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05 månader sedanokami34okami34

The split is being hosted by lifewithfigures and it is for the new Fire Emblem Heroes Acrylic Straps!(mfc link)
01 år sedanWatabiWatabi
Anybody out here have a spare (or two) monster hunter generations demo code they won't use? :'') oh boy e3 you're hurting me with all these game announcements hhhh
21 år sedanWeeacvntWeeacvnt
It's painful how dead this club is...
01 år sedanAmestrisSquareAmestrisSquare
Hello people, I was wondering if any of you are interested in Xenoblade Chronicles, and the inclusion of figma figures, please join the club for more info club #1527
02 år sedanEnkidulgaEnkidulga
Anyone know a good Cover Plates site?
Some are hard to find :/
13 år sedanFullmangaFullmanga
lucky or unlucky ^-^
Defective Samus Amiibo Has Two Arm Cannons
(mfc link)
03 år sedanmintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Lots of items linked! Let me know if you see a Nintendo related item that isn't linked or if you see an item linked that shouldn't be! Thanks guys!
23 år sedanmaddynamitemaddynamite
Conae (3 år sedan) #2325986Also Shulk's swimming trunks made it into Smash I'm crying here ahahaha
13 år sedanConaeConae
maddynamite (3 år sedan) #2325365Today is a good day to be a Nintendo fan. New 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles for New 3DS, and Shulk confirmed for Smash!
Portable Xenoblade. I'm just speechless. What sort of magic did Monolith use to cram this giant game into one tiny cartridge? Finally I can replay this whenever I want on the train. I haven't touched my Wii since finishing this game in 2011. I'm not even mad that I need to get a new 3DS to play this, dammit Nintendo. :P Hopefully it'll get polished up a lot by release. The footage looked pretty rough around the edges.

Also Shulk's swimming trunks made it into Smash I'm crying here ahahaha

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