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Terucot (ENCYCLOPEDIA #105090) is a line of merch by Chara-Ani. They’re based on teru teru bozu, a Japanese custom where little dolls made of paper or cloth are hung up outside of the window to wish for good weather on the next day — more specifically, to prevent rain.

This is my second merch preorder ever, as well as the order I’d been most excited about lately! :D Part of it was because I had no idea what to expect, since there was no way to get a glimpse of user pictures first and information was scarce. I didn’t even know how and where I’d hang them up in my room, but I had to grab them because they looked so cute!! I meant to include these as part of my May/June loot post later on, but I had so much fun unpacking them when I got them 1-2 weeks ago that I wanted to share the pictures with you. As I also haven’t seen any talk about them, a separate entry might give them more visibility!

I first saw this set on HobbySearch when browsing the site for the first time. By then, preorders had already closed, and the same was the case for several other sites. Fortunately, they were still up on Amiami. Amiami, Animate and Amimega all had a version with an exclusive bonus, which is an additional Terucot — Haru, Makoto or Rin — with an alternate face. I’d have considered it if it were Haru, since his alternate face is smiling, whereas his default one isn’t, but Amiami’s was Rin, so I just saved the money. You can see the full set here: ENCYCLOPEDIA #119335

When the Terucots finally arrived, the biggest surprise was already visible on the outer box itself. The box suggests three ways of displaying them:
a) each Terucot on its own by the longer black strap,
b) linking the Terucots to each other by the hooks hidden below each raincoat,
c) leaving them in their box.


I didn’t know you could link them to each other when I ordered them, much less that they’d come in something other than the usual trading figure paper boxes, so when I opened the set, I squeed. The star boxes are SUPER CUTE, and surprisingly sturdy!! It’s evident that they’re not just meant to be packaging, but part of the optional display. You can’t tell from the outside which is which (if you buy them as blind boxes in shops). Once you’ve opened them and removed the paper on the inside (it is rolled up, not glued on from the outside), you get a simple background prop — the view of cherry blossoms from the window — with the Terucot attached. The paper prop can be opened and closed on the side through folds, and the Terucot is held in place through multiple means on the back and on the front (difficult to explain @_@).


Before the arrival of the set, I thought I’d find a way to hang them up somewhere in my room, but seeing these adorable star boxes with the backgrounds, I’ve decided to leave them in the display cases for now! As you can see in the first photoset of the outer box, there are also two extra backgrounds that you can replace the windows with. I haven’t really figured out yet what all the big dent/fold in the backgrounds is for though (the two “holes” are for the straps to secure the Terucots in place); it’s on the windows backgrounds too. :|a


I’m really happy about this set! I didn’t expect the Terucots to be this small, but they’re perfect. I’d definitely like to get them out of the box at a later time and link them all together to hang from someplace high. :D

If you’re interested in getting them, they’re on back-order on Amiami here, or, if you want the set with the extra Rin, here!

Extra close-ups of my two favs and the full line-up:


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    This is soooooo cute! Thanks for sharing, otherwise I wouldn't have known about this cute little set! Their haaaaaaats! *O*
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera
    Hehe glad you all like them!! <3

    SkyBlue (1 månad sedan) #22388726I need one of these as the weather's horrible lately :'D
    Cutest comment omg! ;_; And yeah, the fact that no dust gets in is the icing on the cake haha.
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera
    I really love their display! They are adorable. I kinda want to have Makoto and Sousuke now haha.
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera
    Oh, they're adorable~~~♡♡♡ So cute!! Those boxes look really perfect for keeping them dust-free too. I need one of these as the weather's horrible lately :'D Thanks for sharing! Never knew these existed...I need MakoHaru *q*
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera
    Ahh they are so cute ♡!!! I also really like the boxes, nice and simple.

    Thank you for sharing ^^
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera
    KirenisaRGBlv16 I am a collector!
    Very cute!
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera
    Bah-Roo (1 månad sedan) #22353304they're so sweet omg
    the boxes are really cute too, and a cool way to display them :D
    if you don't mind me asking, what are the items on the shelf above them? those look cute too >3<

    I'm so in love with the little stars on the cute boxes!! T_T

    The items above are "Vsinger Mini Desktop Series - Language of Flowers Ver. -"! They're trading figures of the Chinese Vocaloids, but weren't manufactured by a Japanese company, so they aren't in the MFC database. I've written about them in a previous blog entry if you want to see. :D And here's the official page for them!
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    they're so sweet omg

    the boxes are really cute too, and a cool way to display them :D

    if you don't mind me asking, what are the items on the shelf above them? those look cute too >3<
    1 månad sedan0ptRapportera