27 minuter sedan (27 minuter sedan)MykaMyka
Places to find him are getting limited.

Sold out Stores
AmiAmi - 10,800 yen - Victor only - [ext link ] - Pre-Orders Closed
Big In Japan - 11,800 - Victor only - [ext link ] - Sold Out
Big In Japan - 12,500 yen - with Makkachin - [ext link ] - Sold Out
Animate - 10,800 yen - Victor only - [ext link ] (needs proxy) - Pre-Orders Closed
Premium Bandai - 11,448 yen - with Makkachin - [ext link ] (needs proxy) - Pre-Orders Closed
Megatrea - 11,448 yen - with Makkachin - [ext link ] (needs proxy)- Pre-Orders Closed
Nippon-Yasan - With Makkachin - [ext link ] (not available)
Play-Asia - with Makkachin - $129.99 - [ext link ] - Pre-Orders closed
Otaku Republic - $172.50 - [ext link ] - Sold Out
Solaris - Price fluctuates - [ext link ] - Pre-Orders closed
29 minuter sedanMindySueMindySue
Does anyone know how many of her were produced?
39 minuter sedandamedanbodamedanbo
gwendal738-2 (9 dagar sedan) #24434378OMG! Are you planning on selling all of the ones you didn't care for? I think I spotted some that I might be interested in taking out of your hands (especially the nyanko-sensei thing with the fan, whatever it is. I die for nyanko-sensei). Also I spot a Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) box, what's inside those? I might potentially be interested in them >u<

Slow reply, sorry. ;w; That's the plan!
Inside the SNK box is a Hanji strap (can't seem to find it on the database.)
Inside the Kuroshitsuji box is item #231672

PM me if you're further interested!
40 minuter sedanTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board FarronPrice! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
40 minuter sedanGabmag10Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
SkyBlue (56 minuter sedan) #24804617Hey, how's it going? How have you been? Seems like it's been ages since we last chatted :D

Hey! :D
It has been ages, hasn't it? I've been really great! Back at Uni after my break, playing games etc. I've been replaying the Dragon Age games lately, they're my favourite. What have you been up to ^_^?

Playing any games recently? I just bought this [ext link ] which came out today, I've been waiting for what feels like ages now!!
43 minuter sedantetrixtetrix
ffenris (5 timmar sedan) #24790191Updated the date. Diomedea is mentioned as 発売元 so set to Distributor. It is worth noting that Azumaker is a group company of Diomedea.

Ahhh... was wondering why the Charaon website also listed Diomedea stuff. Now it makes sense.
44 minuter sedanThe-HurricaneThe-Hurricane
nownow (3 timmar sedan) #24795462OMG you found it on YJP ? Never sad IT O__O

Oh no, he's never been on YJP! :) I run a Wonder Festival order for myself and anybody who wants to join every time it comes around and he was re-sold this time so I grabbed him there! It's very expensive but it's how I get most of the kits I have in my collection. :)
53 minuter sedanCapCap
Selling mine, brand new, opened but comes with box, never worn. $90 w/free shipping in the US.
54 minuter sedanValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Yo, Metal Samammoth Tank! Happy birthday! I wish that everything will go your way and will be a day to remember.

*insert gif of Alisa Southerncross lighting the candles of your birthday cake, HERE*
56 minuter sedanSkyBlueSkyBlue
Hey, how's it going? How have you been? Seems like it's been ages since we last chatted :D
59 minuter sedanOse_93Ose_93
willyg1982 (1 timme sedan) #24804105That another issues I notice too but I sure they fix everything soon.Yes, I'm sure we'll have everything working normally in the next week or so.

It's probably why they started updating portions of the site little by little. So they could get everything sorted before moving on to the next section.
1 timme sedanSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
Great review, she's really cute :3
Gonna get mine from the post office tomorrow, can't wait! :D
1 timme sedanLiaLoveLiaLove
How many time takes GSC to show their prototypes? I want to see her!

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