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~~Welcome to the Figurine Comics Club~~

So what is a figurine comic you ask?

Well a comic is a graphic medium in which images convey a sequential narrative. Most comics combine words with images, often indicating speech in the form of word balloons, words other than dialogue, captions for example, usually expand upon the pictures, but sometimes act in counterpoint. And the term 'Comic' derives from the mostly humorous early work in the medium.

And so a figurine comic is a comic that consists of using articulated figures and photography as a comic medium.

So why join the Figurine Comics Club you ask?

Here are three good reasons:

1) To be inspired, share creative thoughts, and to grow as a figurine comic artist.

2) To make friends, meet other figurine comic artists, and to network.

3) To read and enjoy figurine comics!

So who can join the club?

Anyone! Come one, come all, whether you be a figurine comic artist yourself, a general figure collector, or perhaps you are just a fan of figurine comics, all are welcome to join and enjoy this wonderful club.

Please join our Figurine Comics Club on Deviant Art: [ext link ]

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010 månader sedanChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Oh wow! I didn't know a club for figure comics was here. I wish I knew that when I posted these. :3
(mfc link)
05 år sedangeorge_stgeorge_st

I would appreciate if you have a look at this picture of mine (picture #454396) and link it to the club, if of course meets its standards. Thanks.

Kind regards
05 år sedanKajiMotomiyaKajiMotomiya
One of my more personal favorites from my own comic.
Day 1-16 (Season 1, Comic 16) - This comic makes my MUSCLES BULDGE!!
(BULDGE is a recurring joke throughout the comic because of my misspelling, and it stuck ever since.)
05 år sedanKajiMotomiyaKajiMotomiya
Hi, I'm KajiMotomiya, or "Jamie", the creator of the "Toyroom Series" Webcomics. My laptop is down atm, and I lost my old comic files. So while I dig through my DeviantArt and saving my uploaded files into my USB, you can visit my DA and view what's there now before I put 'em up here.

...Though maybe I should keep my comics in my DA, and just post the photoshoot pictures
05 år sedanoptimisticpenguioptimisticpengui
I Just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the people keeping this club alive and contributing comics.

I'll be more active from now on I promise!!!!

Also I have added more admin staff so hopefully things will get a bit more lively here!!!
05 år sedanBakayaroBakayaro

Thank you for add my comics in your club!
05 år sedanClimbatizeClimbatize MFC Android app maker
Hi there! I'm new here :)
Can this be considered as figre comic?
06 år sedanpiratepapillonpiratepapillon
My first figurine comic ^^
(mfc link)
06 år sedanDiosDios
So, i was needing some help to do speed lines. Any tips? I have photoshop CS2.
06 år sedanswipernooswipingswipernooswiping
Anime Acting class!
Check it out...
(mfc link)
And part TWO
(mfc link)

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