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I have a question to you the people that do reviews. How do you rate the Base that the figurine stand /sits /leans/ sprawls out on etc. you get the idea. I just finished reading a review and the base for the figurine was nothing more than a colored base, nothing special other then it held the figurine in place very well. that and it has stood the test of time and the figurine is still well attached.

So rating ( only the base) is there a guideline that people follow or is it left to each individual to chose what they score the base out of 10. How is it that you determine if a base deserves a score of 10 and one only gets a 1.

Below I have take pictures of some of the bases that I have in my possession and I will rate them as I would if I were doing a review and I will explain why I would give the rating. Of course, some of it will be subjective but I am trying to cover as many possibilities as I can in this little blog. If you do not agree with me then please lets here what you would rate a certain base at. Rating as is follow 1= Worse 10, of course, is the top.

I will number the picture by genre so we can all follow each other in conversation. I hope that will be entertaining to some.

1. Plain base


You can't get any plainer than this type of base which exists for many figurines and traverses many figurine companies. To me, this is an example of a figurine base that would deserve a zero. There is nothing spectacular or eye catching to it at all. Here is another example of this style of base. So I guess for sake of argument we will say this base is scored a >>>> 1 <<<<<


2. Decals and names

So there is a slight difference between the first and the second though not much to say other then they did try and make the base a little more pretty. Not buy much but at least they did something.


I bundled up these 2 bases as they were one beside the other the one on the left ( Griffon base ) as many of us know is a huge way to large for the figurine in question but at least it has the characters name on the front of the base. The one on the right has a playful decal of a wood floor. Again nothing to fancy but at least it's something.

Here is another example of this sort of base.


This base would score no more than a 3 in my book depending on the decal or writing on it.

3. Bases with distinguishable forms

So for this series, these bases are actually supposed to resemble something that we know. The artist went well above what most do to give us an appealing base. At least that is how I feel.

Here are 3 examples of this type of base




Again not the most elaborate base out there but we are a far cry from the disk that we started out with at the beginning. Top rating for me in a base like this would be maxed at 7. The artist went out of his way to present something interesting.

4. Everyday objects

Almost done with the countdown. These following bases resemble everyday objects from a poof to a bed to a pitched roof. Again I credit the artists for giving us a little more than just a figurine to look at. the base as well is to be praised to a point. All depending on that the base represents and how well the detail would be I would give the bases in this category a score from 6 to 9.






5. Electronic incorporation

Though this can give you a broad sense of where I am trying to come from I find that companies that include LED lights into the base design are having a great time at doing this and they are trying to make us love the figurine more for both the figurine and the base. Case and point for this base which if I had to rate would go from 7-10 all depending on the complexity of the base. Just don't put an Led light on the base and point it to the figurine so we can see it better if you get my point. No this has to be incorporated into the base design and serve a useful function that makes the base go to a completely different level.

Here is the only base I have that does this. I had to include the figurine as it really shows what the addition of the LED does for this base.



This last base I would score a 8 1/2 for sure top 9.

You may not agree with the way I scored these bases but I was certain that I have never seen some sort of guideline for scoring basis and since as I said at the beginning of the blog there is, of course, subjective tastes then I hope that you have liked what I tried to do here.

Here is the round up

1. Plain base
2. Decals and names
3. Bases with distinguishable forms
4. Everyday objects
5. Electronic incorporation

If you agree then please comment below, if you disagree then tell me what you are disagreing to.

Thanks for reading

= )

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    Thank you all for the interesting comments and thank you to those that have expressed that this was an interesting blog. I strive to talk about different topics that we do not regularly see on the site. I am glad that people like the topics that I blog about.

    Rejean235 you could have gone on if you like LOL we all love to have people comment and give their viewpoints. It is nice to read others idea's as to how they perceive a subject.

    = )

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    Interesting point! I always think rating a base is the hardest part of the ratings I give in my reviews...

    Some figures just come with a really boring or bad base, but I rather not rate too low, because it would mess up the scores unfairly. For example: a really pretty figure, but with a white or black clunky base. If I score the figure an 8 on both painting and sculpt, but give the base a 2 or 3, it would lower the scores of the figure so much. And to me, the figure is always more important than the base, so I don't think it should influence the total score that much.

    When a base is very basic (a generic disc that is not too big or small), I will just score it a 5 or 6. All higher points mean they have an interesting shape or sculpt. The only times I score a base (way) lower than a 5 is when it's actually a problem with the figure. For example with ITEM #162402 / blog/18523 I rated the base a 3 back then. Now, a year after writing this review, her shitty base actually made her fall over and she has lost a 'tooth' now. *sigh* I would have rated it a 1 or 2 if I would have written this review now instead of a year ago.
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    Rejean235RGBlv21 Give her a weapon
    Discussing Bases is a very broad subject and like figures very subjective. One of my favorite is fr.myfigurecoll... yet some collectors did not buy her because of it. For me, it's the one with the most comments from visitors who looked at my collection over the years. Although not part of the original Art Work from Tony fr.myfigurecoll... it was added by Teruyuk, the sculptor. The noticeable base initiates the explanation about Toire no Touko-san (Japanese folklore), and the reason for the toilet. It's also usually the start of a discussion about bases. fr.myfigurecoll... is as she appears in my display although some figures have been added since I took it. fr.myfigurecoll... has the largest base in my collection; can we include the multiple accessories with it part of the base? Can the simple pillow of fr.myfigurecoll... be considered a base? I think pillows are excellent complementary items with fr.myfigurecoll.... Can we consider the blanket under figures like fr.myfigurecoll... really a base?

    Bases have many factors for which they can be judged like size, from too small: fr.myfigurecoll..., I have her leaning against fr.myfigurecoll... since she would fall if left unsupported, to too large: fr.myfigurecoll... which takes a lot of shelf space. Colors ipwnboyz (2 månader sedan) #21304435... ITEM #97006 would get a score of 1 or 2
    since the color clashes way to much with the figure to my liking.
    The seven deadly sins each have a color, orange represents gluttony, and Hobby Japan chose them for their bases in their collection; fr.myfigurecoll... (photo of my display). Height is another since very tall figures are more difficult to fit in some display like fr.myfigurecoll... a 390mm 1/8 figure which makes it similar to fr.myfigurecoll... coming by GSC. I have shelves for these which includes fr.myfigurecoll... at 440mm.

    Is a figure without a base a 0 or could it be just rated as N/A, it obviously has no problem or features? For me scores below 6/10 means it did not pass therefore it must have an unacceptable problem. I have a number of those like fr.myfigurecoll... by GSC where the pins are too small and break because of the weight of the skirt, fr.myfigurecoll... had a faulty design and the figure is leaning, etc. fr.myfigurecoll... has a nice looking base but the book is empty and it's really hard to have her left foot completely in the peg or like fr.myfigurecoll....

    Some bases have indirect problems: fr.myfigurecoll... is the most expensive figure I had shipped because the bathtub is extremely heavy. Native recognized the problem and had a version without it but for me the figure just isn't the same without it. I prefer elaborate design like fr.myfigurecoll..., one of my favorites but it adds cost. GSC offered a cheaper version who was more popular with users: 471 versus 384 for the roof top base. There is also a significant difference in height from 280mm to 170mm for the simple base.

    I have some figures displayed with and without the base over time like fr.myfigurecoll... and fr.myfigurecoll... both with standard Griffon's black base. The tombstone with Ten'i adds significant height to the figure but for those who watched Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny can appreciate the choice and is an harmonious design and colors (at least for me).

    Bases can enhance the flavor of a figure and I have some displays where I took advantage of this like fr.myfigurecoll....

    I better stop before my comment is longer than the blog! :)
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    RajkeRGBlv11 Ca fanatic
    For bases i use a split 10 point system. A base that doesn't function properly can't get a good grade with it.

    The first 5 points are calculated like this:
    0= Not usable (or a base is not included).
    1= Only usable with heavy modifications. It is better to make something yourself.
    2= Terrible, some modifications are required.
    3= Usable but there is a big risk that you cause some damage by assembling it.
    4= Usable but doesn't feel solid.
    5= It does what it has to do, no complains.

    The second 5 points are calculated like this:
    0= No fantasy, plain and too boring to look at. Use this one if the score of the first part is 4 or lower.
    1= No fantasy, plain and too boring to look at. Use this one if the score of the first part is 5.
    2= A base with some details or decals.
    2= A very nice base with some sculpted details. Use this only if the base scores 3 points or less in the first part.
    3= A very nice base with some sculpted details. Use this only if the base scores 4 points or more in the first part.
    4= A beautyfull base with a lot of details. It is not perfect but they definately did their best to make something nice out of it. Only use this if the score of the first part was 4 or 5 points.
    2= A beautyfull base with a lot of details. It is not perfect but they definately did their best to make something nice out of it. Only use this if the score of the first part was 3 points or less.
    5= A diorama like base with everything you can think of. The base has to be perfect in looks and in usability to use the 5 points.
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    I'm mildly curious as to what rating ITEM #473919 would have.

    The base is the figure there in a way.
    2 månader sedan0ptRapportera
    I never thought much of bases till I joined this site.
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    Hakumu (2 månader sedan) #21333970Depends on a figure, and actually like bases with distinguishable forms most of all.
    BUT Diorams - is the best decision)

    I totally agree with this but dioramas take a lot of space just ask one of out resident experts. Still, If I had the time the know-how and the imagination I would make a few.

    But aas I am not that sort of person.

    = )

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    Very interesting comments. I am seeing why people give bases such a high score in the reviews. Thank you all that have voted and many thanks to those that have posted their views on how they rate the bases.

    = )

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    Depends on a figure, and actually like bases with distinguishable forms most of all.
    BUT Diorams - is the best decision)
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    I rate bases based on how they compliment the figure. A plain base is probably going to be a 5 - Average or a 6 - Above Average assuming it doesn't have some horrible colour that detracts from the figure. Patterned bases might make it up to a 7 - Good and I'd rate ITEM #287683 base as an 8 - Very Good. It gives off a classy vibe that matches the figure, plus it has some depth to it with the gloss black edge rather than the usual thin bases.

    The more elaborate bases depend heavily on how they suit the figure and its pose and it's important that they have a similar quality to the figure itself.
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